Stone Mile’s latest offering, ‘Out There Somewhere’, serves as a testament to their burgeoning status within the Manchester music scene. The five-piece band has already made waves with their unique fusion of rock instrumentation and pop melodies, and this track solidifies their position as a force to be reckoned with. The song’s thematic depth shines … Continued

With the release of their latest single ‘Head Underwater’, Manchester’s Corella continues to solidify their place as one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the UK indie scene. The quartet follow the success of recent singles ‘Drifting‘ and ‘Don’t Stop Me‘ with another euphoric offering that effortlessly blends raw indie-rock power with infectious … Continued

Issy Sutcliffe’s latest offering, ‘FERAL!’, is a raw and unapologetic anthem that delves deep into the essence of untamed ferocity. Hailing from the North West of England, Sutcliffe’s musical journey since childhood has culminated in a captivating fusion of classic blues and raw punk energy, a blend evident in this electrifying track. ‘FERAL!’ is a … Continued

Tin Pot Clay Man’s latest double-single, ‘Vacant/Ally’, marks a significant evolution for the Australian-born project, now based in Manchester, UK. Led by Gaurav Jaswal, the band introduces a fresh lineup and collaborates with vocalist Rachel Cawley for the first time, adding layers of ethereal dream-pop to their signature post-punk sound. ‘Vacant’ opens with haunting melodies, … Continued

The Great Leslie’s latest offering, ‘Just Say Yes’, from their upcoming EP ‘Heavy Unsteady‘, is a euphoric anthem that encapsulates the essence of a night filled with music-induced ecstasy. Featuring Russell Lissack of Bloc Party, this track proves to be a standout addition to their already impressive repertoire. From the onset, ‘Just Say Yes’ immerses … Continued

Little Strange revs up their musical engine with their latest single, ‘Alright Now’, a dynamic record pulsating with raw energy. Following the success of their previous self-produced hit, ‘Hard Days Hard Times’, this Manchester-based band demonstrates their unwavering commitment to their sound. ‘Alright Now’ encapsulates the essence of Little Strange, boasting a thunderous rhythm section … Continued

Jekyll’s latest release, ‘Trampled Ghosts’, is a hauntingly introspective journey through the complexities of human emotion and experience. Drawing comparisons to early Muse, Radiohead, and Depeche Mode, the band showcases a profound depth of musicality and lyricism that sets them apart in the indie rock scene. Recorded in the late hours of the night in … Continued

Hailing from the heart of Manchester, The Marbellas are the embodiment of Northern soul and gritty indie rock. Formed in 2019, this quartet comprises Brish Harvey on vocals and acoustic guitar, Jordan Ames on lead guitar, Matty Cassidy on bass guitar, and Joe Deegan on drums. Their journey began in the vibrant neighbourhood of Ancoats, … Continued

Red Rum Club’s latest offering, ‘Western Approaches‘, is a testament to the band’s growth and exploration of their musical boundaries. With 11 tracks filled with open-hearted, observational poetry and infectious melodies, this album is a journey that moves feet, minds, and hearts. From the outset, the band sets the tone with ‘Afternoon’, an upbeat bop … Continued

In ‘Another Day’, Matt Sahadi serves up a cathartic blend of raw emotion and blistering rock energy that leaves listeners electrified. Hailing from the heart of the Midwest-rustbelt and now entrenched in Nashville’s vibrant music scene, Sahadi channels his gritty, blue-collar roots into a sonic landscape that crackles with urgency and authenticity. With lyrics that … Continued

KITES, hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, deliver a sonic experience that’s a delightful fusion of grunge-tainted indie rock with a hint of nostalgia. Their latest offering, ‘Innocence & Gold’, encapsulates the essence of longing and missed opportunities, resonating deeply with listeners through its raw energy and emotional authenticity. Lead singer Kane Teal’s vocals soar with a … Continued

WRKHOUSE’s latest single, ‘Snow’, is a poignant exploration of personal and relational growth, marking a significant transition for the alternative indie-rock quartet. Departing from their previous Welsh-language identity, the band continues to evolve with this track, serving as the second offering from their forthcoming EP, ‘Out Of The Blue‘. Lead singer Lewys’s emotional journey is … Continued

