Manchester based musician, Issy Sutcliffe, has rapidly gained notoriety around the North West with her powerful blend of classic blues and punk. Issy’s sound is stands out with her seductive vocals and catchy hooks inspired by Sex Pistols, The Cramps, The Black Keys and Courtney Love. Her latest release ‘The Cost Of Living’ is a … Continued

The debut album from Grimsby based band Shines, ‘How It Ends‘, marks a striking new chapter in the musical careers of Richard Dutton and Rob Cross. Formerly of So & So’s and Orphan Boy, respectively, an unexpected collaboration grew into a spectacular partnership. ‘How It Ends’ is a mesmerising blend of class guitar pop reminiscent … Continued

The latest single from The Manatees, ‘Innocence of Youth’ is a showcase of their alt-pop versatility. Combining their upbeat and energetic style with a more polished shoegaze influence. The lyrics tell the tumultuous story of growing up and grappling with the mistakes you make in life, which overpin a lively and euphoric guitar and synth … Continued

Manchester based IST IST release ‘Repercussions’, their third offering from upcoming album ‘Light A Bigger Fire‘.  Blending their iconic brooding basslines with vocal hooks to create a synth-laden masterpiece with a dramatic crescendo. Intertwining guitars and powerful drum breaks showcase the band’s distinctive style. IST IST are set to embark on an extensive 27-date UK … Continued

Vacant Weekend’s latest single, ‘Funny Dad’, showcases the Manchester trio’s emotive indie rock sound. Delivering a raw, heartfelt sentiment wrapped in an upbeat and jangly summer hit. Known for their distinct blend of jangly guitar melodies and their unique spoken vocal style, Vacant Weekend have added an extra element to their songwriter which brings together … Continued

The latest single from alt-rock band The Ilfords tells a story through the mind of a soldier in a foreign land. ‘Snake Groove’ takes influence from a combination of riffs from Queens of the Stone Age, and the dramatic climax has almost choral elements, harking back to medieval bards telling stories of old and choirs … Continued

Fast Money Music’s latest single, ‘Space Opera’, is the third single from their forthcoming EP, ‘ROGUE’. It’s an exhilarating blend of new wave and post-punk energy that packs a punch. Co-written with Tony Hoffer and featuring the talents of George Daniel and John Waugh of The 1975, the track offers a unique sci-fi take on … Continued

Scottish Pop band Moonlight Zoo have released their latest single ‘Don’t Be Afraid’, a summery song with a deeper meaning. Combining dance-like melodies and uplifting vocals ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ is set to be a summer anthem; making you want to bask in the sunshine and sing along. A mix of bright guitar melodies, driving drum … Continued

Noak Hellsing returns with the first single from his upcoming EP ‘SHIFT’, set to release on Thursday 18th July. With ‘Empty the Bags’, Hellsing delves into a world of disco and soul, showcasing his remarkable ability to traverse genre effortlessly. ‘Empty the Bags’ is a testament to his versatility, blending pop, soul, and disco, whilst … Continued

‘Time Slipping Away’, the latest single from North London quintet Kawala is their third release of 2024. Bursting with energetic and vibrant notes, this track offers a beacon of hope amid life’s challenges. Guitarist Daniel McCarthy highlights the band’s resilience and self-motivating, punchy sounds, whilst vocalist Jim Higson adds depth with his lyrics acknowledging life’s … Continued

Electric Pets’ latest release, ‘Out of Nowhere’, blends the nostalgic essence of ‘60s twangy guitars with a modern dark-pop and garage rock edge. They draw from a wide range of influences, crafting a sound that is both fresh and timeless. This release, envisioned as a soundtrack to a Spaghetti Western, showcases the band’s versatility and … Continued

DAYTIME TV’s latest single, ‘So Sick’, is a defiant anthem that channels the band’s frustration with the viral obsession of the music industry. As the lead single of their EP ‘Island‘, ‘So Sick’ combines soaring, anthemic choruses with a strong 80s influences – reflecting the band’s desire to fuse nostalgic sounds with a forward-thinking edge. … Continued

