Loksmith makes an emphatic entrance into the music scene with their debut EP, ‘The Issue‘, a five-track exploration of the anxieties and self-doubt fuelled by the omnipresence of social media in modern youth. The band’s sonic identity, characterised by cascading arpeggios, booming drums, and melancholic melodies, pays homage to the stadium rock of the 90s, creating … Continued

Sonic Blume’s latest offering, ‘All Your Favorite Songs‘, is a sonic journey that seamlessly blends dream-pop with the alternative rock vibes of the late ’90s and early 2000s. The Asbury Park based indie rock quartet, comprised of Max Connery, Danny Murray, Noah Sullivan, and James Waltsak, has consistently impressed since their formation in 2016, and … Continued

Hot Spoon, Cold Mango’s latest project, ‘Paws on Ears‘, is a mesmerising journey into the uncharted realms of “Motion Vision”, a genre crafted for weary space travellers. The album serves as a sonic odyssey, transporting listeners through a cosmic tapestry of existence, where each note becomes a story, and each layer, a dimension. The story … Continued

Vide Obscur’s debut EP, aptly titled ‘1‘. emerges as a sonic revelation born from the uncharted collaboration between electronic music artist/producer Julian Stetter and producer/multi-instrumentalist Jakob Lebsanft. With a plethora of successful ventures behind them, the duo sought a departure from convention, crafting a musical journey that defies easy categorisation. ‘1‘ is a six-track exploration … Continued

James Bannon’s EP, ‘Heat Ghosts‘, is an intimate and poignant journey through the intricacies of love, loss, and self-discovery. ‘Kitchens Everywhere’ opens the album with a melancholic reflection on failed relationships, capturing the emotional turmoil of realising someone had emotionally checked out long before it was evident. ‘Dinner Party’ tells the tragic tale of queer … Continued

SWiiMS’ debut LP, ‘Into the Blue Night’, encapsulates an emotional journey reminiscent of a comforting musical nostalgia, drawing inspiration from 80s New Wave, 90s Indie Rock, Britpop, and Shoegaze. The Canadian trio, formed during the pre-COVID summer, found serendipity through a Craigslist Musicians Wanted ad, resulting in the seamless chemistry between guitarists/vocalists Mai Diaz Langou … Continued

Paul Crupi’s latest album, ‘Home‘, is a testament to the artist’s evolution and musical prowess. The Canadian musician, who has been crafting original music for over 15 years, seamlessly combines the worlds of alternative and soul, resulting in an immersive musical journey that captivates the listener from start to finish. Paul’s musical journey began with … Continued

FloodHounds’ latest release, ‘Quicksand’, is a darkly melodic, menacing masterpiece that showcases the Yorkshire trio’s penchant for crafting blistering, fuzzed-up indie rock with savage riffs and unforgettable hooks. This sub-three-minute indie rock haymaker is a sonic journey through emotional turbulence and resilience, capturing the essence of life’s unpredictable path. Frontman Jack Flynn’s gritty vocals take … Continued

Small Talk’s latest release, ‘Lost In The Moment’, is a resounding testament to the band’s evolution and resilience in the indie-rock scene. Hailing from Bournemouth, Small Talk is a group of young musicians who have managed to infuse their music with a level of maturity that belies their years. The track exudes a captivating energy … Continued

Hailing from the North West of England, Issy Sutcliffe brings a lifetime of songwriting and singing experience to her latest release, ‘Drugs Can’t Fix Me’. Drawing on her roots, her music is a unique blend of classic blues and messy punk, with influential echoes of Big Mama Thornton and the Sex Pistols woven into her … Continued

SOFY’s latest offering, ‘Chaos & Commotion’, is an immersive journey through the highs and lows of life. This 9-track mixtape is a testament to her ever-evolving creativity and marks a significant milestone as her inaugural project under Chess Club Records. The mixtape is a rollercoaster of emotions, brilliantly captured in tracks like ‘socks’, ‘supermarket’, and … Continued