In their latest electrifying single ‘Now I Found You’, Oxford’s indie-pop sensation, The Mezz, delivers a triumphant anthem that encapsulates their journey of resilience and unity. Following their acclaimed EP ‘Avoid the Panic‘, this track marks a bold evolution in their sound, seamlessly blending energetic indie-pop with synth wave and 80s-inspired vibes. From the first … Continued

With their self-titled debut album set to hit the airwaves, This Rebel is poised to make a lasting impression on the indie rock scene, and their latest single ‘Cheap Thought’ serves as a tantalising preview of what’s to come. Inspired by a blend of Murder Ballads and free noise, This Rebel, led by Phil Etheridge … Continued

Rien du Sol’s latest single, ‘Black And White Sunlight’, encapsulates a poignant blend of alternative rock and electronic elements, echoing the influences of MISSIO and Unlike Pluto. This track serves as the final piece in their upcoming EP, ‘I’m Not As Happy As I Seem‘, delving into themes of cultural displacement and existential uncertainty. The … Continued

Canongate’s latest offering, ‘Sometimes, everyday’, is a vibrant indie anthem that showcases the duo’s undeniable chemistry and musical prowess. Hailing from Edinburgh, this two-piece band has honed their craft since their teenage years, and it shows in the polished yet adventurous sound they bring to the table. The song delves into the theme of miscommunication, … Continued

Jess Abran’s latest EP, ‘Diary of a Flame‘, serves as a poignant reflection on the passage of time and the nostalgic embrace of youth. Abran artfully weaves together a collection of tracks that read like chapters in a memoir, each song a vivid snapshot of her formative years. In ‘That Song’, Abran transports listeners back … Continued

Baydream’s latest EP, ‘Propaganda‘, is a testament to their evolution as genre-bending virtuosos. Building upon the foundation laid by their debut, ‘Cosmos‘, this release catapults the band into a realm of sonic exploration that is as ambitious as it is captivating. Exploring themes ranging from consumerism to cosmic magic, ‘Propaganda‘ is a rich tapestry of … Continued

Haytor’s latest release, ‘Osaka’, is a sonic journey that captures the essence of exploration and companionship amidst the chaos of an unfamiliar city. Hailing from Southwest UK, this indie-rock quartet, led by vocalist Austin Robison, delivers a captivating blend of introspective lyrics and energetic instrumentals that leave listeners yearning for more. ‘Osaka’ bursts with fluorescence … Continued

Speelburg’s latest single, ‘Talk Me Down’, embodies the signature sound that has earned Speelburg acclaim as a rising force in electro-pop. The brainchild of Belgian-American musician Noah Sacré, Speelburg’s music radiates a buoyant energy that belies its introspective lyrics – a juxtaposition evident in ‘Talk Me Down’. Sacré’s relocation from England to Los Angeles infuses … Continued

Benedict Cork’s latest single, ‘Nice Guy’, is a poignant exploration of the complexities of dating and the quest for genuine connection. Embracing indie pop with finesse, Cork delivers a track that not only showcases his musical evolution but also his knack for weaving heartfelt narratives through soaring harmonies and candid vocals. In this song, Cork … Continued

GETNER’s debut single, ‘White Walls’, serves as a powerful testament to the band’s ability to fuse raw emotion with unrelenting musical prowess. Hailing from Manchester with Irish roots, GETNER brings forth a genre-bending sound that defies traditional boundaries, captivating listeners with a potent blend of rock and the mystique of Irish storytelling. ‘White Walls’ is … Continued

Michael Gallagher’s latest single, ‘Rum & Raisin’, is a soulful masterpiece that not only showcases his musical prowess but also his commitment to authentic storytelling and empathy. Recorded at the prestigious Kempston Street Studios (formerly Parr Street Studios) with producer Alex Quinn, this track is poised to be a game-changer for Gallagher in 2024. In … Continued

Mezcal’s latest single, ‘Tell Me’, resonates with poignant honesty and emotional depth. The West Yorkshire alt rock trio delivers a raw and evocative narrative, painting a vivid picture of internal struggle and isolation. The protagonist grapples with profound loneliness, feeling trapped within their own mind amidst a sea of well-meaning but perhaps oblivious companions. ‘Tell … Continued

Spirits of Saturn’s latest release, ‘Transfigured’, marks another mesmerising entry into their discography. Recorded at Loop Studios in Manchester and expertly mixed and mastered by Tucan of Superorganism fame, this single is a testament to the band’s evolving sound and lyrical depth. ‘Transfigured’ is a pulsating synth-pop ballad that immerses listeners in a kaleidoscope of … Continued