Indie-pop act LONG ISLAND release their latest single ‘just another day’ which encapsulates the band’s signature blend of bright production, punchy guitars and heartfelt lyrics. Emerging from Huddersfield, LONG ISLAND, comprising of Rhiannon (vocalist), Cameron (guitarist/producer), Jan (drummer) and Jack (bassist), have created a sound that’s both unique and irresistibly catchy. ‘just another day’ embodies … Continued

Haytor’s latest release, ‘The Headlines’, is a powerful demonstration of the band’s evolution, blending introspective and cynical lyrics with a dynamic indie-rock sound. Haytor have been steadily gaining momentum with the backing of BBC Radio and a continuously growing fanbase. Comprised of Austin Robison (Vocals), Jonny Lewis (Lead Guitar), Cal Verney (Drums) and David Kittow … Continued

German band, Roast Apple release their latest song, and final track on their EP, ‘Crystal’. An invigorating indie-pop gem that captures the essence of their journey and the bond that ties them together. The track reflects the deep heartfelt camaraderie the four childhood friends have and collective dream-chasing spirit. With over 300 performances and 2 … Continued

Kristian Sveholm, aka TNYEYS, debuts his single ‘Lark Lane’, featuring Andreas H. Kase. The first release from his forthcoming album ‘The Lark Lane Melancholy‘, showcases a deep reverence from the vibrant and eclectic ambiance street in Liverpool that the track is named after. TNYEYS, a versatile producer and multi-instrumentalist, builds on his foundations from LIPA … Continued

The latest single from South Yorkshire trio FloodHounds, ‘Near-Life Experience’ is an explosive alt-rock anthem. The punchy and powerful track stands out with electrifying guitar riffs and dark melodic vocals, capturing the struggle of a jaded soul striving to reclaim their passion for life. Recorded at The Magic Garden Studio (known for producing Kid Kapichi … Continued

Releasing a new EP of demo’s, wellthen preview a sample of what’s to come from the Chicago duo’s forthcoming full-length release. After transitioning from a four-piece to a duo, Aurelio Damiani and Christian Fields present a refined and captivating sound – blending melodic indie rock with strong influence from the likes of R.E.M., Pavement and … Continued

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the incredible world of Tramlines Festival? Returning on 26th July, the 3 day festival is packed with new and established acts – creating an unforgettable atmosphere. This year’s Tramlines promises to be a highlight of the summer’s festival calendar! The lineup is made up of a whole host … Continued

Supercaan’s second album ‘A Tiger Walks The Streets‘ is a deep insight and journey through the band’s anxieties and reflections. Release both digitally and on vinyl, this sophomore album is a huge step in the evolutions of the bands sound. ‘A Tiger Walks The Streets‘, inspired by a line from their song ‘Nagoro’ encapsulates the … Continued

Desmond Myers has released his brave follow up EP ‘How To Break A Heart‘ after his most successful release ‘Shadowdancer‘ which was release 2021. It’s a bold move to go against the grain of releasing streamable music to play into Spotify’s algorithm, however Desmond Myers had the strength to back himself and release a beautiful … Continued

Penelope’s Thrill’s follow up album, ‘Message on the Moon‘, is a captivating exploration, weaving a rich tapestry of sound and storytelling that reflects the band’s growth since their acclaimed debut, ‘Twilight on Tunnel Road‘. Founded by Timothy Walsh in 2015, this Madison-based indie rock outfit delves deep into themes of transformation, drawing inspiration from an … Continued

Bizarrely, this review starts with me reflecting upon a cold evening I spent in London’s happening borough of Camden, February just gone. Milk were approaching the end of what had been a phenomenal headline set to a packed out Jazz Cafe, during which they had spoiled us with all the fan favourites as well as … Continued

Over the last month, we’ve seen Hannah Mazey flourish. Not just over her social media, but with her latest single ‘Pretentious’. The single came out late March and has already seen humongous support over on Spotify the last month with over 30,000 plays. I must say, the track has gotten me through countless late night … Continued

Since their first release in 2022, Brighton based four piece Holler have quickly cemented themselves as one of the most exciting musical prospects around. Their unique blend of traditional, upbeat jingle jangle and prevalent undertones of shoegaze has, in my eyes, set them miles apart from their contemporaries and to the front of the queue … Continued

