Lehi, the solo artist hailing from Hartlepool, Northeast England, makes a striking follow up single with ‘Shut The Door’. With a musical journey that spans from playing guitar in local bands to honing his skills in music production at Leeds Beckett University, Lehi brings a wealth of experience and talent to his solo venture.

Influenced by a diverse range of artists including The 1975, Valley, MUNA, and The Blue Nile, Lehi’s sound is a fusion of lush 80s synths, intricate vocal production, and captivating melodies. ‘Shut The Door’ is a testament to his musical prowess, blending nostalgic elements with a contemporary edge.

The track’s infectious energy and emotive lyrics immediately draw listeners in, showcasing Lehi’s ability to craft memorable hooks and compelling storytelling. His meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout the production, creating a sonic landscape that is both immersive and dynamic.

‘Shut The Door’ is a promising start to what is sure to be an exciting musical journey, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what he has in store next.

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