‘Monday Morning’ is the sound of an artist with some real talent who has built the perfect idea of what their songs should sound like. With a catchy hook-line and bouncy rhythms that keep the tune ticking along, this track really is something special.  It’s no surprise really to see that Ten Tonnes has managed … Continued

As the track title suggests, Floodhound’s latest release carries themes of dealing with all manners of chaos. The music and instrumentation reflects this too, as a verse which is relentlessly driven by drums and rhythmical palm muted guitars lead into the chorus, opening up into the song’s thematic solution of taking a step back to … Continued

Bolton based outfit The Shed Project have released the first single off of their second independent album which is due in Autumn 2023. ‘If you’re Getting Busy, You’re Getting Better’ is an acoustic melancholy take on subjects close to home, on which they have teamed up with Bolton based platform WhySup, who work hard to … Continued

Now then, this album was my first introduction to Oldham four-piece The Recreation. So I had no idea what to expect from them. First impressions, before even listening, the lovely vintage artwork. Always helps when an album has inviting artwork, but I suppose I’m not meant to be reviewing the artwork… There’s something rather distinct … Continued

Live fans of Sarpa Salpa will already be familiar with their latest release ‘She Never Lies’ as it had established itself as a firm setlist favourite throughout their shows well before it was put out as a recording. In a sign of true longevity, it’s one of the first songs that was written by the … Continued

Since 2018, Katie O’Malley has established a name amongst fans of blues revival, and her latest release ‘Karma’ only further cements the consistent quality of her work. Husky Americana vocals with lyrics that lay down the law of consequences sit over sharp guitar licks and tribal-like drums. It’s a style which was popularised in the … Continued

Dakota Avenue, a name I’ve heard a lot of recently but not a band I’ve actually checked out until this release. And my word do I regret that, this is absolutely unreal!  From musical performance through to the production, from the lyrics to the writing of the song itself, this track has everything that any … Continued

‘Running Back 2 U’, the latest track from Ten Eighty Trees’ upcoming EP. The track feels like it should be a huge rock anthem, but also I do feel like this anthem needs work to reach its full potential.  The track has a really great sense of familiarity in many ways, it’s a track that … Continued

A lyrical masterpiece, a track which lyrically is somehow mysterious in story yet feels relatable at the same time. The lyrics in this track almost feel like they’ve been storyboarded as they’re written, which honestly is a great quality within a songs lyrics.  This song builds terrifically from the start to the finish, an excellent … Continued

WhoBodyHow are definitely a band who know their way around a proper belter of an indie tune. Their latest single ‘Weatherman’ is a track which feels very reminiscent of early 2010s indie and honestly I’m here for it.  With the drums keeping this track ticking along with an infectious bounce and some classic driven guitar … Continued

Confusing and mind boggling but in the best way possible. The only description I can find that is fitting for the latest single from Garvie. This track does not feel like it’s going to go where it does when it starts but when it travels there, it is the greatest musical surprise to the ears!  … Continued

‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ is so captivating from the get go that you’d immediately struggle to tell that this is the debut single from Stockport boys The Maddocks.  It doesn’t happen often that a bands debut single is this good, honestly they’ve set the bar high for their next release. You’d … Continued

If unforgettable could be defined by a piece of music this would absolutely fit that position. This track throughout is just full of everything that is good about a piece of music.  Smith has some seriously impressive accolades behind him and has been on quite the journey through music in recent years. This becomes apparent … Continued

Two-piece northerners Dirty Blonde have produced a real powerhouse of a track with their latest release ‘Come Over’. Having received support from some huge Spotify playlists, this track does really feel like a rock classic already.  The duo of Issy and Hayley who make up Dirty Blonde have all the power of any of the … Continued

I don’t know what I was expecting from this track when I heard those initial stabs on the synth but it wasn’t anything quite as beautiful as when I heard the vocal of lead singer Ericson Stakee come into the track.  This isn’t a typical ‘banger’ or ‘bop’ or whatever you want to call a … Continued

