Tahls’ latest record, “Thanks A Million“, serves as a captivating showcase of the Brooklyn-based alt-rock band’s evolution. Led by the talented Tahlia Amanson, the album marks a departure from her previous independent productions, as she ventured to Memphis to collaborate with producer Calvin Lauber. Together, along with assistant engineer Elijah Poston, they brought Tahlia’s vision … Continued

Matthew Shadley Band’s latest offering, “1970 Something“, proves to be a remarkable follow-up to their first album in 14 years, “Emerald“. Released on 10 July 2023, the album boasts eight original songs penned by the band’s primary content creator, Matthew Shadley Brauer, along with two thoughtfully selected cover songs originally by Big Star and Steely … Continued

Graffiti Welfare’s debut album, “Revolving Shores”, is a mesmerising journey through the complexities of coming-of-age in the modern world. Hailing from Denver, this alt psych-pop artist skilfully weaves an experimental and introspective tapestry that resonates powerfully with listeners. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Tame Impala, Floating Points, and Pink Floyd, Graffiti … Continued

Miki Agrawal, the trailblazing serial entrepreneur known for her disruptive innovation and impactful ventures such as TUSHY and THINX, makes an audacious leap into the music world with her debut album, “It All Exists“, released under the moniker Soul Gaze. Collaborating with veteran musician Happie Hoffman and producer Gene Evaro Jr., Agrawal delivers a profound … Continued

Casiocenz’s debut album, “Party of One“, is a remarkable musical journey that showcases the creative prowess of a single individual. Written, performed, and produced entirely by Casiocenz, with only a few vocal accompaniments, the album exudes a unique charm that sets it apart from the mainstream. The album’s diversity of genres and inspirations is one … Continued

A repetitive ear-worm of a track would be the most fitting description, in a nutshell, of the latest single ‘Sex’ from The Ultraviolets.  Sex contains a really memorable chorus which does not fail to get stuck on your lips by the second chorus of the song, something which takes a lot of work as a … Continued

My first introduction to this track was listening to it while watching the music video. The Family Rain are a band who are absolutely not lacking in musical imagination and brilliance; they also clearly have a rather visual imagination too! Magnificent.  Machete Western is a track which is layered with synths, brilliant backing vocals and … Continued

‘Words’, a track which has left me lost for exactly that. This track has a beautiful balance of happy feelings and musical melancholy.  Nature TV are a band who, having come across them before, have stuck in my memory for their musical and songwriting talents. The band seem to have this habit for hooking people … Continued

An artist I’ve come across before when writing reviews and one that last time out, I wasn’t a huge fan of. This time around, Belot has not failed to impress my ears.  This song is unbelievably infectious, my toes were tapping the whole way through and the song is so good that it actually felt … Continued

A proper beauty, north-eastern starlet Cat Ryan is fast rising with great tunes just like this latest release ‘Like This’.  I can really imagine this song being the soundtrack to a 2010s FIFA track. A very strange comment but one which I’m sure indie lovers will understand, a huge compliment as some of the bigger … Continued

‘Nothing But The Sun’, the latest single from East-London based band Le Light instantly feels like a throwback to all that was great about the 80s.  Those mysterious, shimmering synths alongside the funky disco feel of the track really feel like they’ve come from a different time. I feel like this track could maybe use … Continued

One of the most confusing and mind boggling songs I have ever heard in my life has just been released by London band The Kobras, with their latest track ‘Rabbit Hole’.  I’m really not sure how to feel about this track, not often do I start a review with such a negative tone but it’s … Continued

Token Honey have here made a song which has the feel of a real timeless classic. ‘Different Enough’ is a bouncy indie pop track infused with beautiful guitar tones and a gleaming vocal performance.  A track which is somehow emotive yet contrastingly really bouncy at the same time, ‘Different Enough’ contains so many brilliant elements. … Continued

‘Do You Wanna Party’, right from the off has this incredibly infectious feel about it that makes you want to tap your toes in utter delight. Fleece, a Canadian outfit influenced by 60s harmony, psych rock and contemporary pop, really have made quite the impression with their music of late having racked up more than … Continued

Huge, huge summer vibes coming in with the latest single from Manchester indie-pop starlet Saytr Play.  ‘Butterfly Stitches’, which is the title track of Saytr Plays latest EP is a track which is extremely reminiscent of many other great indie pop bands with that classic dance-ready feel to it.  Built on a sparkling guitar melody, … Continued

