Garvie’s latest release, ‘Boring’, defies its title with a high-energy indie pop vibe that is far from dull. The bravely-titled track explores the age-old question of whether boredom stems from being boring or not, but fear not – Garvie injects a contagious dose of fun into the mix. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics reveal a brutal honesty … Continued

The Glass Hearts make a resounding entrance into 2024 with their latest single, ‘Jeepers’. Building on the success of their previous releases, ‘Coupe deVille’ and ‘Brick Dust’, which garnered widespread acclaim and airplay on BBC Introducing, XS Manchester, Amazing Radio, BBC Radio Leicester, and US stations, as well as securing spots on prominent EU Spotify … Continued

Desire Lines’ latest single, ‘Can’t Crawl’, is a powerhouse addition to their growing discography, solidifying their presence in the Manchester music scene. The trio, consisting of Titch (guitar and vocals), Pete (drums), and Loz (bass), seamlessly blend rock, punk, and indie influences to craft a sound that’s both tight and dynamic.  Following their well-received 5-track … Continued

Liverpool’s indie sensation, The Cheap Thrills, gear up to unleash their highly anticipated EP, ‘Mind Metro‘, on February 21st, with the release of their latest single, ‘Last Orders’. Serving as a prelude to the forthcoming musical journey, this late-night indie anthem encapsulates the unpredictable escapades of those who find themselves heading home alone after a … Continued

Daz Cadwallander has solidified his status as a rising star in the music scene, and his trajectory is undeniably upward. After gaining recognition with tracks like ‘BROTHER’ and ‘I Feel Alive’, which secured spots on the iTunes Charts and marked his debut on Radio X, Cadwallander continues to impress. Having garnered consistent support from the … Continued

Coming Up Roses, the London-based indie/alt rock band hailing from Singapore, have marked their triumphant return with the release of their latest single, ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’. The announcement comes alongside the revelation of their upcoming third EP, scheduled to hit the airwaves on April 5th, 2024. Since their relocation to the UK … Continued

The Social Club’s debut single, ‘Rita’, catapults listeners into a whirlwind of britpop-inspired energy and raw emotion. Despite being a band for less than a year, The Social Club have already left an indelible mark on the vibrant Manchester music scene. The track radiates potent zeal, frustration, and aggression, encapsulating the tumultuous journey of young … Continued

‘My Name is Jack’ is the latest single from Manchester-based three-piece, The Osragli Band. Following the release of singles ‘Rolling Thunder’ and ‘Legends A Joke’ in 2023, ‘My name is Jack’ is a beautifully sick and twisted track that kicks off the the band’s year in the right direction – full steam ahead. With Finn … Continued

‘Reservoir’ is the debut album from six-piece country rock band Brown Horse. Following the teasing release of singles ‘Shoot Back’, ‘Stealing Horses’ and ‘Sunfisher’, ‘Reservoir’ quenches our thirst for the complete series as the ten tracks gift a dark and sultry reflection of the more gloomy sides of human nature. In their infancy, Brown Horse … Continued

Asha Jefferies’ latest release, ‘Brand New Bitch’, serves as an electrifying preview to her upcoming debut album, ‘Ego Ride‘, slated for release on April 12th. The track is a compelling blend of intuitive anthemic rock reminiscent of Tom Petty, coupled with the emotional resonance found in the works of Gracie Abrams and Olivia Rodrigo. Jefferies … Continued

Linn Koch-Emmery’s latest single, ‘Ebay Armour’, is a testament to her evolving artistic prowess and a promising precursor to her upcoming sophomore album. After the success of ‘Falling Down’ and the Grammy-nominated debut album, ‘Being The Girl‘, the indie sensation has teamed up with renowned producer Pete Robertson for this captivating modern indie-rock tune. Collaborating … Continued

Bea Stewart’s latest single, ‘Talking To Your Sunflowers’, heralds the forthcoming EP, ‘Sorry I’m So Sensitive‘, and serves as a poignant continuation of her musical journey. Produced by Oskar Winberg, known for his work with Cian Ducrot and Ward Thomas, the track premiered on BBC Radio One’s Future Pop show, showcasing Bea’s evolving artistry. The … Continued