Joey Maxwell’s latest EP, ‘don’t know how to feel about this’,  is an exquisite demonstration of his evolution as an artist. This opus showcases his prowess in seamlessly fusing 90s garage rhythms with contemporary elements, resulting in a genre-defying musical journey. The EP is an introspective exploration of life’s intricacies and conscientious lyricism. The opening … Continued

The Moving Stills’ latest release, ‘Best Friend’, is a delightful testament to the band’s evolution within the realm of indie pop. With their recent cover on triple j’s Like A Version and the announcement of their upcoming album ‘Wabi Sabi‘, this Central Coast ensemble is riding high on a wave of creative energy. ‘Best Friend’ … Continued

Having heard and reviewed every track Keyside have released since their debut, I always look forward to pressing play when their name comes across my inbox. ‘Angeline’ has once again not failed to deliver a proper belter of a tune. I’m not sure how but these boys are single handedly reshaping everything I expect of … Continued

Yorkshire lads who don’t seem to fit the mould of the Yorkshire sound you’d be used to in the indie genres, The Kites ladies and gentlemen. ‘Drunk In Japan’ is an unrelenting, toe-tapper of a track. Showcasing everything that is great about guitar music while also adding a hint of pop music with the vocal … Continued

A single from their huge second studio album, ‘Give a Little Love’ is a fine demonstration of the capabilities which The Heavy North have in their songwriting. Having seen The Heavy North live before and hearing this song, the perfect description of them is a modern take on a vintage and well aged sound. This … Continued

Manchester’s garage rockers Hey Bulldog have brought their latest body of work ‘523’ to the table and it’s a tune with some real promise. I think the band are very close to absolutely nailing the whole garage rock sound they’re aiming for with this release. But at the same time this song needs a lot … Continued

Favourites at this years Reading and Leeds festival with the biggest attendance of the weekend at the BBC introducing stage, Only The Poets are back and this time with a song that is already a crowd favourite before the release. This is a band that I’m yet to hear a bad song from, ‘Looking At … Continued

After an upbringing in a small southern village outside of Buckinghamshire, Home Counties have recently relocated in the UK’s capital, this song shines a really relatable light upon life in London and in our country in general! With their first release since a hugely successful 2022 release, the latest works ‘Bethnal Green’ showcases new lead … Continued

Kai Undrells latest single is nothing short of a light hearted indie banger, a song that feels very delicate and innocent but one also filled with emotion. The Sheffield based filmmaker turned musician has released this latest of his works ‘Lose Your Nature’ and it just feels very timeless when you hear it. If anything, … Continued

A band I have had the delight of coming across on more than one occasion in the Manchester scene, Pomona Park. A band who possess songwriting skills which never fail to blow me away. They’re just so good at that modern indie pop sound. ‘Stormy Weather’ is yet another in a string of releases from … Continued

A vintage kind of DIY sound is presented in the latest works of Manchester rocker’s Little Strange. Describing themselves as being in a new era as they now produce their own tracks, this band are a real testament to what can be produced with a set of instruments and a can-do attitude.  “I Get By’ … Continued

Possibly one of the most exciting bands on the Manchester circuit at the moment, Corella, are back with another huge sounding indie rock anthem with their latest release ‘Don’t Stop Me’. For me, one of the best releases I’ve come across during doing any reviews this year. From the very first note, it is abundantly … Continued

Vast Robot Armies’ fifth album, ‘The What Gallery‘, is a testament to the unpredictable creative process. When Jason Thomson, the band’s vocalist and songwriter, teamed up with producer Jordon Zadorozny, they had a solid plan in mind. The idea was to keep the album’s production “in-house”, with Thomson handling the drums, and his bandmates Jon … Continued

Kerri’s latest offering, ‘Finish What You Started‘, is a 19-track introspective journey that takes us deep into the artist’s soul. After a two-year hiatus, this Montreal-based vocalist and producer has returned with a raw and emotionally charged album that effortlessly combines tracks from his earlier 2023 releases, ‘BUNNYHUG EP‘ and ‘HURTING EP‘, with new, poignant … Continued