May Payne’s live rendition of her debut EP ‘Sane‘ presents a profoundly intimate experience, showcasing her songs in their most vulnerable and confessional form. Accompanied by a string octet, Payne’s stripped-back performance at Sacred Trinity Church in Manchester captivates with its emotional depth and raw honesty. From the hauntingly beautiful arrangement of string parts, crafted … Continued

Sober Sundays’ latest release, ‘More Than Yourself’, resonates with a raw authenticity that encapsulates the essence of youthful introspection and the pursuit of self-identity. Recorded live at their university’s studios, the track exudes a captivating energy, mirroring the band’s dynamic live performances that have garnered them a devoted following since their inception at Bath Spa … Continued

Kai Bosch’s upcoming EP, ‘Love, Throw Me A Bone‘, is a poignant journey through the wreckage of heartbreak, epitomised by the defiant anthem ‘Funny’. With this track, Bosch delivers a cathartic punch straight from the depths of emotional turmoil. ‘Funny’ is not just a break-up song; it’s a raw outpouring of anger and resentment, born … Continued

‘Monsters’ is the newest single from Manchester’s own, Foxglove. Plucked straight from their debut EP, ‘Monsters’ follows the success of their previous single ‘Tell Me a Story’, but this time around, essences of 90s and 00s classics coat this tune as we’re urged to shake off the past that haunts us and embrace what’s ahead. … Continued

Andy Ross, a Mercury Prize-nominated producer and the owner of Astar Studios in Manchester, recently met with Stuart Daley, CEO of The Pentatonic, to discuss their shared zeal for emerging music and their commitment to nurturing new artists and bands. Since 2008, Astar Studios has been offering professional recording services and supporting up-and-coming artists and … Continued

Baby Said’s latest single, ‘You Killed It’, is a defiant anthem that builds upon the raw energy and unapologetic attitude that defined their debut hit, ‘FIGHT’. With blistering guitar riffs and anthemic vocals, Baby Said delivers a powerful message while staying true to their signature sound. Inspired by real-life encounters, ‘You Killed It’ fearlessly confronts … Continued

PLAY DEAD’s latest release, ‘Pretty Little Thing’, serves as a rebellious anthem against self-image obsession and influencer culture. Released via Blitzcat Records on February 27th, this Britpop-infused track marks the announcement of their forthcoming EP, ‘Fly On The Wall‘, as well as the kickoff of their EU tour on March 15th. Following the defiant stance … Continued

The Terrys have returned with their highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Skate Pop‘, marking a triumphant evolution in their sound. Their latest single, ‘Tokyo’, serves as an enticing encapsulation of the album’s vibrant energy. With edgy guitar riffs and anthemic synths, ‘Tokyo’ seamlessly blends indie pop with brit-pop influences, offering listeners a catchy floor filler that’s … Continued

MAGNETS’ latest single, ‘SPEAK’, resonates as an empowering anthem amidst the chaos of today’s world. Crafted by Naarm-based artist Siobhan McGinnity, MAGNETS delivers a compelling message that urges listeners to confront the challenges they face head-on. McGinnity’s blend of sparkling indie-pop, coupled with her poignant lyricism, creates a sonic landscape that captivates and inspires. Driven … Continued

Club Kuru’s comeback after a five-year hiatus marks a mesmerising return to the psych rock scene with their latest single, ‘Gone Like A Flower’. Led by Laurie Erskine, the band’s masterful fusion of classic songwriting, sensual guitars, and introspective lyricism is on full display in this captivating track. Erskine’s knack for crafting irresistible hooks and … Continued

SOMOH’s latest single, ‘Problem Child’, is a poignant exploration of self-doubt and the courage to pursue one’s dreams. Under the moniker SOMOH, singer-songwriter Sophia Mohan delivers a compelling blend of bedroom-pop and alt-rock, drawing inspiration from the likes of Beabadoobee and Soccer Mommy. Produced by Joel Johnston (aka Far Caspian) and released via Tiny Library … Continued

Danny Mellin’s latest offering, ‘You and Your Friends’, from his EP ‘Where Did The Time Go?‘ is a spirited anthem that epitomises the essence of Indie Rock ‘n’ Roll. With infectious energy and catchy hooks, this track is bound to kickstart your day with a burst of positivity. Mellin, accompanied by producer Alex Quinn, crafts … Continued