Youth Sector, the mind boggling self-proclaimed ‘art-rock’ four piece, release yet another single into their catalogue of music which absolutely stakes a claim for one of the most catchy songs which you’ll come across.  Of all the things that are to be said about this song the feature point that I took away from the … Continued

Sometimes, a band comes along who are so far apart from the rest of everything else being produced in the music industry. Cassia is that band right now. I can’t attach their sound to any other band and honestly they seem to define the realms of genre. ‘High Tones’ is the latest in their discography … Continued

Full of life and pulsating music, ‘Crash’ is the latest addition to the sensational catalogue of fast rising band Only The Poets.  ‘Crash’ comes in at a short and sweet Two minutes and Forty seconds and in that short amount of time, I think it’s fair to say that the song absolutely has its desired … Continued

North West rock’n’rollers Columbia have recently released their latest tune. ‘Memory Lane’ is a song which does very much take you on a journey through feelings of nostalgia. A real call to the rock music of the past with something nice and fresh added.  Unlike many other bands, Columbia haven’t just stamped their name on … Continued

Some of the most animated, original and catchy post punk I have ever wrapped my ears around. ‘Free Parking’, the latest single from Youth Sector is simply a masterpiece.  Once again, as I’d expect of Youth Sector now having heard and reviewed a couple of their tunes, this is completely out of the box and … Continued

Drifting somewhere between heartbreak and a musical feeling of rejoice, KIDS have delivered what is a real journey through their lives in London with their debut EP.  Right from the off, there’s some swaggering rhythms with the opener Worthy which feels like a really fitting opener to what is a well put together collection of … Continued

Virens’ debut EP, ‘Couples Therapy’ is a heartfelt musical project that emerged from an unexpected lockdown love story between an actress from Birmingham and a songwriter from Bexhill. The EP delves into the trials and tribulations of being in a relationship, exploring the complexities and emotions that come with love and companionship. Entirely self-funded, ‘Couples Therapy’ … Continued

Jude Grant, a talented artist hailing from Chicago, presents a captivating concept album with ‘The Real Thing’. This musical journey delves into the stark contrast between the glamorous highs and the mundane realities of everyday life. Grant, who himself works as a barista in his hometown of Long Grove, IL, explores the notion of finding contentment … Continued

Lady Anemoia’s sophomore album, ‘The Hypnotist Collection’. offers a mesmerising exploration of a life that may be unfamiliar to many. Drawing inspiration from Bob Dylan’s song ‘She Belongs to Me’ the album delves into the pivotal moments experienced by an artist in their daily existence. It captures the essence of how every encounter and experience can … Continued

Trailer Swift’s latest EP, ‘Variant’, delves into the language of outbursts and the cadence of breakdowns, capturing raw emotions with an honesty that is almost palpable. The band skillfully translates these intense experiences into recognisable musical form, tackling the challenge of songwriting with remarkable depth. ‘Variant‘ is a slow-burn space rock journey that emerges from broken … Continued

Le Big Zero’s latest EP, ‘At Arm’s Length’, is a testament to the power of belief and perseverance in the face of challenges. The band, led by Michael Pasuit and Ben Ross, has come a long way through DIY tours and lineup changes, solidifying their core sound. With the addition of Katie Cooney and Lukas … Continued

After two years of anticipation, the hotly-tipped Birmingham band 3 Little Wolves has unveiled their long-awaited debut album, ‘Fires in the Night.’ This highly-anticipated release brings together a collection of re-recorded and re-mastered versions of their previously released singles, as well as a selection of brand-new tracks that have never been heard before. From the … Continued

Prepare to embark on a mind-bending musical journey as Arson Whales unleash their highly anticipated album, ‘Galactopus’, set to be released on 7th July. This experimental offering pushes the boundaries of genre and delivers a sonic experience that is both captivating and exhilarating. From the moment the first track kicks in, Arson Whales grabs your … Continued

Aleesha Dibbs, known for her contributions to various musical projects, steps into the spotlight with her debut solo EP, ‘Paradise Lost’. This collection of songs serves as a sonic journey through transformation and self-actualisation, challenging the conventional notion that change and growth are always accompanied by positivity. Produced and engineered by Tom Crandles (Prudence, Au.Ra, … Continued

Fake A Smile have just released their latest body of work and I can honestly say, it has definitely left me with an ‘appetite’ for something a bit more.  Coming in at only one minute and forty-eight seconds long, I was immediately apprehensive of this song. It just feels like it may need a bit … Continued

