Coming Up Roses, the London-based indie/alt rock band hailing from Singapore, have marked their triumphant return with the release of their latest single, ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’. The announcement comes alongside the revelation of their upcoming third EP, scheduled to hit the airwaves on April 5th, 2024. Since their relocation to the UK in 2022, the band, fronted by the charismatic Emily Sera, has undergone a transformation with the addition of new members Caleb Blake on drums and Charlie Wilson on guitar.

‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’ serves as a powerful reintroduction to Coming Up Roses’ musical journey, embodying a resilient spirit in the face of adversity. Drawing inspiration from dream-pop influences such as Cocteau Twins and Slowdive, the track is characterised by a mesmerising wall-of-sound featuring guitars and saccharine vocals. The production, expertly handled by Joshua Rumble (known for his work with Florence Welch and Black Country New Road), along with mixing engineer Caesar Edmunds (credited with Beach House and Queens of the Stone Age), elevates the song’s sonic landscape.

Emily Sera expresses the band’s enthusiasm for the release, stating, “We’re excited to release this first single as we have a lot lined up this year. We’re always grateful for what we’ve been able to do together as a band in the past but we also can’t wait for what lies ahead!”

The band’s upcoming EP promises an immersive experience, complemented by live videos recorded during its inception. Furthermore, Coming Up Roses plans to embark on a tour, expanding their reach into Europe with shows in France, Spain, and the UK, followed by a return to Asia in the latter half of the year.

‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’ is released through Singaporean indie label Where Are The Fruits and Japanese label DREAMWAVES Records, building anticipation for the full EP’s arrival on April 5th, 2024. Coming Up Roses’ distinctive sound, blending familiarity with an elusive quality, positions them as a rising force in the global alternative rock scene.

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