Fast rising Manchester Alternative Pop band Hi Sienna are back with yet another treat for our ears. ‘Blue Pills and Arm Scars’, a heavy hitting song with incredible production, brilliant vocals and hugely catchy melodies.  ‘Blue Pills and Arm Scars’ best feature, to my ears, is absolutely the performance on vocals. Just insane, there’s so … Continued

Brian Halloran’s ‘The Cocktail Hour‘ is an album that resonates with the tumultuous and introspective times of the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. The majority of these songs were born during this period, where Halloran found himself channeling a creative surge, cranking out nearly a song a day. The album’s genesis is a testament to the … Continued

Alanna Royale’s latest album, ‘Trouble Is‘, is a riveting journey through the depths of personal transformation and resilience. From the very beginning, Alanna Royale doesn’t hold back, inviting listeners into her world of introspection and self-discovery. The album is a testament to the idea that sometimes, you have to fall apart to find the most … Continued

Blueburst’s ‘Significance‘ is not just an album; it’s a triumphant testament to the enduring power of passion and creativity. In a music industry often obsessed with youth, Blueburst defies the norm as the brainchild of a seasoned artist, guitarist/vocalist Craig Douglas Miller, who, at the age of 50, rekindled his music career with a fervor … Continued

Tercelvoice’s ‘This Is Our Time‘ is a musical revelation that beckons from the heart of Yorkshire. The journey of this enigmatic collective of sound, initially spearheaded by Andy Squires, has been a testament to unwavering dedication and artistic evolution. Their second album, ‘This Is Our Time‘, marks a captivating milestone in their trajectory, as they seamlessly … Continued

Megan Wyn, the 18-year-old prodigious talent, has made a significant impact in her young career, and her latest release, ‘Familiar Faces’, is a testament to her undeniable talent. This track takes a bold step forward, demonstrating her musical maturity and dynamism. ‘Familiar Faces’ is a departure from her previous dreamlike sound, offering a fast-paced, seething, … Continued

SOFY returns with her latest single, ‘WET PAINT’, giving us a sneak peek into her forthcoming mixtape, ‘Chaos & Commotion‘. The track reveals SOFY’s chameleonic musical tendencies, showcasing her hip-hop roots and the distinctive charisma of her vocals. Her delivery combines the nonchalance of Kate Nash with the wit of Lily Allen, creating an intoxicating … Continued

Tom A. Smith is on an unstoppable roll with his new single, ‘Fading Away’, produced by Hugo White (The Maccabees). It’s a sonic masterpiece of passion and anthemic soundscapes, proving to be his most emotive release yet. ‘Fading Away’ brings back the heartfelt emotion that has become a hallmark of Smith’s music, delivering a broad, … Continued

Maruja are unleashing sonic hellfire with their latest single, ‘One Hand Behind The Devil’. The track is a frenzied amalgamation of break-beat-punk, harsh noise, and cosmic jazz, clocking in at a relentless 4 minutes of raw intensity. ‘One Hand Behind The Devil’ showcases Maruja’s devilish ambitions and their knack for creating music that defies categorisation. … Continued

Bath’s rock ‘n’ roll trio, The Family Rain, have unleashed a storming lead track, ‘Loud & Clear’, as part of their brand new EP, ‘Machete Western‘, released via Distiller Records. Produced by the renowned studio wizard Tom Dalgety, known for his work with Pixies, Royal Blood, and Rammstein, ‘Loud & Clear’ is a vibrant and … Continued

The Manatees dive into the modern indie dancefloor with their latest single, ‘Call You A Criminal’. This catchy track is the first glimpse of their upcoming EP, ‘Different State Of Mind‘, produced by Tarek Musa (Spring King/Dead Nature) and set to be released in 2024. Hailing from a quiet town on the south coast of … Continued