Big Romance’s latest offering, ‘Sickner’, is a gritty testament to the disillusionment of contemporary society. Following the success of their previous single, ‘Messed Up’, the Newcastle outfit continues to captivate with their signature blend of high-energy grunge pop. ‘Sickner’ seamlessly merges deadpan spoken word with blistering punk instrumentation, creating a sonic landscape that mirrors the … Continued

A sumptuous collection of jangly guitar riffs and timeless-feeling vocal melodies, the latest release from the fast growing indie four piece Pentire, ‘Don’t Let Your Love (Let You Down). Releasing their first record under a label, Pentire have become the first in a new series of single releases from Scruff of the Neck records, the … Continued

Duke Keats’ latest offering, ‘Heavy Heartbreak’, is a testament to his eclectic influences and evolving musical journey. Hailing from Coventry, UK, Keats seamlessly blends elements from a diverse range of artists, from Miles Davis to Toro Y Moi, creating a sound that is uniquely his own. The track serves as a preview of his upcoming … Continued

My Glass World’s latest offering, ‘Assorted Marvels‘, released on January 19th, 2024, via Luxury Noise Records, is a captivating exploration of diverse musical landscapes. Led by composer and musician Jamie Telford, the album showcases an impressive range of styles, from the sax-driven vigour of ‘White Out’ to the soulful nuances of ‘Genghis Khan’ and the … Continued

Common Tongue’s latest release, ‘Speak’, resonates with a raw energy that cuts through the noise of modern-day communication. Led by Matt Thompsett on guitar and vocals, and supported by Matt Winterman on drums, the duo’s chemistry is palpable, a connection forged in their hometown of Chatham, reignited years later in Southsea amid the waning days … Continued

Learn To Surf’s latest single, ‘Passing By’, encapsulates the essence of old friends reuniting to craft something truly special. Comprising James Baldwin on drums, Jim Coburn on bass, Joe Reeves on guitar, vocals, and keys, and Jack Titcombe on guitar, vocals, and keys, this quartet’s synergy is palpable. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Radiohead, … Continued

Lehi, the solo artist hailing from Hartlepool, Northeast England, makes a striking follow up single with ‘Shut The Door’. With a musical journey that spans from playing guitar in local bands to honing his skills in music production at Leeds Beckett University, Lehi brings a wealth of experience and talent to his solo venture. Influenced … Continued

lotusbliss catapults into 2024 with their electrifying new single, ‘Tear Me Apart’, a pulsating anthem that commands attention from the very first note. Seamlessly blending layered synths with high-energy choruses, the track delivers a sonic experience that leaves an indelible mark. The band’s journey in creating ‘Tear Me Apart’ is as compelling as the song … Continued

Eyesore & The Jinx’s latest single, ‘Float Like a Jellyfish (Sting Like a Subtweet)’, serves as a tantalising preview of their forthcoming debut album, ‘Jitterbug‘. Recorded at Yellowbird Studio and produced by Daniel Fox, this track encapsulates the band’s signature fidgety-post-punk energy with a lyrical exploration of the complexities of social media. Josh Miller, the … Continued

Roast Apple’s latest offering, ‘Tied Up’, emerges as a spirited anthem for the perpetually busy modern era. Following the success of their infectious disco hit ‘Take Me Higher’, the quartet returns with an uptempo exploration of the ubiquitous struggle with overwhelming schedules and lingering past connections. In this vibrant track, Roast Apple seamlessly merges Motown-inspired … Continued

Daytime TV’s latest offering, ‘Fear’, from their upcoming EP ‘Island.‘, is a bold testament to the band’s commitment to breaking boundaries and defying norms within the alternative rock scene. With their debut album already earning them widespread acclaim, the band’s collaboration with producer Ross Hamilton on this EP seems poised to elevate their sound to … Continued

Oli Barton’s debut solo single, ‘It’s Over Now’, catapults listeners into a whirlwind of indie-pop euphoria. Known for his electrifying live performances, Barton delivers a track that encapsulates the essence of his stage presence. Produced by Alex O’Donovan and mixed by Cenzo Townshend, the song is a masterclass in infectious hooks and raw emotion. From … Continued