It is clear that The 1975 prove themselves to be the forever growing and changing band. Special guest performances, a unique setlist, Matty Healy’s immaculate stage presence, one of a kind set design. These lot are here to bring nothing less than a show for all to fall in love with. We went down to … Continued

The immediate thing I notice about this track is the incredible artwork, really bold and it left me not knowing what to expect from the music really. Not that this is much to do with the music. However, if I did have any expectations, they were immediately blown away by the brilliance of the vocals … Continued

I don’t think I’ve ever quite heard such a strong EP opener as ‘Nothing To Lose’ on The Howlers latest EP ‘Further Down The Line’. Extremely catchy and definitely would not sound out of place in any modern day video game!  This 4 track EP from start to finish is artistically and musically divine, full … Continued

This really is beautiful, shimmering indie pop. This track almost feels like a nod to years gone by with its nostalgic sort of sound. It’s somewhere between 80s music and that stereotypical indie pop sound of the 2010s.  The Sheffield based band are really pushing out a brilliant sound and, refreshingly I will add, not … Continued

Luscious Indie Pop music, laced with soaring synth lines and funky guitar tones. This does really seem like a track from a band that take every bit of care in the writing process of their songs. ‘The Ball’ is a track which, like every good indie pop track, pays extra attention to the fine musical … Continued

When this track started, I didn’t have the expectation that it would become so lively. ‘Grow’ by Lanterns is a track which keeps building with tension and release all the way through the track. The Rhythm guitar in this track is the main thing which immediately sticks out to me and remains in my memory, … Continued

Another band contributing to the brilliant new age of punk music is Sugarstone. A Manchester based four-piece who are more than definitely on the rise after previously receiving support from the like of Radio X’s John Kennedy. Their latest track ‘Author Is Now Dead’ is quite simply brilliant. Brought in by the pristinely produced vocal … Continued

Dick Dudley, a band who instantly deliver themselves as unapologetic to the world with their attitude-filled music. Something within this track does almost seem like absolute rebellion to the rest of todays music, it’s almost like the band are so comfortable within their own style that they’re happy to stand out in a crowd. ‘Dog … Continued

Reverb soaked, rather pretty sounding guitars underneath the bounce of an extremely happy and joyous sounding track from Merseyside up-and-comers Keyside. ‘Lights Out’ is the sort of track which i can really imagine a room full of people screaming for when they hear the start of the track. It just has that instant feel of … Continued

2022 has been a great year for music, here at The Pentatonic we have had the pleasure of working with over 230 bands on live shows and we have discovered some incredible new music. It’s that time of year again where we predict which bands and artists we think will have a successful 2023. The … Continued

Somehow, somewhere in my brain, I feel like a teenager again instantly listening to this track. ‘Try Not To Notice’ displays the sound of a very well established and matured musician from the back of the track to the front.  Qwiet Type is an artist working out of Florida, USA and honestly I feel honoured … Continued

It’s hard to believe that Greta Kline is just 28 years old. The one-time teen princess of New York’s underground anti-folk scene, this is her fifth studio album and with the help of a trusted band that has helped to shape her prolific songwriting into something more refined, it might be the best yet.  During … Continued

There was a time in the past when listening to a Bill Callahan album took a degree of preparation. During his days under the Smog pseudonym, the Maryland man was known, as the name suggests, for a greyer, more distorted sound, but anyone who has followed him through the years knows that’s no longer exclusively … Continued

In the early days of Loyle Carner’s career, he built his audience on a persona which had a certain charm as a passionate, family focussed, well mannered young adult with a knack for rhyme and flow. While his early material still addressed serious matters, he would address them with something of an endearing innocence, almost … Continued

Short and sweet, Hawke The Band have really released one of the bounciest tracks I have personally heard from an up and coming band in recent times. From the outset of the song I found myself bopping along in my chair to the sound of the Dublin born band. First impressions of a track are … Continued

Some of our favourite festivals for discovering new bands are Multi-Venue set ups, just like Live At Leeds: In The City. With over 80 names announced to perform across the city on Saturday 15th October it can be quite daunting, especially if you’re looking to find some new bands and not just staying at the … Continued