‘Coloured Plastic’ is the latest track released from Manchester’s own electronic pop duo, Beck Pocket. Encompassing all things Y2K, this latest track takes us late 90’s kids right back to a much simpler time. Beck Pocket brings to the table something completely unique, with their dedication to creating tracks coated in 00s nostalgia, from their … Continued

Grimiss serves up a scorching debut with ‘Hot Lunch‘, a full-length album that delves deep into the complexities of relationships, self-worth, and societal issues. From the moment you press play, you’re plunged into a sonic journey that oscillates between enthralling excitement and anguished desperation, all underscored by a raw emotional intensity. The album kicks off … Continued

Sick Love’s debut album, ‘Champagne‘, is a fizzing concoction of influences and statements. Led by the dynamic duo of frontwoman Rebecca Geary and guitarist Conor McLoughlin, alongside the rhythm section of Sean O’Connor and Cormac O’Neill, the band taps into a diverse range of inspirations, from the punky vibes of Paramore and Blondie to the … Continued

Pamphlets’ debut album, ‘Take Your Place‘, encapsulates the raw energy and eclectic influences of the Brooklyn-based post-punk trio. Recorded in the winter of 2023, this album is a sonic journey through the realms of indie, alternative, and post-punk, drawing inspiration from bands like The Chameleons, Interpol, Squid, and Fontaines DC, among others. From the opening … Continued

Ash Palmer’s latest release, ‘Wealth and Profit’, marks a fiery return to the music scene after a hiatus following his St. Patrick’s Day 2020 drop, ‘I Made You Toast’. In this politically charged track, Palmer fearlessly delves into the societal injustices and systemic inequalities perpetuated by the British establishment. From the get-go, ‘Wealth and Profit’ … Continued

Camens’ latest single, ‘Sleep Patterns Repeating’, emerges as a poignant reflection of the tumultuous times we’ve all experienced, especially during the pandemic. The track, serving as the final piece of their forthcoming debut album ‘WORK/LIFE/BALANCE‘, encapsulates the essence of its title, delving into the struggles of existence versus truly living. From the opening notes, it’s … Continued

James Schofield’s latest single, ‘Inside Out’, emerges as a testament to resilience, echoing the echoes of triumph amid adversity. Building upon the success of his debut track ‘Look Right Through Me’, which garnered acclaim from BBC Introducing in 2021 under his former band name JSB, Schofield presents a powerful anthem that navigates the tumultuous terrain … Continued

Vacant Weekend’s latest single, ‘Talk’, emerges as a vibrant testament to the raw realities of young adulthood, infused with the infectious energy of indie instrumentation. Following the success of their previous release, ‘My Addictions’, this Manchester-based trio continues to captivate audiences with their forthcoming maxi-EP, slated for a summer debut under the Cosmic Glue label. … Continued

IST IST’s latest single, ‘The Kiss’, serves as a tantalising precursor to their forthcoming album, ‘Light A Bigger Fire‘. Fresh from a triumphant headline tour, the Manchester-based quartet demonstrates a remarkable evolution in their sound and stage presence. ‘The Kiss’ encapsulates IST IST’s magnetic energy, captured vividly in the accompanying atmospheric video filmed during their … Continued

Lachlan’s latest single, ‘I Tried’, embodies the essence of indie-rock with infectious riffs, driving drums, and dancing basslines, all wrapped in the poignant theme of grappling with the ghosts of past love. At just 24 years old, Lachlan, hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, showcases a maturity and depth in his songwriting that belies his age. Having … Continued

Blue Violet’s latest single, ‘Boogie Shoes’, is a gritty yet vibrant anthem that encapsulates the essence of their upcoming album, ‘Faux Animaux‘. With a sound reminiscent of Queens Of The Stone Age infused with St. Vincent’s eclectic style, the North London alt-pop duo delivers a captivating blend of melancholy and vivacity. Written as a response … Continued

Salarymen’s latest track, ‘On The Run’, is a spirited narrative wrapped in a melodic embrace. Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Australia’s East Coast, Salarymen infuse their songwriting with a refreshing blend of whimsy and depth. “At the heart of ‘On The Run’ lies a tale of love unraveling,” the duo shares. Drawing inspiration … Continued