Prepare to be transported to an ethereal realm where psych-rock vibes collide with ambient textures and jazz undertones. The New Magic, spearheaded by the visionary Martin van Houtum, unveil their debut album ‘Bird’s Eye View‘, a mesmerising collection of tracks that defy genre boundaries and invite listeners into a realm of sonic exploration. ‘Bird’s Eye … Continued

The Shed Project’s latest single, ‘I’ve Got the Blues’, extracted from their sophomore album ‘Our Fear Is Their Power‘, is a soul-stirring testament to the band’s evolving depth and emotional resonance. Produced by Danny Hayes at the renowned Ivy Studios, the track offers a poignant glimpse into the artistic evolution of a once obscure band, … Continued

The Wears’ latest single, ‘The Old Way’, is a compelling testament to their burgeoning talent and distinct musical style. As the second release from their forthcoming debut EP, this track serves as a bold statement, solidifying their sound that seamlessly blends influences from various genres. From the outset, it’s clear that The Wears have crafted … Continued

Alt-rock five-piece Casino Havana have recently dropped their latest EP, ‘Absent Minded’. Packed with recently released singles and a couple of new tracks, ‘Absent Minded’ brings forth anthems of angst and anti-establishmentarianism, with just a sprinkle of sexual tension. Hailing from Leeds – Travis, Jim, Joe, Joel and Ethan come together to form Casino Havana. … Continued

ORNAMENT AND CRIME’s latest release, ‘ONES‘, is a captivating exploration of electronic synth-craft and organic instrumentation. Helmed by the talented duo of Alex Kemp, known for his work with Poolside, and Bill Delia, the drummer of Grizfolk, the album pulsates with a myriad of emotions and eccentricities. From the outset, it’s evident that ORNAMENT AND … Continued

RHY’s latest EP, ‘Calling Control‘, is a captivating exploration of life’s uncertainties and the liberation found in embracing them. Following his well-received debut, ‘DUMB FUNK‘, the Perth-based producer and songwriter presents a 5-track collection that beckons listeners to relinquish the illusion of control and surrender to the unpredictable rhythms of existence. The titular track, ‘Calling … Continued

LONG ISLAND’s latest single, ‘homewrecker’, delivers a punchy anthem that encapsulates the essence of youthful defiance and self-realisation. The band, comprising Rhiannon Stephenson on vocals, Cameron Conner on guitar, Paddy Spence-Lewis on bass, and Jan van Beem on drums, emanates raw energy and passion throughout the track. Recorded at Vibrations Studios in Huddersfield, the production … Continued

The Rolling People’s latest single, ‘I’ll Be There’, is a high-octane injection of modern rock anthem that surges with unapologetic energy. Hailing from Stockport, these 18-year-olds have burst onto the scene with a ferociousness that belies their age, capitalising on their raw talent and barely-controlled popularity as a sought-after live band. Signed to LAB Records, … Continued

Liverpudlian icons, The Farm, have dropped their latest track, ‘Let the Music (Take Control)’. An anticipated follow-up of their 2023 release of ‘Feel the love’, ‘Let the Music’ is a funky, disco infused earworm that you won’t want to get out of your head. An eclectic mix of guitar, drums, keys and electronic sounds plucked … Continued

Shines, the Grimsby-based band comprising Richard Dutton, Rob Cross, Marc Poole, and Chris Day, have burst onto the music scene with their debut single, ‘Home’. Following two sold-out shows in late 2023, Shines are poised to make a significant impact this year. With a pedigree of individual success, Shines represents a synergy of talent and … Continued

The GUIZE’s latest single, ‘Bardo House’, delves deep into the complexities of mental health, offering a poignant narrative through the lens of a schizophrenic psychotic breakdown. With a personal touch, guitarist Jassy draws inspiration from a family member’s struggles with schizophrenia, infusing raw emotion into the lyrics that vividly depict the harrowing experience of losing … Continued

dom champ’s latest release, ‘Perfect’, offers a refreshing departure from his usual weighty themes, showcasing a previously unheard romantic dimension to the artist’s repertoire. Known for his distinctive perspective and authentic delivery, champ delivers a track brimming with vulnerability and honesty, a departure from the typical content found in his genre. The song’s gentle and … Continued

Cassia’s latest EP, ‘Home Soon…‘ is a vibrant testament to the band’s evolution, encapsulating their signature tropical vibe with newfound emotional depth. The focus track, ‘Gamma Rays’, shines as a standout, blending bouncy acoustic melodies with soft, lively tones reminiscent of their earlier work. From the outset, ‘Gamma Rays’ exudes the infectious energy that has … Continued