Boola Roo are a London based electronic three-piece, who like many creatives met with the isolation of lockdown, threw themselves into a brand new project during that period. Their debut offering ‘Show Me Love’ is an impressively self-produced track which carries itself well structurally. The instrumentation consists of a classic 90’s drum beat anchored by … Continued

According to London based singer Mike Stoyanov, his sound “just punches you in the face, man and forces you to submit”. So if you want to feel like you’ve been assaulted by a bloke in a Fred Perry top, then Stoyanov’s new track ‘Everything You Ever Wanted’ could be for you. The single, again in … Continued

Since his first release in 2019, Newcastle’s Trunky Juno has thrived within the realms of his alternative/indie experimentation. Clean-cut production and relatable, largely insular lyricism has earned him accolades that include BBC Radio 1 airplay, and an esteemed likening to artistic boundary pushers such as Beck or Mac Demarco. His latest offering ‘Oxford English Dictionary’ … Continued

Now in the 11th year since their inception, Bones Shake have been prolific in their output during their career, consistently adding to an illustrious catalogue as they have cut their teeth playing across the UK and Europe. ‘Come Home’ is a notable single off their latest album ‘Bleed’, which was released via Sister9 Recordings in … Continued

Dee Rae, in her own words, “combines childhood folk favourites with more modern indie influence”, which is showcased in her recent debut single ‘Silver Wallet’. The track earned a great reception upon release, as it displays influence from the likes of Lily Allen or Wet Leg with half-sung, half-spoken lyricism that isn’t afraid to break … Continued

Alternative indie outfit, DUDE, MY DUDE have achieved notable success since releasing their debut single ‘Loser’ just last year – tallying up 2.6 million streams and counting for that one song alone. Since then they’ve released a handful of additional singles, broadening their catalogue ahead of their tour with Cassia next month. One of said … Continued

Shortly after the band’s set had finished, I was back at my flat on all fours over the toilet bowl puking a stomach full of vodka into the Manchester sewage system, every violent heave and subsequent splash amounting to around £6 Ancoats prices. An expensive spew, and a truly horrible state for a man of … Continued

After a long wait, Pikehall’s annual Y Not Festival finally went underway last weekend. Was it worth the wait? You betcha.  Topping the bill this year were Welsh pop rock titans Stereophonics, Manchester icons the Courteeners and stepping up to a headline Sunday slot were, highlights of the weekend and Stockport’s finest Blossoms. A stacked … Continued

A drizzly Sunday was not going to put an end to the party. Hair of the dog and an expanse of food outlets ensured that no one would be falling short of what was to be a phenomenal Sunday. Lightweight raincoats complimented by golden draped red fez hats resumed as the dress code for the … Continued

Tramlines 2022 became the 2nd year post covid that saw eager festival goers fill the park. From start to finish we saw the festival showcase some of the best up and coming bands the country has to offer, carefully curated with cult icons that made us see nostalgia succumb to the wonders of live performance; … Continued

Gallaher’s Green have just released their new single “Catch The Sun” The song from start to finish throws you into that summertime feeling with driving verses complimented by a huge chorus this could definitely mark a new beginning for the rock quartet. From the outset as the guitar riff cuts through the powerful drum beat … Continued

Diverting from the typical groggy setup of a traditional festival with mud ridden showers and waterlogged tents, Tramlines Festival are in favour of something more suited for one and all, by providing their ‘all inclusive’ line up that captures those of all ages and backgrounds to be involved. The 2nd year of the festival post … Continued

One of our favourite artists Venus Demilo has released an infectious new single that is a million miles away from their previous sound – and we’re all for it! ‘The Good Life’ is an up-beat bouncy song from the Liverpool based band. Venus Demilo have ramped up the electronic sounds in this track and really … Continued

The former front man and songwriter of BINES, Danny Bowles, has returned with a brand new solo project which has seem him take a different avenue than his previous band. Danny has released his debut solo single ‘Wake Me (My Dear)’ and it is a beautiful poetic introduction to himself. ‘Wake Me (My Dear)’ originally … Continued