Corella are back with ‘Lady Messiah’, an upbeat, shimmering stomp-clapper to kick-start a summer of music. Since 2019, their singles have garnered praise from BBC R1 and Clash Magazine, & having confirmed a string of tour dates this summer, their newest track might just be their most accomplished to date. ‘Lady Messiah’ itself sees Corella … Continued

A wise adolescent once said “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in while you might miss it”. In that vein, grab your baggiest pair of Levi’s and as much hairspray as you can get your hands on because Chesterfield’s April Tapes have just released a single drizzled in enough … Continued

‘Cry ‘Til I Drown’ is the latest single from funky, alt pop group HI SIENNA. Plucked from their unreleased EP ‘Pickleback’, ‘Cry ‘Til I Drown’ gives us a sweet and sour taste of what’s to come with poppy drums, cool synths and lyrics that remind us of the healing power of friendship amidst heartbreak. HI … Continued

Queen Cult’s latest release, ‘Stop Calling’, packs a punch that reverberates far beyond its Macclesfield roots. Following hot on the heels of their previous hit ‘Be Better’, which garnered attention from BBC Radio 1 and prime placements on Spotify and Apple Music playlists, Queen Cult solidifies their reputation as a force to be reckoned with … Continued

Only The Poets continue to electrify with their latest offering, ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend’, a brooding yet mature exploration of dark-pop. As a precursor to their forthcoming EP, ‘One More Night‘, this track pulsates with the band’s signature synth-pop sound while delving into new territories of emotional depth. Frontman Tommy Longhurst’s vocals ignite … Continued

Oli Barton’s latest single, ‘The Light’, ignites a sonic journey through the complexities of modern romance, drenched in a tantalising blend of suave allure and gritty introspection. Seamlessly weaving intimate verses with explosive choruses, Barton’s vocals draw listeners into a world of hedonistic exploration, where online dating and one-night stands collide with crashing guitars and … Continued

Liz Lawrence’s latest single, ‘Strut’, sets the tone for a vibrant journey through her upcoming album, ‘Peanuts‘. In a world craving connection and communal spaces, Lawrence’s call to action resonates deeply. ‘Strut’ is more than just a catchy tune; it’s a rallying cry to rediscover the essence of community, urging listeners to embrace the physical … Continued

Seth Gauton’s debut single, ‘Right This Time’, emerges as a captivating testament to his prowess as both a writer and performer. Drawing from influences like Jeff Buckley, Sam Fender, and Holly Humberstone, Gauton presents an indie-pop sound that resonates with depth and authenticity. At its core, ‘Right This Time’ delves into the universal struggle of … Continued

Shrimp Eyes’ latest single, ‘Fiction’, serves as a captivating glimpse into the dynamic world of South East London’s alt-rock scene. As the fourth release from their eagerly awaited ‘Monochrome‘ EP, slated for June, it follows in the footsteps of their previous hits like ‘Adventures’, ‘Side Quest’, and ‘Sunshine/Shadow’, garnering attention from notable platforms including BBC … Continued

Club Kuru’s latest release, ‘Who Am I’ marks a poignant moment for the band as they announce their new album ‘Before the World‘. Laurie Erskine, the mastermind behind the London-based psych rock project, navigates existential depths with haunting sincerity. The track’s introspective lyrics, paired with sensual guitars, create a mesmerizing blend that resonates deeply. Erskine’s … Continued

The Feeling’s latest single, ‘My Way Up’, offers a buoyant, introspective journey into the complexities of feeling out of sync with the world. Frontman Dan Gillespie Sells shares that the song emerged from a script about a character living life upside down, a metaphor for the sensation of being fundamentally different. This thematic richness infuses … Continued

BEDROOM TAX’s latest single, ‘Breathe’, is a soulful ballad that speaks volumes about love, appreciation, and resilience. Drawing from a diverse array of musical influences ranging from funk to reggae, R&B to pop, and indie, the East London outfit delivers another stellar release that resonates deeply with listeners. Lead vocalist Josh Collins captivates with his … Continued