Bess Atwell’s latest single ‘Release Myself’ serves as a tantalising glimpse into her upcoming full-length album, ‘Light Sleeper‘. Following the success of her previous LP, ‘Already, Always‘, which garnered widespread acclaim and secured her position as one of the most impactful artists of 2021, Atwell continues to captivate audiences with her warm and effervescent sound. … Continued

Corella’s latest offering, ‘Drifting’, serves as an electrifying glimpse into their forthcoming debut album, ‘Once Upon A Weekend’. With their signature explosive indie-rock sound, Corella solidifies their position as a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. The track, produced and mixed by Ady Hall and Lee McCarthy at Sugar House, embodies the … Continued

Keyside’s latest single, ‘Turn Back the Time’, delves into the brooding depths of their music, marking their presence in Liverpool’s vibrant music scene. The track showcases the band’s irresistible blend of honey-sweet guitars and evocative, cryptic lyrics. With a quintessential Mersey sound and authentic Liverpudlian identity, Keyside emerges as a burst of youthful energy. Lead … Continued

TRACKY’s debut single, ‘WILD LIFE’, is a nostalgic yet refreshing journey into the realm of electronic-indie-pop. Hailing from Liverpool, TRACKY infuses his music with a distinct blend of 1990s influences, creating what he calls “ghettoblaster pop”. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Jamie T, Daft Punk, and Reverend and the Makers, TRACKY crafts a sound … Continued

Sick Love’s latest offering, ‘Ricochet’, is a powerful testament to resilience and self-belief, encapsulating the band’s signature blend of pop-rock influences with a rebellious spirit. Led by the dynamic frontwoman Rebecca Geary and supported by Conor McLoughlin, Sean O’Connor, and Cormac O’Neill, Sick Love draws inspiration from a diverse array of musical luminaries, from Paramore … Continued

WRKHOUSE’s debut single ‘Getaway’ emerges as a forceful anthem, blending the emotional depth of Foals with the introspective clarity of Boygenius. This hard-hitting alt-pop track not only sets a high standard for the band’s future releases but also offers a glimpse into their meticulously crafted sonic landscape. The soaring synths and relentless drums create a … Continued

Katie Colt, under her musical moniker goodkitty, unveils a captivating debut EP, ‘Picture Albums‘, a collection of six tracks that intricately weave tales of nostalgia, growth, and love. ‘Picture Albums‘ solidifies goodkitty’s position among revered songwriters like Liz Phair and Feist, blending melody-driven pop with indie rock sensibilities. Colt’s musical journey, marked by unconventional twists … Continued

Max E McCabe’s latest release, ‘Anyway’, is a poignant testament to the transformative power of human kindness and the resilience of the human spirit. This track, which debuted two months ago in November 2023, carries a deeply personal narrative that resonates with authenticity and sincerity. Inspired by a life-altering event in 2014, McCabe crafted ‘Anyway’ … Continued

At the beginning of 2024, Manchester’s own Andy Goodwin dropped his latest single ‘Fred Perry Girl’. A track reminiscent of the classic indie pop hits of the 00’s, ‘Fred Perry Girl’ is a catchy anthem representative of those who preach that you’ll find the one when you least expect it. With his Mancunian accent ringing … Continued

They Travel at Night boldly navigates the vast musical landscape with their latest EP, ‘Entropy‘. Comprising the dynamic duo of Lou and Chuck, the release is a testament to their refusal to be confined by genre constraints. With influences ranging from The Beatles to Mr. Bungle, and The White Stripes to Black Star, ‘Entropy‘ is … Continued

Ventrelles’ latest release, ‘Acid Flower’, unfolds like a sonic journey spanning 3 minutes and 30 seconds. This track seamlessly blends pulverising shoegazing walls of sound with shimmering acoustic-led foot-tapping rhythms. The result is a captivating musical experience that oscillates between raw power and delicate intricacies. The acid-chiming melodious lyricism adds a unique layer to the … Continued

North Wales native Megan Wyn is back with her first single of the new year, ‘Are You Bored Yet?’. Beginning her career posting cover versions of Blossoms tunes on the internet, ‘Are You Bored Yet?’ is her third original single, boasting a sparkling guitar riff, offset by a punchy drumbeat. The track’s chorus – the … Continued