Garvie’s latest single, ‘So High’, is a sonic joyride that effortlessly fuses pop sensibilities with a kaleidoscope of influences, resulting in a delightful earworm. Garvie, known for his work on the London live scene, ventured into self-producing during the lockdown, leading to a vibrant sound-world that marries big guitars, playful synths, and cheeky 8-bit throwbacks. … Continued

Sea Girls’ latest single, ‘Weekends And Workdays’, is a refreshing burst of indie pop energy that solidifies their place as formidable storytellers and creators of anthems. This English alternative band, comprising Henry, Rory, Andrew, and Oli, delivers their music with an infectious enthusiasm born from a shared love of music since school. The song is … Continued

My First Time’s debut single, ‘Wind Up Merchant’, is a raucous, three-minute post-pop gem that packs a punch with driving guitar hooks and sardonic vocal lines. Hailing from Bristol, this quartet delivers a sound that encapsulates the idiosyncrasies of modern society, and they do so with tongue-in-cheek lyrics that capture the essence of an archetypal … Continued

Bull returns with their latest single, ‘Start A New’. and it’s a refreshing ray of alt-rock sunshine. This York-based slacker rock outfit, gaining momentum and recognition, showcases their signature sound, with Tom Beer’s laconic vocals and a delightful blend of jangle-pop and Dinosaur JR-inspired lead guitar. ‘Start A New’ exudes a sense of hope, which … Continued

Baydream’s latest EP, ‘Cosmos‘, is a cosmic journey that melds indie pop and rock with an experimental twist, marking an exciting and innovative chapter in their music journey. Following their debut singles ‘The Flame’ and ‘Peasants’, ‘Cosmos‘ opens with an ethereal soundscape that sets the stage for an immersive auditory adventure. The EP is not … Continued

Norwegian indie music has a new star on the rise, and their name is The Mercury Sound. Their latest offering, ‘Lunar Radio‘, is a celestial journey into the realm of Dream Rock. Fronted by the talented Marius Børresen, this album takes us on a poignant exploration of emotions through a small-town radio host’s late-night broadcasts, … Continued

‘All Or Nothing’, a track which encompasses all that is good about the sound of five-piece heavy hitters from Halifax known as Casino Havana, whilst also capturing influences from other bands they admire. This tune hits hard right from the off with some huge sounding guitars and riffs which are just as catchy as the … Continued

Kai Undrell, an artist toying with influences from times gone by has made this classy synth-driven new tune ‘Can It Get Any Better…?’ which is the first of two singles from his upcoming five track EP ‘Full Fat Fear’, which releases on Friday October 13th. This track starts with a glorious sounding piano part before … Continued

The latest single from Scottish singer-songwriter Blair Davie is here and what a way to build into an EP release! This track is so incredibly catchy I can’t quite believe it.  After huge amounts of support from national tastemakers and spotify editorial placements galore, Blair has not failed to follow up on his former success … Continued

A melodically transcendent masterpiece from Highline, yet another band providing us with some unreal tunes from down-under.  The Sydney based band, who go all the way back to their high school days, have seen a huge amount of success in recent years with support from MTV Australia, Spotify editorials, Ticketmaster, Triple J and so many … Continued

Recorded at Liverpool’s iconic recording studio The Motor Museum with coveted producer Ben Harper (The Mysterines, The Luka State, The Sherlocks) LILAC have come up with the goods once again for a fantastic piece of work. ‘Touch’ is a song which was one of the original bodies of work created by Beth and Lewis remotely … Continued

In typical Cassia fashion, we are yet again being graced with some other-worldly groove in the bands latest body of work ‘Find My Way Around’. There’s a really beautiful emotive feel behind this tune too, taking a step away from the usual high paced bounce that is associated with the three piece.  Frontman Rob Ellis … Continued

A disco infused toe-tapper is probably the best description I can give of the latest single from PARCS, who return with their song ‘Wait!’. The part of this track which overthrows every other quality from the off is absolutely the production. Richard Jackson who mixed and mastered this song has pulled off a sublime piece … Continued