Fusing their iconic blend of hip-hop and indie, Manchester based act PROSE have returned with yet another anthemic song. Building on the success from previous hits, PROSE are yet again finding their way back into their fans ears with this ‘9 Million Volts’ This is a slightly more pop based song, showcasing their singing vocals … Continued

Considering this is a ‘sole’ musician, Adam Hailstone, who uses the name Pink Films, really does put his ‘soul’ into this track. His latest release, the song ‘M.A.D.’ (Movie’s Almost Done) creates a wonderful atmosphere perfect for a late night stroll around a small city. A combination of psychedelic, dreamy, 80s inspired music has helped … Continued

On a heavily rescheduled date, The Beths managed to overcome an absent lead guitarist, a collapsing stage backdrop and a re-jigged setlist to produce a fine performance with their tried and tested blend of joyful love and bitter self-loathing at Manchester Club Academy. It says a lot about the Beths that they were able to … Continued

On the 17th of March 2022, I strolled into the world of ‘Libations’ – a sordid saloon somewhere on the edge of Manchester inhabited by the band, Dead Cherry. I was listening to their latest single which is described as ‘a hyperbolic look at the direct and indirect effects of excessive alcohol consumption.’ Here’s what … Continued

We visited The Recreation at their Ancoats studio to learn more about their current 33 Oldham Street residency, upcoming album, and the new musical ideals they’ve established post-lockdown. For those who don’t know the boys, they are George Porter (Drums), Sam Sumner (Bass), Tom Atkinson (lead guitar), and Owen Baldwin (Vocals, guitar). They can be … Continued

The Merseyside four piece, More In Luv, release synthy new single “Living For Two.”  Their relaxed new track is a different approach to previous material but even by leaving their comfort zone, More In Luv are able to create a successful Summery song that deals with love, money and struggle. They take a wide range … Continued

The weird and wonderful Home Counties release bizarre new single ‘Village Spirit,’ taken from their new EP, “In A Middle English Town.” The opening begins like the start of a 90’s computer game and sets the tone for an even more unexplainable three minutes and thirty three seconds. When asked about the lyrics, singer Will … Continued

Walsall five-piece The Assist release thunderous new single “Television Kid”. Over the years, The Assist have earned quite the success, and their new single taken from their debut album ‘Council Pop’ out on 8th April, is the perfect evidence as to why. Homely, punk-like vocals paired with indie guitar riffs prove to be a great … Continued

Following a spate of rowdy gigs across Liverpool and Manchester, including a sell-out show at YES Basement, Madame Claude finally earnt their place at the top of the bill on March 18th, stepping up to yet another sell-out crowd eager for an earful of their Ska inspired rhythms. The venue was Gulliver’s, a classic starting … Continued

Saxophonist, pianist, lyricist and the jazz king of this generation, Masego, took to the stage at the 02 Ritz in Manchester on Saturday, as part of his much anticipated (and delayed) Studying Abroad tour. Originally set to study abroad in 2021, covid had kept this crowd waiting, but as proved, the best things come to … Continued

Dirty Blonde are a female indie-rock two piece from Manchester comprising members: Issy Sutcliffe (vocals, guitar) and Hayley Tait (lead guitar). The duo quickly developed their sound and have already started writing powerful songs, including their debut release ‘Northern Twang’ Get to know Dirty Blonde Name?Hayley Where are you from?Manchester What do you do?Guitar and … Continued

“I’m out enjoying the pace of this open asylum,” vocalist Olly Thornton sings on Uno Mas’ February released single ‘Jungle’. He’s talking about the electricity in the air during a night out. Something we’ve all come to miss in the last year or so. There’s a confidence that comes with the delivery of the track. … Continued

They’ve supported the likes of The Libertines, Bastille and The Vaccines, collected sync royalties thanks to Made in Chelsea and earned airplay from BBC Scotland, BBC Radio nan Gàidheal and Amazing Radio. Retro Video Club, hailing from Edinburgh, are already on their way to becoming one of the most discussed Scottish names with a sold-out … Continued