WRKHOUSE’s debut EP, ‘Out of the Blue‘, emerges as a captivating sonic narrative, weaving through themes of self-discovery, liberation, and the bittersweet echoes of relationships past. Evolving from their Welsh language roots, the band embarks on a bilingual journey, embracing influences from Indie icons like Foals and Talking Heads. Crafted over four years, the EP … Continued

With their latest single ‘Here Comes The Fear’, Youth Sector delivers a potent blend of art-rock and indie-pop that’s as urgent as it is infectious. The track encapsulates the tumultuous blend of day-to-day anxieties and existential dread that characterises modern life, weaving together themes of personal and global concerns with post-punk urgency and nods to … Continued

FRANKIE OCTOBER’s ‘Waves’, the first single from the forthcoming EP by Johan Didrik, immerses listeners in a poignant journey through the complexities of love’s aftermath. Rooted in the universal experience of bittersweet romance, the track delicately balances melancholy and hope, weaving a narrative of longing and acceptance. Didrik’s lyrical prowess shines as he captures the … Continued

The Ballroom Thieves’ fifth full-length album, ‘Sundust‘, unfolds as a tender exploration of the human condition amidst the clamour of contemporary existence. Callie Peters and Martin Earley, the duo behind the acclaimed indie folk band, embark on a reflective journey, guided by the central question: “What if we could all just be a little more … Continued

BARSTAFF’s latest offering, ‘Telephone Tuff Guy’, is a testament to their evolution as a band. Inspired by their addictive relationship with TikTok, this indie-pop gem is a vibrant addition to their expanding catalog. With their trademark wit intact, BARSTAFF delivers one of their most infectious hooks yet. As the second single from their forthcoming sophomore … Continued

Gregg Garvey’s latest solo venture, ‘Time To Dream‘, offers listeners a rich tapestry of musical exploration. Released on April 3rd, 2024, this album is a testament to Garvey’s meticulous craftsmanship and his ability to weave together diverse influences into a cohesive sonic experience. Drawing from his roots in Minnesota, Garvey infuses his music with a … Continued

By Wednesday, coming fresh from Manchester, hit us with a mic-drop worthy single to step into spring with. The band have spent the last year building their loyal following whilst playing some of Manchester’s finest and well known grassroots venues. 2024 is set to be a big year for the band as they are slowing … Continued

The Leeds based new kids on the block are back with their second single and after marvelling at their first effort it would have been remiss of me to to let this one go unnoticed. With their debut track and a successful headline show having taken care of the pleasantries, the band return to the … Continued

Sophie Li’s latest release, ‘Billboards’, is a sonic manifestation of liberation and empowerment. From the moment the first chord strikes, Li takes listeners on a journey of breaking free from the shackles of insecurity and embracing the exhilaration of newfound confidence. The track’s soaring riffs are like beams of sunlight breaking through storm clouds, infusing … Continued

Glitter Etiquette’s latest EP, ‘Springfall‘, is a mesmerising musical journey that transcends the boundaries of genre and expectation. With influences as diverse as the bands they admire and the stories they’ve lived, Glitter Etiquette weaves a tapestry of sound that is both ethereal and grounded in raw emotion. ‘Springfall‘ is more than just a collection … Continued

‘Make Me Smile’ is the debut EP from Tommy Ball. Having previously been a part of Mancunian four-piece Dantevilles, Blackburn-born Jamie Gallagher, now using the pseudonym Tommy Ball, is well acquainted with making great music, as is crystal clear with these latest tracks. Summoning a wide range of influences and genres, such as jazz, rock, … Continued

Lizzie Esau’s latest release, ‘Wait Too Late’, marks a significant leap forward in her musical journey. Following the success of her previous track, ‘Impossible + Strange’, which garnered attention from Radio 1’s Future Artists and Absolute Radio’s Sunday Night Music Club, Esau delivers a powerful and politically charged anthem that demands attention. From the outset, … Continued

Red Light Effect’s latest offering, ‘Full Of Nothing’, emerges as a poignant reflection of the pandemic era, encapsulating the struggle and resilience of Manchester’s music scene amidst unprecedented challenges. In this post-punk anthem, the quartet channels the raw essence of their experiences during lockdown, crafting a narrative that resonates with authenticity and introspection. Amidst the … Continued