Alt-rockers a Week Full Of Mondays are back with their latest musical work ‘Feelings Fading’. This track is one that really does keep building all the way through in what feels like one big long crescendo in the form of a song. Only then to drop right back down at the end. Structurally and dynamically … Continued

‘Better Way To Think Of It’ immediately slaps you in the face with an absolute shedload of attitude right from the off. Something that made me extremely inquisitive of the rest of the song from the band known as The Manatees who now reside within the country’s capital.  The track is obviously focused primarily around … Continued

London-based Gold Spectacles are back with yet another fine example of the work that can be done with a DIY approach to making music. ‘PseudoFriends’ has this immediate bounce about the track interlinked with a slightly stuttered feel to the music.  ‘PseudoFriends’, contains what I’d consider a huge amount of pop sensibility. This track is … Continued

ZZ Ward’s latest album, ‘Dirty Shine‘ is a testament to her journey as an artist and her unwavering commitment to being her authentic self. The album, released under her independent label Dirty Shine Records, showcases ZZ Ward’s evolution as a musician and her fearless fusion of alternative, blues, hip-hop, R&B, and rock influences. The concept … Continued

‘Block Out The Noise, coming in at a lovely little length of Two minutes and Twenty seconds long, is the latest release from Scottish lads Daytime TV. Following on from the brilliant sound of their last release ‘Jessica’, these lads have once again outdone themselves.  This track lands just before the lads start their first … Continued

Pretty Terry, an Indie-Funk-Rock Quintet from Norwich, released their latest collection of songs and latest EP ‘Golden Age of TV’ on August 11th and what a collection of tunes this is! So much for your ears to tune into and so much intrigue right from the off with this EP. Having built a reputation with a … Continued

Portraits’ debut album, ‘Buy High‘. is a dazzling testament to the boundless creativity and musical prowess of indie-prog duo Joseph Anidjar and Joshua De La Victoria. This ambitious project, two years in the making, showcases their incredible skills as they take listeners on a captivating sonic journey. ‘Buy High‘ exudes a unique blend of technical … Continued

Frankie Bird’s debut EP, ‘Grassroots‘, is an introspective journey into the challenges of the music industry and the experiences of moving to London. Released on August 25th, this four-track record encapsulates the essence of indie pop/rock with a raw and authentic touch. Recorded earlier this year in a North London studio, ‘Grassroots‘ features jangly electric … Continued

Wax Heart Sodality, the enigmatic gothic garage rock outfit hailing from the North-East, emerges from the shadows with their self-titled EP, delivering a mesmerising collection that explores the complexities of life and the masks we wear to navigate its intricacies. Maintaining an air of mystery behind their masks, Wax Heart Sodality dives into a sonic … Continued

James Beastly’s latest album, ‘Junk Values’ emerges as a remarkable sonic journey through a world that’s playfully perverse, surreal, and artistically profound. The Bay Area musician, often characterised as a musical chameleon, brings forth a unique blend of indie and punk influences, crafting a sound that defies easy categorisation. From the very first notes, ‘Junk Values’ captivates … Continued

SOFY’s latest single, ‘Ashley Cole Type Beat’, serves as an electrifying prelude to her upcoming project, ‘Chaos & Commotion‘, set to drop on October 27th, along with an eagerly awaited UK headline tour starting on November 28th. Originating from the coastal town of Southend-on-Sea, SOFY is rapidly ascending to cult-like status with a growing following. Her … Continued

May Payne’s EP ‘Sane’ is a profound journey through introspection and vulnerability, showcasing the evolution of an artist who has carved her niche with authenticity and emotional depth. Hailing from rural Dorset and amassing a devoted following online at a young age, May’s music thrives on candid lyricism and intricate sonics that reflect her influences like … Continued

Fast rising Scottish band Vistas recently announced the release of their latest album ‘Is This All We Are?’ and have also released the title track as a single; I can honestly say that before I’ve even got to the album, this song has got me excited.  Lying somewhere within the realms of pop and rock … Continued