“Welcome to my blue room,” Luke Royalty’s Spotify bio reads as he proclaims thoughts we’ve all shared with him and kept to ourselves, like the light jab of, “I think I’m boring when I’m sober”. ‘Blue Peter’ feels like you’re travelling from its genuine, good-hearted lyricism alone. “Living our fairytales in football shirts,” the Darlington … Continued

May Payne, 20 year old singer-songwriter based in Manchester, has generated a tasteful blend of genres in her upcoming single ‘When You Hold Me’, to be released on the 18th of March this year. Her music is the self-confessed love child of Bob Dylan and Van Morrison, with Payne being influenced by their legacies of work from … Continued

Juggling dizzying climaxes, fluttering guitars and feel good eagerness, SPINN have delivered an album built upon Buddha’s liberating teachings while, meanwhile, looking to break free from any predetermined labels on their second LP Outside of the Blue via Modern Sky UK. SPINN is collectively vocalist Johnny Quinn, guitarist Luke Brickett, Sean McLachlan on bass and … Continued

In a time so fast-paced and serious, South-London Trio Honey Moon have put a pause on normality, and entered the new year offering a glimpse of hope with their upbeat new single, ‘Stop and Listen.’ Retro instrumentals dance playfully while Honey Moon face their fears head-on, with an idealistic mindset in the form of a … Continued

North West based Escapades take listeners on a journey to a place of powerful vocals and mystifying drum machines with new single ‘Star Collisions’. Opening with delicate guitar strings, this initial innocence is soon stripped to a refreshing bouquet of fun-loving euphemisms. Throughout the track, Escapades display their genre-bending flair, and leave listeners constantly questioning … Continued

Tom A. Smith’s debut EP drops next month on February 25th, produced by Larry Hibbitt (Nothing But Thieves/The Snuts/Sea Girls/Lauren Hibberd). While apparent that Smith has been stockpiling for this release for some time, asking for guitar lessons long before taking the stabilisers off, the musician assures each future release will be distinct from the … Continued

Sarpa Salpa kick off 2022 with trancey new single ‘Somebody.’ The synthy track opens with lyrics of reassurance like ‘Don’t be scared to love again,’ creating an indie-pop bop that mingles with the maturity of witnessing a former acquaintance eventually parting ways. The recent single brings the ambience of a 70’s dance track, but reimagined … Continued

You get a feel for Stay Lunar’s sound even before pressing the play button. The cover artwork is sombre. A black and white shot of a train station platform. A radiant pink hue runs through it without obliterating the mood.  The dream-pop outfit Stay Lunar, hailing from Bristol, formed in 2019. Since then, they’ve released … Continued

MCRAE have a piece of my heart and having watched them grow over the past years and seeing them sell out a headline show at Gullivers in a couple of days is something that i’ve still been reliving ever since. Now they’ve released arguably their best, and certainly their catchiest, song to date, “PLANETVPLANET”. The … Continued

With the amount of new content arriving via the rise of TikTok, it would be shortsighted to think this was the only musician hub as of late. James Marriott is one of many YouTubers to try his hand at songwriting, releasing his debut single ‘Slow Down’ in 2020, followed by a three-track EP, ‘No Left … Continued

RnB singer, songwriter and producer Dijon is renowned for being a man of few words in the public eye, despite his famously heart felt, honest lyrics in his work. Dijon began his music career as part of a duo, Abhi//Dijon, which split in the mid 2010s, provoking him to experiment with his sound resulting in … Continued

With monumental albums stacked in their discography, one could question why Spector aren’t already a household name, but with the release of newest album ‘Now or Whenever,’ their world-wide domination is imminent. The album opens with the melancholic instrumental, “When Saturday Comes,” the musical sum up of Saturday’s dreary thoughts and what happened the night … Continued

With no live shows in the near future, Ivory Wave, an already established live band found themselves with plenty of free time to turn everything on its head and fit the jumbled pieces back together. In doing so alternatively named, Big Image was born and the four-piece conceived the joyous ‘Parallel Love Affair,’ a painted … Continued