Paul Bidault’s debut solo album, ‘Dark Tides‘, is a haunting odyssey through the depths of human emotion, navigating themes of betrayal, loss, revenge, love, and the looming spectre of the apocalypse. This album is a testament to Bidault’s singular artistry, as he takes on the roles of songwriter, performer, and recording engineer, crafting an intimately … Continued

Jovi Skyler’s latest EP, ‘Call It A Day‘, is a raucous journey through punk, alternative rock, and a dash of psychedelia, serving up a potent concoction reminiscent of early ’90s rebellion. With a background steeped in the DIY ethos of the underground music scene, Skyler’s evolution as a musician and storyteller shines through in this … Continued

Do you despair at the carousel like, trend centric nature of popular music? Do you tire of seeing “glitz and glamour” triumph over tenacity and talent? Well if you do, please read on, as there is a lad called Will Matthew who is about to set your world on fire. The Leeds based, Southerner in … Continued

With the clocks going forward, days have gotten longer, and it can only mean one thing – finding that perfect song to soundtrack your summer anthems. ‘Until Somebody Gets…’ is the latest release by Manchester based band, The Recreation. The track comes in at a sweet two minutes twenty-one seconds and delivers nothing but the … Continued

Northern chaps, The Juice, dish out their latest freshly squeezed single ‘Rip It Up’ after a summer of endless sold out shows, a trip to Isle of Wight Festival and Etihad Stadium. The latest single, ‘Rip it Up’ delivers a promising and catchy tune from the get-go through the use of those sweet, sweet guitar … Continued

Over 8 million Spotify streams, numerous sold out shows and a Main Stage set at Truck Festival are certainly a far cry from the Mancunian dream factory of Fallowfield, where The Covasettes first put their heads together not all that long ago. That said, their latest single ‘One Tear at a Time’ is a sure … Continued

2024 is the year of former Freeda from frontman Sean Rowles, now using the pseudonym Noah Speaks, as he plunges into the world of solo music making. His new endeavour has begun with the debut release of ‘Seventeen’, a reflective track that uses funky guitar and a catchy chorus to capture the substantial growth found … Continued

The Wears’ latest EP, ‘Atlas‘, is a powerful testament to their ability to blend raw emotion with anthemic energy. Title track, ‘Atlas’, encapsulates the frustration of early-stage break-up, weaving conversational verses with high-energy choruses that demand attention. The song’s authenticity is palpable, drawing listeners into the tumultuous emotions of heartbreak with its honest lyricism and … Continued

Uno Mas delivers an electrifying punch with their latest track, ‘Heaven’. Infused with themes of infatuation and obsession, the song navigates the tumultuous landscape of desire and compromise in relationships. Set against an upbeat indie anthem backdrop, Uno Mas beckons listeners to grapple with these emotions head-on. Hailing from Manchester, Uno Mas proves their prowess … Continued

The Great Leslie’s latest offering, ‘The Sauce’, serves up a delectable blend of infectious energy and youthful exuberance. From the very first note, this track hooks you in with its catchy melody and irresistible rhythm, making it impossible to resist tapping your foot along. Frontman Ollie Trevers’ vocals exude confidence and charm as he narrates … Continued

EEVAH’s latest single, ‘Heartbeat Is Missing’, pulsates with electrifying energy and raw emotion, offering listeners a glimpse into the depths of inner turmoil. From the onset, the formidable duo plunges into a sonic journey characterised by electrifying guitars, distorted vocals, and an unrelenting rhythm. This track, the third release from their upcoming EP, ‘Simplify Life‘, … Continued

Silo Hill’s eponymous album is a masterful fusion of 60s folk rock nostalgia and the indie pop sensibilities of the late 90s and 2000s. Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Elliott Smith, Andrew Bird, and The Shins, Silo Hill crafts a sonic landscape that is as evocative as it is captivating. Hailing from the Philadelphia area … Continued

Douzey’s EP ‘Discard‘ is a vibrant carnival of wit and melody, promising a rollercoaster ride through life’s quirks and quibbles. Bursting with whimsical anecdotes and tongue-in-cheek lyricism, Douzey takes listeners on a journey that’s both playful and profound. Despite encountering setbacks, including health issues like fibromyalgia, Douzey’s determination shines through in ‘Discard‘. The three-track EP … Continued