Artio’s latest single, ‘Babyface’, serves as a compelling preview to their forthcoming debut album of the same name, set to release on March 1st, 2024, via Slam Dunk Records. The Leeds-based Gen-Z alt-rockers, led by frontperson Rae Brazill, use this track as an empowering declaration of personal transformation and self-acceptance. Rooted in the trans experience … Continued

Ski Lift’s latest offering, ‘Double Yellow’, penned by Welsh songwriter Benji Tranter, is a shimmering gem in the realm of power-pop. Collaborating with friends Elizabeth Walsh on bass and vocals, and Adam Fletcher on drums, the trio infuses a fresh twist into nostalgic three-chord rock and roll. Born during the 2021 lockdown and inspired by … Continued

Rien du Sol’s latest single, ‘Mahogany’, is a poignant exploration of the human experience, offering an intimate glimpse into the personal journey of band member Nymea. Born from a rooftop in Budapest and refined in London, Rien du Sol embraces modern alternative rock, drawing inspiration from the likes of grandson, MISSIO, and Yonaka. Recorded at … Continued

Astral Bakers’ latest single, ‘Beautiful Everything’, sets the stage for an eagerly anticipated debut album, ‘The Whole Story‘, scheduled for release on February 9th via Sage Music. Comprising seasoned musicians, including Sage (Ambroise Willaume of Revolver fame), Theodora, Nico Lockhart, and Zoé Hochberg, the band’s collective experience shines through in this vibrant track. Recorded live … Continued

Sea Girls’ latest single, ‘I Want You To Know Me’, serves as the perfect sequel to their previous hit, ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’. Frontman Henry Camamile’s revelation that the song is a continuation of his dialogue with a friend, now infused with newfound ambition, sets the stage for a compelling narrative. Co-written … Continued

BANNERS, the award-winning Liverpudlian pop singer, has once again captivated audiences with his latest single, ‘Perfectly Broken (Duet Version)’, featuring the soulful voice of America’s Got Talent breakout star Lily Meola. The track is part of BANNERS’ upcoming album, ‘All Back to Mine‘, set for release on April 19th via Nettwerk. ‘Perfectly Broken (Duet Version)’ … Continued

The Manatees deliver a sonic punch with their latest release, ‘Buttercup’, a tantalising preview of their forthcoming EP, ‘Different State Of Mind‘. Produced by Tarek Musa, the track pulsates with high-octane guitar energy, weaving intricate riffs and hypnotic drum beats electrified by transfixing reverb. The band’s sound, drawing comparisons to MGMT and The Strokes, showcases … Continued

Emerging from a shared townhouse garage in Toronto’s North York neighbourhood, Jane’s Party embarked on their musical journey as four university students with a handful of instruments, makeshift studio gear, and a shared passion for bringing original songs to life. The journey that began with The Garage Sessions marked the humble beginnings of a band … Continued

Movie Night’s latest offering, ‘The Best’, encapsulates the emotional tightrope between bidding farewell to love forever or surrendering to the familiarity of a well-worn but tattered romance. The trio, comprising Mike Squillante on guitar/vocals, Nick Squillante on keys, and Steve Ranellone on drums, has undergone a rebranding, marking a new chapter in their musical journey. … Continued

Lizzie Esau’s ‘Impossible + Strange’ is a captivating musical journey that seamlessly blends poignant lyrics with a rich tapestry of sounds. Raised in a creatively charged environment, Lizzie’s roots shine through in this track, a testament to her early love for performing. The genesis of the song, inspired by experimenting with chords on an acoustic … Continued

Big Romance’s latest offering, ‘Messed Up’, marks a departure from their polished sound, venturing into a realm of raw, unbridled energy. Hailing from Newcastle, the band trades refinement for imperfection, embracing a more raucous approach to songwriting that sets them on a new sonic trajectory. Recorded at the revamped Polestar Studios with in-house engineer Alex … Continued

In the world of music, there’s a certain allure to debut releases that carry the weight of personal authenticity. Limandi, with her first album titled ‘FUCK. IT.‘, boldly steps into this arena, presenting a collection of seven tracks that resonate with vulnerability, self-acceptance, and an unapologetic embrace of one’s true self. The title itself, “FUCK. … Continued