The Recreation’s latest offering, ‘Lilo’, delves into the transient nature of success and the repercussions of succumbing to societal pressures. This single encapsulates the paradox of passion, exploring the trade-offs made in the pursuit of satisfaction and capturing a world fuelled by mimetic desire. The narrative weaves a tale of succumbing to external influences, echoing … Continued

In a whirlwind journey through 2023, The Maddocks made their mark with an impressive debut single, radio play on Radio X, and a triumphant Manchester headline show. Now, the Manchester-based quartet is ushering in 2024 with their debut EP, ‘What’s On The Menu?‘, a delightful musical spread that showcases their growth and creativity. The EP, … Continued

Tom Webber’s latest single, ‘This Time’, showcases a dynamic fusion of retro influences and contemporary production. At just 23, Webber draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Nick Lowe, The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, and Jake Bugg. Having toured with Nick Lowe last year, Webber’s musical journey is evident in the robust energy and … Continued

Benjamin Ingrosso’s latest offering, ‘Kite’, is a sonic masterpiece that propels listeners into a realm of euphoria and freedom. The Swedish sensation, celebrated for his infectious tunes and undeniable talent, invites us to soar to new heights with this chart-topping anthem. Crafted by Ingrosso himself alongside acclaimed songwriters Anya, Jon Shave, Salem Al-Fakir, and Vincent … Continued

London-based indie rock duo Into Surf, comprised of childhood friends Matt Smith and Rob Parker, have unleashed their debut EP, simply titled ‘Into Surf‘, offering a compelling glimpse into their musical world. Released on July 20, 2023, the EP stands as a testament to the duo’s resilience, creativity, and a desire for a fresh start. … Continued

KAWALA’s latest single, ‘American Adrenaline’, bursts onto the indie-pop scene, infusing a dose of optimism that sets the tone for a promising 2024. Hailing from North London, the five-piece band captivates listeners with infectious harmonies seamlessly blended into buoyant soundscapes, a signature style that garnered widespread acclaim for their debut album, ‘Better With You‘. The … Continued

The Howlers’ latest single, ‘Lady Luck’, serves as a compelling preview to their forthcoming debut album, ‘What You’ve Got to Lose to Win It All‘. This East London trio, known for their unconventional approach to music, draws inspiration from a diverse array of influences, ranging from Ennio Morricone’s film scores to the desert blues of … Continued

L.A.B’s latest release, ‘Ocean Demon’, serves as a compelling prelude to their highly anticipated album, ‘L.A.B VI‘. After a two-year hiatus dedicated to meticulous crafting, the New Zealand-based band delivers what stands as their most potent work to date. Their musical trajectory, marked by an eclectic fusion of reggae, blues, funk, rock, and electronic elements, … Continued

The Feeling’s latest single, ‘The Right Wrong’, serves as an enticing preview for their upcoming album, ‘San Vito‘, set to release on April 12, 2024. Frontman Dan Gillespie Sells, an Ivor Novello award-winning artist, sheds light on the song’s inspiration, emphasising the theme of freedom from societal judgments. The track’s infectious pop melody, coupled with … Continued

Jewelia’s latest single, ‘Invisible Wall’, sets the stage for her upcoming album ‘Little Wins‘ slated for release on April 19th via Pretty Decent Music. The track is a mesmerising blend of sonic influences, fusing elements from ’80s synth-pop, ’90s nostalgia, and early 2000s indie-pop. Jewelia skilfully navigates these references, creating a future/retro hybrid that sparkles … Continued

Sam B-K’s ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ delves into the shadows of the nightlife, exposing the darker facets of socialising, peer pressure, lad culture, and the often overlooked realm of men’s mental health. The accompanying music video enriches the song’s theme, providing a visceral experience that resonates with the emotional core of the narrative. Drawing inspiration from … Continued

The Shop Window’s latest single, ‘I Run’, is a vibrant burst of Jangle-pop energy that showcases the band’s undeniable chemistry and knack for infectious hooks. Hailing from Maidstone, Kent, this five-strong Jangle-pop / Indie-pop guitar band, with members spanning four counties, have already made a mark with their previous albums, ‘The State Of Being Human‘ … Continued