Tom Webber’s latest release, ‘Keep Calling’, showcases the evolution of a talented singer-songwriter whose journey began strumming a guitar on the streets of Oxford. Influenced by the classics and contemporaries alike, Webber’s sound is a fusion of timeless melodies and modern storytelling. In this track, Webber collaborates once more with writer-producer James Dring and Jack … Continued

Meg Chandler’s latest single, ‘Bad Luck’, serves as a poignant reflection on the trials and tribulations of modern dating, delivered through her signature fusion of folk, indie, and pop. Hailing from the picturesque countryside of Shropshire, Chandler’s upbringing steeped in music is evident in the soulful melodies and introspective lyricism that characterise her work. At … Continued

Concrete Club’s ‘Latency’ encapsulates the essence of contemporary existence with poignant lyricism and a vibrant musical landscape. Delving into the dichotomy between the mundane routines of daily life and the pursuit of profound moments, the song embodies a narrative of both weariness and hope. The concept of ‘Latency’, explored lyrically, resonates deeply, reflecting the journey … Continued

Kaiden Nolan’s latest single, ‘Undersold’, emerges as a confident declaration from the heart of Manchester’s musical landscape. Drawing from influences spanning generations – from the timeless resonance of John Lennon to the contemporary edge of Arctic Monkeys and Sam Fender – Nolan crafts a mature and self-assured piece that heralds his arrival with flair. As … Continued

Matty Dagger’s debut release under the moniker poor effort, titled ‘you’re wrong, i’m right (symphony)’, emerges as a poignant observation of digital discord and societal polarisation. Drawing from his experiences and surroundings in Salford, Dagger navigates through the murky waters of online debate and the tendency towards moral grandstanding, all while infusing his work with … Continued

Good Cop Bad Cop’s latest single, ‘M.E.X.I.C.O. C.I.T.Y.’, serves as a tantalising glimpse into their forthcoming album, ‘Welcome to the Marble Zone‘. This track encapsulates the essence of Sheffield’s 80s electronic scene while delivering a contemporary twist that’s both nostalgic and innovative. Crafted by Joe Carnall Jnr., the mastermind behind GCBC, ‘M.E.X.I.C.O. C.I.T.Y.’ draws inspiration … Continued

Only The Poets unleash their magnetic single ‘Gone By Now’, a tantalising glimpse into their alt-pop prowess and a prelude to their forthcoming EP, ‘One More Night‘. This track, a fan favourite, serves as a testament to the band’s ability to craft infectious melodies while infusing heartfelt emotion into their lyrics. Produced and mixed by … Continued

Velociraptor’s latest single, ‘Computer Future Part 1’, marks a triumphant return for the Brisbane garage rockers after a seven-year hiatus. Following the release of the electrifying singles ‘Leaving Hollywood’ and ‘Timebong’, this track serves as a tantalising glimpse into the expansive sonic landscape of their forthcoming album. In ‘Computer Future Part 1’, Velociraptor masterfully blends … Continued

Welly’s latest single, ‘Shopping’, is a satirical masterpiece that slices through the veil of modern consumerism with surgical precision. In this exuberant anthem, Welly delivers a rallying cry against the decline of the UK high street while weaving a narrative that is both sincere and startlingly insightful. With influences ranging from the indie storytelling of … Continued

KAWALA’s latest offering, ‘What’s Up’, is a vibrant testament to their evolution as artists, encapsulating the essence of summer in its infectious rhythms and uplifting melodies. The North London five-piece effortlessly crafts an upbeat anthem that serves as a gentle check-in to a close friend, inviting listeners into a world filled with woozy sunshine-filled sonics … Continued

GF Morgan’s latest album, ‘Magenta‘, is a soulful journey through the musical landscapes of ballads, sea chanteys, original compositions, and the timeless melodies of Celtic tradition. Celebrated at its CD release party at Dharma Bums in New Hope, PA, this album stands as a testament to Morgan’s prowess as a solo artist, drawing upon selected … Continued

