The Howlers’ latest single, ‘Lady Luck’, serves as a compelling preview to their forthcoming debut album, ‘What You’ve Got to Lose to Win It All‘. This East London trio, known for their unconventional approach to music, draws inspiration from a diverse array of influences, ranging from Ennio Morricone’s film scores to the desert blues of Tinariwen and the sounds of Kurt Vile, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Father John Misty.

The band’s journey, marked by resilience and a profound connection with their fanbase, finds poignant expression in the face of adversity. Frontman Adam’s tumultuous two years, including two life-changing strokes, the loss of family members and close friends, and the ensuing grief, have shaped the 15-track album.

‘Lady Luck’, positioned at the heart of the record, stands out as a favourite for both the band and their audience. Originating as a riff that lingered in the background for years, the song underwent a transformative process, emerging as a testament to perseverance. The band describes it as a “Frankenstein’s monster of a track”, crafted by combining the best elements from other unfinished songs.

The result is a song that captivates with its unique blend of influences, cinematic landscapes, and the raw emotion born out of life’s struggles. As The Howlers navigate through personal challenges, ‘Lady Luck’ encapsulates the essence of their sound and the unwavering spirit that defines their musical journey.

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