Happy for Real’s latest offering, ‘News’, emerges as a refreshing departure from the relentless pursuit of self-improvement in today’s age. As the ’90s nostalgia wave sweeps through pop culture, this Swiss indie duo, led by Olivia Virgolin and Marcus Petendi, skilfully propels their sound into the contemporary indie scene. The track, part of their EP … Continued

Garvie’s latest release, ‘Boring’, defies its title with a high-energy indie pop vibe that is far from dull. The bravely-titled track explores the age-old question of whether boredom stems from being boring or not, but fear not – Garvie injects a contagious dose of fun into the mix. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics reveal a brutal honesty … Continued

The Glass Hearts make a resounding entrance into 2024 with their latest single, ‘Jeepers’. Building on the success of their previous releases, ‘Coupe deVille’ and ‘Brick Dust’, which garnered widespread acclaim and airplay on BBC Introducing, XS Manchester, Amazing Radio, BBC Radio Leicester, and US stations, as well as securing spots on prominent EU Spotify … Continued

Desire Lines’ latest single, ‘Can’t Crawl’, is a powerhouse addition to their growing discography, solidifying their presence in the Manchester music scene. The trio, consisting of Titch (guitar and vocals), Pete (drums), and Loz (bass), seamlessly blend rock, punk, and indie influences to craft a sound that’s both tight and dynamic.  Following their well-received 5-track … Continued

Liverpool’s indie sensation, The Cheap Thrills, gear up to unleash their highly anticipated EP, ‘Mind Metro‘, on February 21st, with the release of their latest single, ‘Last Orders’. Serving as a prelude to the forthcoming musical journey, this late-night indie anthem encapsulates the unpredictable escapades of those who find themselves heading home alone after a … Continued

Daz Cadwallander has solidified his status as a rising star in the music scene, and his trajectory is undeniably upward. After gaining recognition with tracks like ‘BROTHER’ and ‘I Feel Alive’, which secured spots on the iTunes Charts and marked his debut on Radio X, Cadwallander continues to impress. Having garnered consistent support from the … Continued

Coming Up Roses, the London-based indie/alt rock band hailing from Singapore, have marked their triumphant return with the release of their latest single, ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’. The announcement comes alongside the revelation of their upcoming third EP, scheduled to hit the airwaves on April 5th, 2024. Since their relocation to the UK … Continued

The Social Club’s debut single, ‘Rita’, catapults listeners into a whirlwind of britpop-inspired energy and raw emotion. Despite being a band for less than a year, The Social Club have already left an indelible mark on the vibrant Manchester music scene. The track radiates potent zeal, frustration, and aggression, encapsulating the tumultuous journey of young … Continued

‘My Name is Jack’ is the latest single from Manchester-based three-piece, The Osragli Band. Following the release of singles ‘Rolling Thunder’ and ‘Legends A Joke’ in 2023, ‘My name is Jack’ is a beautifully sick and twisted track that kicks off the the band’s year in the right direction – full steam ahead. With Finn … Continued

‘Reservoir’ is the debut album from six-piece country rock band Brown Horse. Following the teasing release of singles ‘Shoot Back’, ‘Stealing Horses’ and ‘Sunfisher’, ‘Reservoir’ quenches our thirst for the complete series as the ten tracks gift a dark and sultry reflection of the more gloomy sides of human nature. In their infancy, Brown Horse … Continued

Asha Jefferies’ latest release, ‘Brand New Bitch’, serves as an electrifying preview to her upcoming debut album, ‘Ego Ride‘, slated for release on April 12th. The track is a compelling blend of intuitive anthemic rock reminiscent of Tom Petty, coupled with the emotional resonance found in the works of Gracie Abrams and Olivia Rodrigo. Jefferies … Continued

Linn Koch-Emmery’s latest single, ‘Ebay Armour’, is a testament to her evolving artistic prowess and a promising precursor to her upcoming sophomore album. After the success of ‘Falling Down’ and the Grammy-nominated debut album, ‘Being The Girl‘, the indie sensation has teamed up with renowned producer Pete Robertson for this captivating modern indie-rock tune. Collaborating … Continued

Bea Stewart’s latest single, ‘Talking To Your Sunflowers’, heralds the forthcoming EP, ‘Sorry I’m So Sensitive‘, and serves as a poignant continuation of her musical journey. Produced by Oskar Winberg, known for his work with Cian Ducrot and Ward Thomas, the track premiered on BBC Radio One’s Future Pop show, showcasing Bea’s evolving artistry. The … Continued