Erik Kase Romero, a prominent figure in New Jersey’s music scene, has unveiled his debut full-length album, ‘how to be still & still be here‘. With a rich history as a recording engineer and producer, Romero has collaborated with renowned acts like The Front Bottoms, Gaslight Anthem, and even pop sensation Lorde. However, in the … Continued

Only Monsters unveil their latest musical endeavour with the three-track EP, ‘Smiling on an Unkind Planet‘, offering a tantalising glimpse into the sonic world that will define their upcoming sophomore album. Melding elements of Post-Punk, Darkwave, and a dash of Emo, this release delves into weighty themes such as fascism, the struggle to maintain optimism … Continued

The Mezz’s latest offering, ‘Harbour The Feeling’, unfolds as the next chapter in the indie-pop saga that has become synonymous with their name. Following the success of their debut EP ‘Avoid the Panic‘, the Oxford-based band solidifies their status as a beacon of resilience and unity in the tumultuous world of music. Their second EP … Continued

PLAY DEAD’s latest single, ‘Thameslink’, serves as a sonic assault on the mundane and frustrating aspects of daily life in London. Comprising Joe Blair (vocals, guitar), Ollie Clarke (bass, backing vocals), and Elias Brewin (drums, percussion), this London garage punk trio rekindles the rebellious energy that first captivated audiences with their cyclist-punching anthem, ‘Shaun’. ‘Thameslink’ … Continued

Hotel Cola’s latest release, ‘Different Now You’re Gone’, emerges as a testament to the enduring spirit of Britpop, rising from the ashes of Stoke-on-Trent potbanks. The band encapsulates the quintessential Britpop essence, featuring guitar-driven pop, meticulous song-craft, and an emotional rawness that transcends generations. Their grassroots journey, built on guerilla gigs and social media, has … Continued

Loose Buttons’ latest release, ‘I Saw Jon Hamm At The Beach’, is a musical narrative that transcends the boundaries of a typical song. Inspired by an encounter with the iconic Jon Hamm, the track serves as a refreshing departure from the traditional pedestal often reserved for leading men. Eric Nizgretsky, the frontman, shares his experience … Continued

Ari Joshua’s latest release, ‘Country Stroll’, is a testament to his musical versatility and innovative spirit. This track beautifully encapsulates his love for twang, jazz fluency, and a playful approach to composition. From the subtle snare rolls that frame the opening to the surprising passages and clever chordal movements, the listener is taken on an … Continued

‘I’ll Be Waiting’ is the latest single from Manchester five-piece Gathering of Strangers. A track that started life in 2020, the tail end of last year saw this tune transcend from an exclusive treat for gig-goers to an anthem available for all the loving masses. And boy, was it worth the wait.  In their latest … Continued

Cat Ryan, the indie sensation from Newcastle, have unveiled their much-anticipated debut EP, ‘King of the World‘, a significant milestone in their journey since establishment in 2018. Led by the dynamic Mary-Anne Murphy, the band’s vibrant indie-pop/shoegaze sound draws inspiration from Vampire Weekend and Declan McKenna, earning them acclaim on BBC Radio 1, at Truck … Continued

about-faces’ latest single, ‘Cinematic and Chrome’, is a testament to their mastery in merging captivating melodies with profound lyrical storytelling. Lead vocalist Sennen Ludman, accompanied by the ethereal backing vocals of Danielle Capstick, crafts a dynamic soundscape that effortlessly balances raw emotion and musical finesse. The band’s signature sound has garnered them a devoted fan … Continued

Altre di B’s latest single, ‘Merighi’, serves as an enticing preview of their upcoming EP set to release in 2024. The track delves into the psyche of an insecure man, narrating his introspective journey as he rehearses speeches and songs in front of the mirror. The poignant lyrics convey a sense of self-discovery, contemplating the … Continued

ACTVE CAPTVE’s latest single, ‘Safe N Sound’, is a genre-defying sonic adventure that cements the band’s reputation as musical trailblazers. Serving as the penultimate track from their debut EP, ‘Saudaze‘, the song seamlessly fuses disco, modern dance, and hard rock, creating a sound that’s akin to Dua Lipa meeting System of a Down with a … Continued

MP Grey’s ‘Mexican Sun’ is a poignant musical journey that beautifully weaves together themes of resilience, love, and newfound inspiration. Hailing from Germany, Martin Polle, the talented producer and songwriter behind MP Grey, delivers a captivating narrative through this track. The song follows the gripping tale of a man grappling with a life-threatening illness, ultimately … Continued