Manchesters Kaiden Nolan recently released his latest single ‘Dear Faith’ and it’s an absolute belter.  With little hints of guitar music influences and a ridiculously funky feel to the track, there isn’t much that this track doesn’t have. Always a breath of fresh air to hear a track that’s completely different from the normal indie … Continued

Anglesey born, now Manchester based starlet Megan Wyn released yet another exciting tune earlier this month and it’s one that fit’s virtually any mood! I could listen to this song on repeat for hours and just not ever get bored. Megan has made a huge amount of noise on the local circuit since moving to … Continued

After a childhood growing up in Worcestershire and then Hong Kong, Ale Hopkins has certainly seen a lot in his young life, a factor which always helps towards writing some great lyrics. Which is exactly what Alex has done here with his latest single ‘Life Keeps Going’.  After huge support from BBC Radio with a … Continued

‘You’, a track about the changes experienced when moving away from home and the effects which it has on relationships. The latest track from Indie Rock band Luna Bay is yet another huge tune in their discography.  After releasing their first EP back in 2019 and gaining the support of highly coveted national tastemakers such … Continued

A really brilliant new song coming from Manchester artist Issy Sutcliffe, ‘Baby, Bye’ is a song full of pure punky attitude and driving drumbeats ready to get any room of people bouncing.  The guitars are just one aspect of the parts that make this song smack you straight in the face, reminiscent of the sound … Continued

Sonically confusing but in the very best way, ‘Tamagotchi Nights’ by Lucy Lorenne and The Early Birds opens with an 8-bit synth in this journey back to childhood innocence and fantasy. The immediate light-heartedness of this track does make it extremely easy-listening, not to mention that you cannot refuse to tap your toes along with this … Continued

‘Supermarket’, The latest song from the infectious SOFY. This is a track full of grooves and beats ready made to get you out of your seat and bouncing around any room. Definitely a song for the shower! SOFY has seen a fair amount of success in recent times amassing over 130,000 monthly listeners on Spotify … Continued

A song constantly building, with every bit of gnarl that you’d expect from any great alternative rock track. This full of life duo, Dirty Blonde have recently introduced themselves to the UK music scene with a huge impact. ‘Don’t Cry (It Doesn’t Suit You)’ is the latest in a string of successful releases from the … Continued

‘It Ain’t Easy Being Mean’, yet another song in the mind bending series of releases which have come from Bath based band The Family Rain – this time it includes a brilliant collaboration with Dylan Cartlidge.  The Family Rain seem to have developed this really intriguing way of writing music that just manages to excite … Continued

‘Original’, the opening track from the Sapien EP from masked Mancunians Cooper T. A band and track well informed by classic British indie sounds, overlayed by the unlikely in rap music. Cooper T have here produced a track which sits within stark contrast to itself in many ways throughout, however, not in a detrimental sense. … Continued

San Quentin’s latest track ‘Feed The Ego’ echoes with the grandeur of stadium-sized anthems, a testament to their roots in Southend-on-Sea. This indie rock band creates a captivating soundscape, adorned with resounding riffs and infectious chorus hooks that demand attention. Emerging from humble working-class origins, San Quentin is poised to redefine the music scene with … Continued

Seeweed’s track ‘I Confess’ is a vibrant ode to cherished moments spent with a loved one. The fusion of its funky bassline and lively drum groove perfectly complements the smooth guitar melodies that weave throughout, conjuring an infectious and spirited atmosphere. Recorded at the idyllic ‘Mwnci’ studio in West Wales, the song bears the mark … Continued

Bedroom Tax, the innovative 5-piece band, is a captivating force of musical artistry that blends driving riffs and beats, cinematic string arrangements, and thought-provoking lyrics. Their music stands out in a crowded landscape, reminiscent of renowned artists such as Fontaines DC, Arctic Monkeys, and The Strokes, while infusing their unique flavor akin to Jamie T … Continued