Flechettes have their finger on the trigger with their newest outing, ‘Make Your Mistakes’. The group from Wigan, Greater Manchester have all the components for that firey indie-rock sound that’s on every A&R scout’s wishlist.  The last year held a lot of firsts for the Flechettes, including playing their first tour and signing to Sound … Continued

Tainted Wedding bells ring throughout the brokenhearted new single “The Wedding” from James Holt. The Beatle Esque tune is a honeyed sentiment that conveys the emotion of seeing someone you love marry someone else. “I can hardly bear to watch it” sings Holt, regarding the betrayal. His description of such a heartbreak is filled with … Continued

East London’s Desert Rockers, The Howlers, shake up the scene with their Debut EP “Sum Of Our Fears”. With their original vinyl pre-sale selling out on its first day, calling their debut EP anticipated would be an understatement, but with great expectations come great outcomes, and “Sum Of Our Fears” is solid proof of this. … Continued

It’s that time of year again where we predict which bands and artists we think will have a successful 2022. The only rule is, bands and artists who have already featured on the list in previous years can not feature again. 2021 saw the return of live music and here at The Pentatonic it has … Continued

North South Divide is one of the latest projects to come from the the current epicentre of an indie music uprising, Wigan. Created by Martin Cunliffe, formerly the frontman of Ravellas, this project excited me from the minute it dropped into my inbox. It’s a completely different direction from Ravellas, but an equally brilliant sound. … Continued

The Manchester-based The France have created something both familiar-sounding and vibrant. Based on a trip the band took in 2017, their fourth single, a three-minute indie-pop take named ‘California,’ sounds like the essence of San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles if they combined into a sort of West Coast eccentric cocktail. The band also … Continued

Commercial music is always one to reinvent itself, deviating between genres and styles frequently as traditional forms of pop become predictable and tiresome. Through 2020, the charts became packed with resurgences similar to the ’70s and 80’s synth-wave sound, mimicking old sounds and creating fresh ones in the same breath. Both indie-pop acts Chvrches and … Continued

Written inside their 0saka based studio apartment, Wynona, formed of bedroom-pop partners Natalie and Rich, tinkered with the early idea of ‘Get Back To Myself’. Accounting present times, the track recalls the challenges of internal belonging and being a world away from familiarity during a worldwide pandemic. The song’s meaning shifting halfway through its creation.  … Continued

You can connect the dots between Sarpa Salpa’s songwriting and the overall meaning of their newest track, ‘Your House’, in a similar fashion to a detective and a piece of red string.  Lyrically focusing on a strained environment and someone changing right in front of you, Sarpa Salpa succeeds in performing with a similar sentiment … Continued

Singer songwriter from Darlington, Luke Royalty, is an artist that stood out to me from first glance. A brilliant way to get a grasp of a new artist’s sound is by looking into who their work is influenced by, and I knew if Luke Royalty sounded half as good as a combination of Amy Winehouse, … Continued

With both singles released this year gaining traction across UK radio stations, Manchester-based indie rock outfit Pacific have released their brand new You Don’t Know EP.  Currently touring their new material, the four piece are eager to follow in the footsteps of their sold-out pre-lockdown dates. Unlike their heavily guitar-driven indie-rock counterparts, Pacific have a … Continued

Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Phil Danyew has leaned heavily into the similar tendencies of trippy, psych-rock connoisseurs Tame Impala, Temples and Zac Farro of Paramore’s side project, HalfNoise to commence his newest project, Elephant Castle. Phil, previously known for playing keys in Foster the People, ventured into creating original music. This decision, a direct response to … Continued

If you found yourself in the middle of the jangly pop stylings of The Sundays and the dream-pop tendencies of Mazzy Star, you’d most likely stumble upon Manchester-based Jessica Luise. The indie-pop artist who emerged onto the North West music scene in 2019.  ‘Going in Blind‘ is Jessica Luise’s debut EP, released in July following … Continued

‘The Cova Guide to Sunset Vibes’, Indie-rock heads The Covasettes’ September EP, earned them recognition from the likes of BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio. They’re a band who are sure to feel right at home on any festival circuit. The four piece’s most recent release is packed full of sun-drenched hooks and upbeat, infectious melodies … Continued