Little Strange’s latest single, ‘Hard Days Hard Times’, is a thunderous declaration of intent from the Manchester-based quartet. Following the success of their self-produced track, ‘I Get By’, the band wastes no time in unleashing another sonic onslaught. Crafted by songwriter and guitarist Olly Davis, the song is an instant earworm that seamlessly combines fuzz-tinged … Continued

Concrete Club’s latest offering, ‘Riverswimmin”, is a captivating dive into the indie rock scene that showcases the band’s unique style and musical prowess. Hailing from Manchester, this quartet, formed in 2022, have quickly made a mark with their energetic live performances and a sound that defies easy categorisation. The song kicks off with choppy rhythms … Continued

Emma Dilemma, the self-proclaimed “patron saint of self-sabotage” hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, brings a refreshing and quirky flavour to the music scene with her latest track, ‘Bed All Day’. This playful tune, centred around the unexpected sound of a kazoo, seamlessly fuses rock and hip-hop influences, reminiscent of the dynamic styles of The Beastie … Continued

Shipping Forecast’s debut EP, ‘Chapter I : Becoming Cyclonic‘, marks the beginning of a promising journey into the realm of alternative/post-rock. Ben Clare and Imogen, the duo behind this DIY project, have crafted a distinctive sound that defies easy categorisation, drawing comparisons to the likes of Sigur Ros, Mogwai, and Slowdive. The EP, a sonic … Continued

Alex Luke’s latest release, ‘DNA’, is a soulful exploration of personal battles, seamlessly blending intricate rap flows with soulful melodies. The track delves into the artist’s estranged relationship with his father, creating an introspective and soulful hip-hop triumph that stands as a testament to Luke’s authenticity and versatility. The emotionally powerful chorus, sung by Hayley … Continued

SUPERSAURUS delivers a poignant and electrifying experience with their 9th single, ‘Platinum Blonde’. This London-based indie-pop quartet, fronted by a non-binary vocalist, draws inspiration from the likes of MUNA, Pale Waves, The 1975, and The Aces. Their self-recorded and self-produced approach resonates with authenticity, creating a distinctive sonic landscape. The band’s commitment to addressing relatable … Continued

Urban Theory’s latest single, ‘Making Of A Swine’, catapults listeners into a sonic realm that blurs the boundaries between punk, new wave, and indie guitar rock. Hailing from Bury, Greater Manchester, this hard-hitting four-piece band, led by Alexander Quinn on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, delivers a raw, gritty live energy that leaves an indelible … Continued

Sugarstone’s latest EP, ‘Terrible Tendencies‘, thrusts listeners into a mesmerising sonic landscape where Manchester Synth-Punk collides with the industrial goth and dance sounds of the 80s. The EP’s lead single, ‘Tender Hook’, not only earned the prestigious title of BBC Introducing ‘Track of the Week’ but also secured the coveted spot of BBC 6 Music’s … Continued

London-based rock band Cry Red has once again captured the essence of their signature dynamic melodies in their latest 3-track EP, ‘Electric Oceans‘. Released on November 17, 2023, and produced by the renowned Adrian Hall, this EP showcases the band’s evolution while staying true to their roots. The EP opens with ‘Cold and Misty Morning’, … Continued

LiP’s debut EP, ‘Romantic Punk‘, bursts onto the scene with an unapologetic blend of loud, punchy, and uniquely visceral soundscapes. Hailing from Manchester, the trio — comprising the versatile talents of Jarvis, Adrien, Jetwash and Ryan — dives headfirst into the chaotic intersection of pleasure and pain, encapsulating the essence of life itself. Jarvis, initially … Continued

Casinos, the Indie Pop trio hailing from Manchester, have firmly positioned themselves as a band to watch, drawing comparisons to the likes of The Killers and The 1975. Their latest single, ‘Fashion Girls’, released on December 8th, is a compelling exploration of frontman Matthew’s vulnerabilities set against the backdrop of dates with a girl entrenched … Continued