Prepare to be captivated by the sonic marvel that is ‘Distorted Reality’, the boundary-pushing opus from Colorado’s alternative rock trailblazers, No Signal. This album emerges as a testament to the boundless synergy between innovative creativity and the expertise of a Grammy Award-Winning team, seamlessly woven into a tapestry that defies conventional categorisation. Hailing from the … Continued

Loveproof’s EP ‘Winter’s Children’ delivers an entrancing blend of dream pop, indie rock, and dub, cloaked in an evocative gothic aura. Comprising of four tracks that transport listeners through a darkly atmospheric journey, the EP showcases the seamless collaboration between vocalist Ciaran Megahey (The Autumn Stones) and producer/instrumentalist Brendan McGarvey (Jerkbank, Stereohoax, Sugarkill). Recorded at … Continued

Black Sea Storm’s latest musical odyssey, ‘İsmimi Bulutlardan Aldım’ unveils a spellbinding creation that transcends geographical confines and musical boundaries. Crafted on the road during a nomadic sojourn across Mexico, this album epitomizes the fusion of artistic inspiration and adventurous spirit. The album’s title, translating to “I was named after the clouds”, encapsulates the ethereal essence … Continued

Sometimes, the unexpected slaps you right in the face with a piece of music, ‘Love Like A Grain Of Sand’ from 3FIVE3 has exactly that effect.  Often, I find that spoken word within music can become largely dull and unpleasant to listen to. However, on the contrary with this latest track from this extremely unique … Continued

Southern lads The Howlers, a name I have come across before and who’s music is something instantly likeable and extremely easy listening, have released yet another beauty of a track in their most recent single ‘El Dorado’. Coming as the bands first release since their debut EP in 2022, The Howlers are certainly back with … Continued

Combining a plethora of musical influences to evolve into their current form as a band, Sarpa Salpa have come through with a really funky number which feels like a really modern twist on times gone by. ‘Simple Pleasures’ feels like the best of everything that is modern pop music with a hint of that glorious era … Continued

A track built to capture the frustrations of being overlooked, ‘Touch Of Gold’ is the third studio single from the fast rising Sheffield band LUNARCA.  This year has seen the lads from the Steel City rise rapidly in popularity with appearances at major festivals such as Reading & Leeds and the Crystal Stage at Tramlines. … Continued

‘Sofia’, a remarkable new single from north-east based indie rocker Sarah Johnsone, this track is somehow both full of life and really chilled out at the same time. A great listen.  There is one part of this track which really doesn’t do itself justice and it’s just production of the vocals, it’s easy to hear … Continued

Gnarly, full of attitude, glorious post-punk. Dick Dudley have produced yet another out-of-the-box banger about a rather strange subject – a tribute to those battling Kidney Disease.  ‘Salt’, follows on from a series of successful releases from Dick Dudley. The glamorous part of this music, is the fact that it very much sets itself apart … Continued

A feel good indie banger which wouldn’t be out of place at any indie club night. The latest body of work from South Coast rockers Pioneers, introducing ‘Cold For Zero’.  After a successful stint of radio plays including a spin on the coveted BBC Radio One, the lads have embarked on what is yet another … Continued

PYNKIE’s forthcoming album “Songies” is a captivating blend of nostalgia and modernity, seamlessly intertwining Gen X influences with a Gen Z spirit. Lindsey Radice, the mastermind behind PYNKIE, takes listeners on a dreamy pop journey that resonates with both affection for the past and a sense of hope for the future. Radice’s musical journey is … Continued

Couch Cult’s self-titled EP, ‘The Couch Cult’, is a mesmerising sonic journey that encapsulates the essence of post-pandemic introspection. Crafted from the raw passion of three friends and guided by the expertise of Atlanta producer Winton Josephs, this 5-song collection delves into the enigmatic realms of altered perception, authenticity in a shifting world, and the intricacies … Continued