Liverpool’s sensational singer-songwriter Zuzu has dropped the news we’ve been hoping for, along with a fantastic new song. Zuzu has announced her debut album ‘Queensway Tunnel‘ will be released November 12th with a brand new single ‘My Old Life’. ‘My Old Life’ is a beautifully emotional showcase of her vocals, featuring that subtle soft Scouse … Continued

BOARDWALK is the magnificent brainchild of Michael Marguet, LA-based musician and producer. With strong influence of Jungle, LCD Soundsystem and Phoenix it’s clear to see where the ideas behind the funky grooves and the gentle synth swells come from. ‘I Got Myself’ is the hypnotic crossroad of indietronica, psychedelia and synthpop that has been creeping … Continued

The long awaited return to festivals came back with a band with the largest festival in Western Europe since the pandemic began. All eyes were on Tramlines to see how people would react to such large crowds and it went off without a hitch. The festival saw 40,000 revellers a day head into Hillsborough Park … Continued

Somehow Lottery Winners have managed to save the nation single handedly themselves this year, what a year they’ve had going from releasing music with Frank Turner and Sleeper, performing a sea shanty with Nickelback and the pinnacle of them all, performing at our Nobody Talks Anymore event. They’re not done yet either as they release … Continued

Alex Partridge is a Sydney based Singer-Songwriter whose beautifully delicate vocals are the soothing soundtrack you didn’t know you were looking for. I’ve been drifting away to the mesmerising grooves and infectious chorus’ of ‘There’s No Way’ since I first came across the song. With obvious influences from his Australian counterparts in Spacey Jane and … Continued

Your first single release is crucial, and if you don’t get it right then you’ve got a lot of work to do to recoup that interesting. Well that’s not something Keith Coleman is going to have to worry about after hearing his debut single ‘Hangover’. The Irish singer / songwriter has come out of the … Continued

MCRAE have always been skirting around the fringes of pop and punk influences and are known for their catchy singalong style songs – which is why it’s a shock to the system that they’ve dived down a slightly more punk route to create ‘How To Start A Fire’. Previous single ‘Lucy’ has all the pop … Continued

Once again Red Rum Club are bringing light to a dark period in music and have released their first new material of 2021. The head-bopping new single ‘Nightcalling’ is the perfect remedy to everybody’s slumber and is hopefully the turning point in rekindling that love with music again. ‘Nightcalling’ heralds the release of their third … Continued

This morning came the new we were expecting, but hoping wouldn’t happen – and Kendal Calling didn’t hold back with pointing the blame where it belongs. Organisers of the festival based at Lowther Deer Park have once again had to cancel Kendal Calling due to the change in restrictions and as they state in their … Continued

If camping out in a muddy field and the general lack of showers doesn’t appeal to you then maybe a more metropolitan festival like Tramlines is what you’re looking for. Tramlines has all the great things we love about festivals like the incredible music and atmosphere you can only get at outdoor shows but without … Continued

As festival season grows ever closer, the excitement of standing in a muddy field with thousands of others listening to some incredible music is building. Y Not Festival have return in 2021 with perhaps the best lineup of all the festivals this year and have really pushed themselves to create something special for their fans. … Continued

Derailer are a young band from Stockport but a big future ahead of them. Having seen firsthand their incredible live performance and they’re loyal following I can certainly say that Derailer are on the fast track to success. With an electric range of influences they break that standard indie mould to add a splash of … Continued

Since first discovering Sam and Sounds i’ve been blown away by how good his songs and are how they somehow keep getting better with each release. We made his single ‘Silly’ our Track Of The Day and featured follow up ‘Silly’ on our PentatonicPlay playlist, now his latest single ‘Bedroom Astronaut’ has its own space … Continued

TUSHAR is the next in our long list of Australian acts that seem to be dominating the airwaves at the moment. He is an Indian boy from Adelaide who’s debut single ‘Arthur’ has made its way overseas and is a beautifully relaxing sound. The title name ‘Arthur’ is a pseudonym for what TUSHAR describes and … Continued