ARTEMIS, the musical persona of Manchester’s own Josh, presents ‘The Waves’ as a captivating blend of heartfelt lyricism and dynamic instrumentals. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Florence and The Machine, The National and Kings of Leon, ARTEMIS weaves a sonic tapestry that resonates with both passion and intimacy. ‘The Waves’ serves as a poignant … Continued

Take Effect’s latest release, ‘Stellar’, is a sonic rollercoaster that encapsulates the essence of indie-rock and post-punk with a fervent energy that leaves listeners craving more. Hailing from Hamburg, this band formed in January 2023 and have quickly carved a niche for themselves in the music scene, blending distortion with melody and traditional singing with … Continued

In a tumultuous whirlwind of emotion and sonic innovation, Scatterchild’s latest single ‘Bleep Test’ emerges as a testament to their evolving artistry. Inspired by the relentless endurance of a high school running test, this track serves as a poignant reflection on navigating life’s challenges amidst uncertainty and change. From the onset, ‘Bleep Test’ envelops listeners … Continued

Lucky Number You’s latest single, ‘Hands On The Horizon’, delivers a refreshing blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair. Hailing from Birmingham, UK, this three-piece alternative band continues to carve their own path in the music scene with a sound that defies categorisation. Drawing inspiration from 80s and 90s pop and rock classics while infusing their … Continued

Get ready for the one of the UK’s best festivals as Tramlines Festival returns to Sheffield’s Hillsborough Park from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th July 2024. This year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever, with an electrifying lineup across five stages and a host of exciting activities to keep you entertained throughout … Continued

By The Waves emerges from the vibrant music scene of Manchester, UK, with their latest offering, ‘Vampires’, an eclectic blend of soul, dream-pop, reggae, rock, and indie that captivates from start to finish. Their dynamic sound, showcased by beautifully crafted lyrics and signature falsetto melodies, creates an unforgettable sonic journey. Frontman Ben Thomas showcases remarkable … Continued

Tom A. Smith’s latest anthem, ‘Get Me Started’, is a triumphant return to his indie-rock roots, solidifying his status as one of the UK’s most promising talents. Following the success of his acclaimed EP ‘EP3‘ and the hit single ‘Fading Away’, Smith’s newest offering radiates with infectious energy and undeniable charisma. ‘Get Me Started’ encapsulates … Continued

I’ll admit. A debut single from a fresh faced, indie pop four piece is hardly one of the Music Industry’s most endangered species right now. I would also concede that even if by some miracle you found one that caught your eye, TikTok will always be on hand to bury them with 50 that didn’t. … Continued

Shines, the Grimsby band heralded as a fusion of North East Lincolnshire’s songwriting prowess, continues its meteoric rise with their latest single, ‘Stunt Double’. Following their sold-out debut shows and the success of their first single, ‘Home’, Shines is set to dominate the scene with their distinct blend of gritty lyricism and pulsating beats. Released … Continued

Bristler’s debut album, ‘Cascades At Play‘, emerges from the depths of the Asbury Park music scene with a blend of sonic exploration and melodic prowess that sets it apart. Led by singer/guitarist Rudy Meier, whose previous band Wetbrain showcased his knack for alt-rock innovation, this new venture marks a bold departure into uncharted territory. Initially … Continued

In ‘Future Tense‘, Super Tuesday, the brainchild of singer/songwriter Alex Kisch, delivers a captivating blend of indie rock, alt-country, and folk-pop that deftly navigates through a spectrum of emotions and themes. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Big Star, REM, and Wilco, while also incorporating elements reminiscent of contemporary artists such as Mac DeMarco and … Continued

A new tune from down under, Tushar has brought us a sticky sweet slice of ozzy sunshine with their latest track ‘Peaches and Wine’. Their unique, sultry voice, bouncy melodies and electric guitar create a dreamy sound that radiates warmth, good vibes and everything you crave on a gloomy, grey day. Tushar is an indie … Continued

Keyside’s latest single, ‘Nikita’, encapsulates the essence of Liverpool’s vibrant music scene with a poignant narrative and soul-stirring melodies. Lead vocalist Dan Parker’s lyrical prowess shines as he delves into the emotional complexities of abandonment and longing, drawing inspiration from personal experiences. Through ‘Nikita’, Parker weaves a tale of resilience amidst despair, echoing the struggles … Continued