After first meeting at the famous Metropolis studios back in 2016, founding members of Prima Queen Louise and Kristin instantly hit it off musically and are still blessing our ears now with great music.  ‘Eclipse’, now almost a year old is a perfect example of the sumptuous music which Prima Queen keep putting out. Polished … Continued

Right from the off, the latest single from Blondes, ‘Does It Rain On You?’, feels like a real get up and go indie tune ready for the feel of packed out rooms fuelled by cider and good vibes. A real summer vibe.  The track itself just displays everything that is great about indie music and … Continued

‘Getchy Go’, the latest release from Henry And The Waiter, a piece of music which at the start is rather rhythmically confusing, but turns into a bouncy pop anthem.  I have to admit, when I pressed play on this track the first thing I noticed was the insane tonality in the vocalists voice. There’s almost … Continued

Having seen the success of over 18,000 streams on their debut single, The Palava are returning with their latest single ‘Useless’, a feel good indie rock banger.  After forming over a drunken conversation between a group of mates from the small town of York, these lads have definitely started making all the right noises with … Continued

Alena Ciera’s EP ‘All In My Head’ is an exhilarating sonic ride that ignites an irresistible urge to move. The album’s fusion of ear-pleasing vocals, vibrant drums, electric basslines, and captivating electro-pop elements creates an infectious energy that draws listeners into a world of rhythmic delight. Through each track, Alena Ciera invites us to surrender to … Continued

Porcelain Tongue’s sophomore release, ‘Goodbye Peggy‘ is an emotional odyssey that delves deeply into themes of loss, grief, and the intricate process of healing. The album serves as a poignant exploration of the human experience in the wake of a loved one’s departure. The album’s contemplative essence reminds us that the journey towards acceptance is … Continued

Lily Desmond’s EP ‘OMEN’, ushers listeners into a mythological realm, the first of a series that creatively reinterprets the “Hero’s Journey”. Drawing inspiration from Joseph Campbell’s monomyth and a fascination with Arthurian legends, Desmond ingeniously shifts the spotlight from the hero to the tyrant, offering a fresh perspective on the complexities of the villainous archetype. … Continued

Bravo Papa’s triumphant return takes the form of their highly anticipated album, “Photographic Memoirs“, a 12-track magnum opus that resonates with the unmistakable echoes of Norwegian Indie Rock and Post-Punk. Made up of a collective of extraordinary talent, Bravo Papa comprises Kjetil aka “Kelly” Rønningen on vocals, Øystein Granheim Hammer on guitars, Mads Friberg on … Continued

Name Sayers’ latest album, “Joyboys In The Grindhouse“, masterfully crafted under the production guidance of Grammy nominee Grant Eppley, takes listeners on an eclectic musical journey. A distinct evolution for the band, the album seamlessly weaves together a tapestry of genres ranging from Psych Rock and Hip Hop to Synth Pop and Cumbia. This audacious … Continued

“Birds Aren’t Real” EP by the 5-piece dark-wave, art-rock, and proto/post-punk band Shaven Primates, from Oxford UK, immerses listeners in a whirlwind of diverse sonic landscapes, reflecting the group’s commitment to pushing genre boundaries. Through rumbling basslines, wailing guitars, and synths that bridge retro and modern, the EP embarks on a sonic journey of raw … Continued

ZicZac’s EP, “States Of Disorientation“, is a mesmerising musical journey that showcases the band’s growth and evolution since their self-titled debut. Comprising of Hans Henjes (vocals, rhythm guitar), Paul Imer (lead guitar, keys), Ruben Sprondel (bass), and Louis Katzmann (drums), ZicZac’s name perfectly encapsulates the essence of their music – vibrant, jagged, and unapologetically non-conformist. … Continued

Estrada’s debut EP, “Public Secret“, is a captivating six-track collection that beautifully blends new shoegaze elements with some of his previously viral classics. Known for his distinctive “#foogaze” sound, Estrada crafts an emotive musical journey that exudes nostalgia, comfort, and hopefulness, reminiscent of the beloved 90s shoegaze genre. Through his TikTok and Instagram presence, Estrada … Continued