The Great Leslie’s latest offering, ‘21st Century Problems‘, is not merely a musical compilation; it’s an embodiment of ideas converging into a sonic revolution. The band, consisting of Ollie Trevers, Ryan Lavender, Alfie Pawsey, and Freddie Miles, manifests an unparalleled synergy that transcends traditional boundaries, creating a masterpiece that challenges the very fabric of contemporary … Continued

Foxglove’s latest single, ‘Tell Me A Story’, is a captivating journey through the realms of dream pop, garage, and nostalgia. Penned by the band’s vocalist, Abi, the track delves into the theme of burnout in one’s early twenties and the uncertainty that shrouds the path forward. With diary-like lyrics, Abi invites listeners to experience her … Continued

The Kaves’ latest single, ‘Prevalent’, catapults the Glasgow band into the spotlight, marking a significant stride in their musical journey. Riding the momentum from the success of their previous single ‘Soul’, which garnered airplay on prestigious platforms like BBC Radio London and John Kennedy’s Xposure show on Radio X. ‘Prevalent’ is a larger-than-life indie rock … Continued

Plastic Barricades’ latest offering, ‘We Stayed Indoors‘, stands as a poignant testimony to the tumultuous times we live in. This third full-length record from the London indie rock band ventures into the complexities of our shared human experience, delving into themes of hope, mental health, living in the moment, and the constant struggle between the … Continued

Teddy Clarke makes a striking return with his debut EP, ‘False Prophets‘, a politically charged collection of songs that delve into the disillusionment of today’s youth with politicians and the media. The EP, featuring tracks like ‘False Prophets’, ‘Broken Design’, ‘Sabotage Like Shakespeare’, ‘Lighter Fluid’, ‘Bible’, and ‘Partner In Those Lies’, takes a dark and … Continued

The Ritz’s latest single, ‘Give Me A Sign’, emanates the vibrant energy of a night out, capturing the essence of mutual chemistry and the excitement that comes with it. Hailing from Burton On Trent, England, this four-piece indie rock band, led by vocalist and songwriter Robbie Joyce, delivers a compelling musical narrative. The track, produced … Continued

Asha Jefferies’ latest single, ‘Keep My Shit Together’, is a vibrant and introspective addition to her repertoire, showcasing her evolving indie-pop sound. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Jefferies has already made waves in the music scene, supporting notable acts like Julia Jacklin and City and Colour. Produced and mixed by Sam Cromack of Ball Park Music, … Continued

Just Leila’s debut EP, ‘Just For Me‘, released on her birthday, December 18th, immerses listeners in an enchanting and cinematic realm entirely of her own creation. This musical journey, crafted through her self-written, performed, and produced efforts, is a testament to her commitment to artistic autonomy. ‘Just For Me‘ serves as a creative mantra, a … Continued

In the enigmatic landscape of Holy Nowhere’s debut album, ‘Soft Return‘, Steve Sachs takes listeners on a sonic journey that transcends the conventional boundaries of indie rock and electronic pop. The album emerges from a surprising genesis, sparked by a transformative panic attack that propelled Sachs into a creative resurgence, ultimately culminating in a collaboration … Continued

SonOfHarry’s debut album, ‘The World Has Gone Mad‘, is a transcendent exploration of the pop/soft rock genre, skilfully blending vintage influences with a contemporary edge. At just 21 years old, Australian artist Harry Cleverdon showcases remarkable maturity in his music, expanding beyond his country roots to deliver a captivating concept album that leaves an indelible … Continued

Psyence’s latest offering, ‘The Ocean’, serves as a compelling precursor to their forthcoming third album, slated for release in 2024. Emerging from the heart of Stoke-on-Trent in the West Midlands, Psyence have etched their name into the alternative rock scene with a resilient DIY ethos and relentless touring. The band’s debut album, released in 2019, … Continued

This Rebel’s debut single, ‘Heartstopper’, offers a thrilling glimpse into the chemically-propelled, loose-lipped collective spearheaded by Phil Etheridge (The Twang) and Jon ‘Simmo’ Simcox (known for his work with Liam Gallagher, The Kills, FKA Twigs, and Bring Me The Horizon). The self-titled album, set for release on March 8th, 2024, promises a unique sonic journey … Continued

