Emerging from a shared townhouse garage in Toronto’s North York neighbourhood, Jane’s Party embarked on their musical journey as four university students with a handful of instruments, makeshift studio gear, and a shared passion for bringing original songs to life. The journey that began with The Garage Sessions marked the humble beginnings of a band that has since evolved into a revered indie rock outfit, accumulating achievements and accolades along the way. With their latest single, ‘Common Guys’, Jane’s Party continues to showcase the infectious energy and musical dynamism that has defined their sound since those early garage days.

The song’s origin story, as shared by bassist and vocalist Devon Richardson and guitarist and vocalist Tom Ionescu, adds an extra layer of charm. The initial demo, playfully titled ‘ABBA Ripper’, laid the foundation for what would become ‘Common Guys’. Ionescu’s spontaneous creation of the entire song during a walk to the park showcases the band’s innate ability to turn everyday experiences into musical gold.

‘Common Guys’ expertly walks the line between polished dance-pop and slacker indie rock, a delicate balance skilfully maintained during the production process. The band’s commitment to preserving the fun, dancy atmosphere while avoiding overconfidence is evident in the final recording. The backing vocals, prominently featured, rally behind the protagonist, reinforcing the relatable theme of feeling like just another common guy.

The lyric video, an imaginative collage of uncommon comic book superheroes paired with fan comments, adds an extra layer of creativity to the song. This visual representation complements the track’s theme, emphasising the idea that everyone has hidden superpowers, even if they feel like just another common guy.

‘Common Guys’ boasts a synth riff that invokes the joy of screaming at the top of your lungs while out with friends. The infectious quality of the track, paired with the relatable lyrics and dynamic production, makes it a standout addition to Jane’s Party’s repertoire. As the band continues to share their songs with the world, ‘Common Guys’ stands out as a testament to their consistent growth, unwavering passion, and ability to create music that resonates with a broad audience.

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