Daz Cadwallander has solidified his status as a rising star in the music scene, and his trajectory is undeniably upward. After gaining recognition with tracks like ‘BROTHER’ and ‘I Feel Alive’, which secured spots on the iTunes Charts and marked his debut on Radio X, Cadwallander continues to impress.

Having garnered consistent support from the BBC since the inception of his music career, Daz boasts over 130k streams on Spotify and a dedicated following of over 10k monthly listeners. His latest release, ‘Do I Wanna Leave’, is a testament to his evolving prowess, amassing an impressive 29k+ streams within its first three weeks.

In ‘Do I Wanna Leave,’ Cadwallander delves into the complexities of relationships, delivering raw energy and emotionally charged lyrics. The dynamic fusion of compelling backline and infectious guitar hooks creates an instantly relatable and engaging musical experience.

Daz Cadwallander’s ability to capture the nuances of human connection through his music, coupled with his consistent chart presence and growing audience, cements him as an artist to watch in 2024 and beyond. As he continues to go from strength to strength, anticipation for his next moves in the industry is palpable.

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