Ponta Preta’s latest release, ‘I’ve Been Lonely’, seamlessly captures the essence of the surf rock revival, infusing Californian pop influences with the sun-soaked vibes we all crave. The band, already celebrated for their hit single ‘I Wanna Know’ broadcasted by astronaut Thomas Pesquet aboard the ISS, continues to ride the wave of success with their … Continued

The Manatees, a British indie-rock trio hailing from the south coast of England, deliver a punchy and infectious track with their latest release, ‘Get What You Want’. As the second instalment from their upcoming EP, ‘Different State Of Mind‘, set for release on February 23, 2024, the single follows the well-received ‘Call You A Criminal’. … Continued

Champagne Jacket’s latest single, ‘Sarah’, is a captivating exploration of the artist’s relationship with his own mental health, wrapped in a funky and upbeat disco package. Hailing from Melbourne but carrying a distinct Brit vibe, Champagne Jacket skilfully combines influences from Bowie to Bruno Mars, creating a unique sonic blend that finds its groove in … Continued

Home Counties’ latest offering, ‘Wild Guess’, serves as an enticing preview to their forthcoming debut album, ‘Exactly As It Seems‘. Rooted in a shared upbringing in a quaint Buckinghamshire village, the band’s evolution is evident as they move away from a guitar-centric sound, aiming to become a more melodic force that prioritises synths, hooks, and, … Continued

The Terrys, Australia’s rising sensation, deliver their most tantalising single to date with ‘No Bad Days’, a prelude to their highly anticipated second album, ‘Skate Pop‘, set for release on February 23, 2024. Following a meteoric rise since their formation three years ago, The Terrys have already made a mark with over 40 million streams, … Continued

Danny Mellin’s latest offering, ‘Give You My Time’, is a testament to the artist’s unstoppable momentum following an electrifying headline tour in 2023. Teaming up with Alex Quinn (Royston Club, Overpass) once again, Mellin delivers a high-octane indie garage rock anthem that solidifies his position as a rising force in the music scene. The track, … Continued

Ski Lift’s latest single, ‘Living The Dream’, is a sonic journey into the world of endearing power-pop, skilfully crafted by Welsh songwriter Benji Tranter and his cohorts, Elizabeth Walsh and Adam Fletcher. The trio, based in South London, have honed a distinct sound that blends nostalgic three-chord rock and roll with a refreshing twist, offering … Continued

Humane The Moon, the enigmatic indie artist hailing from East London, bursts onto the scene with a debut EP that encapsulates a unique blend of left-field fuzz and a palpable sense of liberation. The buzz surrounding Humane The Moon has been steadily growing in underground circles, and with the impending release of his debut EP, … Continued

Rum Jungle’s latest EP, ‘Hold Me In The Water‘, is a testament to their versatile musical prowess, showcasing a dynamic range that solidifies their status as a standout act. Known for their energetic summer anthems and emotive ballads, the band seamlessly navigates both realms, establishing a distinctive identity. The EP kicks off with the boundary-pushing … Continued

The Mezz’s latest offering, ‘Bridges’, serves as a powerful testament to resilience, rock, and realness. Emerging from the vibrant musical hub of Oxford, The Mezz faced a formidable challenge when drummer Charlie was diagnosed with bowel cancer, a setback that tested the mettle of the band’s indomitable spirit. Their collective journey, marked by triumphs and … Continued

The Heavy North’s latest offering, ‘Delta Shakedown’, solidifies their place in the contemporary blues rock scene. Hailing from Liverpool, this six-piece outfit, led by the soulful vocals of Kenny Stuart, showcases an impressive amalgamation of influences, ranging from blues and rock to soul and garage. Following their well-received debut album, the band returns with a … Continued

Sugar Tongue’s latest release, ‘River Of Life’, embodies the sweet and spirited essence that this South Australian indie rock band is known for. Comprising of Tom on vocals, Leo on guitar and vocals, Hudson on drums, Stirling on guitar, Cael on bass and guitar, and Hamish on keyboard and guitar, Sugar Tongue’s diverse lineup brings … Continued

Cassia finds themselves riding the crest of an exhilarating wave, captivating fans with a musical versatility that transcends boundaries and a distinctly global sound. Their recent singles, ‘High Tones’, ‘whatstheuse’, and ‘Find My Way Around,’ serve not only as a sonic journey but also as introspective reflections on their artistic evolution. The band’s ability to … Continued

The Goa Express’s debut album, ‘It’s Never Been Better‘, is a euphoric celebration of teenage-hood, brotherhood, and an unbridled passion for alternative music. Originating from the industrial towns of Burnley & Todmorden and embraced by the Manchester music scene, their journey is akin to a hedonistic pilgrimage into the beating heart of suburban rock and … Continued

Jack Hyphen’s latest release, ‘Happiness’, is a testament to the artist’s evolution from a solo endeavour to a dynamic 4-piece alternative pop/rock outfit. Hailing from Manchester, Jack Hyphen seamlessly blends elements of indie pop and alternative rock to craft an atmospheric, punchy, and occasionally ethereal sound. The journey from acoustic singles like ‘Not Aligned’ to … Continued

‘Leveling Up’ by Qwiet Type is a dazzling and empowering musical creation that will leave you craving more. Qwiet Type, hailing from Pensacola, Florida, has truly found his groove by blending indie, pop, rock, and electro elements into a refreshing fusion that’s distinctly his own. The track kicks off with a captivating intro that sets … Continued

Conor Clements’ latest offering, ‘All Good Things’, is a delightful departure from his punk-rock roots, showcasing a more intimate and whimsical side of the talented musician. As the frontman of the art-punk band Hallan, Conor’s songwriting skills have already received national recognition. However, with this new solo venture, he unveils a fresh and personal facet … Continued

Rosa Caelum’s latest offering, ‘Heaven Once Told You’, is an electrifying journey through the deranged corridors of alt-rock, and it’s nothing short of mesmerising. This band, making waves in the music scene, is proving their worth with their captivating sound. Their previous successes, ‘The Lovers Were The Last Ones To Leave’ and ‘Jerusalem’, were mere … Continued

Loksmith makes an emphatic entrance into the music scene with their debut EP, ‘The Issue‘, a five-track exploration of the anxieties and self-doubt fuelled by the omnipresence of social media in modern youth. The band’s sonic identity, characterised by cascading arpeggios, booming drums, and melancholic melodies, pays homage to the stadium rock of the 90s, creating … Continued

Sonic Blume’s latest offering, ‘All Your Favorite Songs‘, is a sonic journey that seamlessly blends dream-pop with the alternative rock vibes of the late ’90s and early 2000s. The Asbury Park based indie rock quartet, comprised of Max Connery, Danny Murray, Noah Sullivan, and James Waltsak, has consistently impressed since their formation in 2016, and … Continued

Hot Spoon, Cold Mango’s latest project, ‘Paws on Ears‘, is a mesmerising journey into the uncharted realms of “Motion Vision”, a genre crafted for weary space travellers. The album serves as a sonic odyssey, transporting listeners through a cosmic tapestry of existence, where each note becomes a story, and each layer, a dimension. The story … Continued

Vide Obscur’s debut EP, aptly titled ‘1‘. emerges as a sonic revelation born from the uncharted collaboration between electronic music artist/producer Julian Stetter and producer/multi-instrumentalist Jakob Lebsanft. With a plethora of successful ventures behind them, the duo sought a departure from convention, crafting a musical journey that defies easy categorisation. ‘1‘ is a six-track exploration … Continued

James Bannon’s EP, ‘Heat Ghosts‘, is an intimate and poignant journey through the intricacies of love, loss, and self-discovery. ‘Kitchens Everywhere’ opens the album with a melancholic reflection on failed relationships, capturing the emotional turmoil of realising someone had emotionally checked out long before it was evident. ‘Dinner Party’ tells the tragic tale of queer … Continued

SWiiMS’ debut LP, ‘Into the Blue Night’, encapsulates an emotional journey reminiscent of a comforting musical nostalgia, drawing inspiration from 80s New Wave, 90s Indie Rock, Britpop, and Shoegaze. The Canadian trio, formed during the pre-COVID summer, found serendipity through a Craigslist Musicians Wanted ad, resulting in the seamless chemistry between guitarists/vocalists Mai Diaz Langou … Continued

Paul Crupi’s latest album, ‘Home‘, is a testament to the artist’s evolution and musical prowess. The Canadian musician, who has been crafting original music for over 15 years, seamlessly combines the worlds of alternative and soul, resulting in an immersive musical journey that captivates the listener from start to finish. Paul’s musical journey began with … Continued

FloodHounds’ latest release, ‘Quicksand’, is a darkly melodic, menacing masterpiece that showcases the Yorkshire trio’s penchant for crafting blistering, fuzzed-up indie rock with savage riffs and unforgettable hooks. This sub-three-minute indie rock haymaker is a sonic journey through emotional turbulence and resilience, capturing the essence of life’s unpredictable path. Frontman Jack Flynn’s gritty vocals take … Continued

Small Talk’s latest release, ‘Lost In The Moment’, is a resounding testament to the band’s evolution and resilience in the indie-rock scene. Hailing from Bournemouth, Small Talk is a group of young musicians who have managed to infuse their music with a level of maturity that belies their years. The track exudes a captivating energy … Continued

Hailing from the North West of England, Issy Sutcliffe brings a lifetime of songwriting and singing experience to her latest release, ‘Drugs Can’t Fix Me’. Drawing on her roots, her music is a unique blend of classic blues and messy punk, with influential echoes of Big Mama Thornton and the Sex Pistols woven into her … Continued

SOFY’s latest offering, ‘Chaos & Commotion’, is an immersive journey through the highs and lows of life. This 9-track mixtape is a testament to her ever-evolving creativity and marks a significant milestone as her inaugural project under Chess Club Records. The mixtape is a rollercoaster of emotions, brilliantly captured in tracks like ‘socks’, ‘supermarket’, and … Continued

Joey Maxwell’s latest EP, ‘don’t know how to feel about this’,  is an exquisite demonstration of his evolution as an artist. This opus showcases his prowess in seamlessly fusing 90s garage rhythms with contemporary elements, resulting in a genre-defying musical journey. The EP is an introspective exploration of life’s intricacies and conscientious lyricism. The opening … Continued

The Moving Stills’ latest release, ‘Best Friend’, is a delightful testament to the band’s evolution within the realm of indie pop. With their recent cover on triple j’s Like A Version and the announcement of their upcoming album ‘Wabi Sabi‘, this Central Coast ensemble is riding high on a wave of creative energy. ‘Best Friend’ … Continued

Having heard and reviewed every track Keyside have released since their debut, I always look forward to pressing play when their name comes across my inbox. ‘Angeline’ has once again not failed to deliver a proper belter of a tune. I’m not sure how but these boys are single handedly reshaping everything I expect of … Continued

Yorkshire lads who don’t seem to fit the mould of the Yorkshire sound you’d be used to in the indie genres, The Kites ladies and gentlemen. ‘Drunk In Japan’ is an unrelenting, toe-tapper of a track. Showcasing everything that is great about guitar music while also adding a hint of pop music with the vocal … Continued

A single from their huge second studio album, ‘Give a Little Love’ is a fine demonstration of the capabilities which The Heavy North have in their songwriting. Having seen The Heavy North live before and hearing this song, the perfect description of them is a modern take on a vintage and well aged sound. This … Continued

Manchester’s garage rockers Hey Bulldog have brought their latest body of work ‘523’ to the table and it’s a tune with some real promise. I think the band are very close to absolutely nailing the whole garage rock sound they’re aiming for with this release. But at the same time this song needs a lot … Continued

Favourites at this years Reading and Leeds festival with the biggest attendance of the weekend at the BBC introducing stage, Only The Poets are back and this time with a song that is already a crowd favourite before the release. This is a band that I’m yet to hear a bad song from, ‘Looking At … Continued

After an upbringing in a small southern village outside of Buckinghamshire, Home Counties have recently relocated in the UK’s capital, this song shines a really relatable light upon life in London and in our country in general! With their first release since a hugely successful 2022 release, the latest works ‘Bethnal Green’ showcases new lead … Continued

Kai Undrells latest single is nothing short of a light hearted indie banger, a song that feels very delicate and innocent but one also filled with emotion. The Sheffield based filmmaker turned musician has released this latest of his works ‘Lose Your Nature’ and it just feels very timeless when you hear it. If anything, … Continued

A band I have had the delight of coming across on more than one occasion in the Manchester scene, Pomona Park. A band who possess songwriting skills which never fail to blow me away. They’re just so good at that modern indie pop sound. ‘Stormy Weather’ is yet another in a string of releases from … Continued