A huge throwback to the sound of the 80s with the instrumentation of ‘Summer Girl’, the latest release from familiar faces The Pigeon Detectives.  ‘Summer Girl’ is gnarly and full of grit and raw, unfiltered emotion. This is almost like if you take typical indie music and just add something a little extra. Having listened … Continued

‘Kimosabe’, the title single from the new upcoming Dope Lemon album sets the tone for what I expect will be a highly anticipated album. After huge shows at the likes of Manchester’s Albert Hall recently; as well as support from huge national and international tastemakers on recent releases, Dope Lemon have created quite a light … Continued

Animated, possibly one of the best new releases I have come across of late. Crystal Tides are a band who are new to me but make an instant impression with how relatable their music and lyrics are. The first thing that instantly caught my attention within this track was the production of the vocal in … Continued

Edinburgh newcomers Canongate have released their fourth and latest single ‘Glad I’m Free’ and it’s absolutely one of the most relaxed and mellow pieces of music I’ve heard in a while.  The lads from Scotland aimed to make this song a feel good single with catchy melodies and a feeling of freedom. These feelings and … Continued

‘Rainy Summer’, as the title may suggest, feels rather moody and full of attitude from the off. The Wears have a very clear and defined sound within this track and not one which I can really link back to any other artist easily. A unique piece of Rock music such as this is hard to … Continued

The latest single from Scottish songwriter Blair Davie is about as heartfelt as any song I have ever heard. ‘Lovely’ mixes emotion and the discussion of hard-to-discuss feelings with a hugely bouncy and lively piece of music.  The track starts with what feels like a timeless opening and something really instantly recognisable. Beyond this opening, … Continued

Fast rising Manchester lads M60 are back with yet another toe-tapper of a single in ‘Kool-Aid’.  Right from the off, ‘Kool-Aid’ is as infectious as they come with an ear worm of a chorus that I wouldn’t be ashamed to bounce my head to in the street. I do feel the guitars in this track … Continued

Another fine example of the resurgence of guitar music is this latest single from Danny Mellin, ‘Ordinary Day (Ordinary Town)’ is lively to say the very least.  With dirty guitar riffs driving this track along with the rest of an excellent rhythm section – Danny seems to have found a winning formula for his music. … Continued

Heartfelt, catchy and anthemic. Pretty much everything you could ever want from any piece of music. ‘Jessica’ by Daytime TV comes off the back of a lot of recent success for the band including a support tour in Europe.  The melodies, the rhythms and just every bit of musicality about this track makes it something … Continued

My immediate expectation of this song was something maybe a little bit gloomy due to the guitars in the intro of the track. Never have I been so wrong so fast.  The impeccable vocal performance soon kicks into this tune, with it comes the transformation into a shimmering musical performance. This one is definitely a … Continued

Neighbourhood Weekender returns to Victoria Park in Warrington this weekend for its 5th festival! Saturday 27th May will be headlined by Manchester legend Paul Heaton who will be joined by special guest Rianne Downey. Sunday 28th May will see Pulp return to Warrington for the first time since their last performance at Victoria Park back … Continued

Huge, overwhelmingly amazing vocals. The first thing that slaps you in the face from The Jade Assembly.  ‘Vulcan’ does have an interesting opening that pulls you in as a listener. However, it’s the power of vocalist John that really stands out from this breath of fresh air Manchester band. Bringing back Rock and Roll to … Continued

After the success of their debut single ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’, The Maddocks are back once again with a second single; it’s just as high as the standards they’ve previously set!  ‘If Anyone Can’ is full of high gain, grungey guitars and catchy hook lines. Just as I’d come to expect … Continued

After support from the nationally renowned Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1 on her last single, Belot has returned with another bouncy electronic infused offering in latest single ‘Get This’. Belot, who is a pioneer of a genre she claims to be called ‘awkward pop’, has a knack for creating songs which may be perceived … Continued

Funky, happy and just full of life. Ziggy D’Amato is a name that is very much brand new to me and one that I will be looking more into beyond this song. Unbelievably easy listening and just a song that is bound to make any listener feel all sorts of happy emotions.  This track feels … Continued

The latest release from Sad Boys Club sees them bring a slower, more emotional song to the table. It’s a track full of beautiful string parts and just some huge sounding instrumental lines in general.  One thing that absolutely cannot be knocked about this track is the sheer quality of production. Every bit of attention … Continued

Beautifully authentic stripped back piano ballad – May Payne’s latest single, ‘I Hate It When You Touch Me’ encapsulates the painful reality of being a young woman unable to say ‘no’. Payne’s heart-wrenching track debates the deep-rooted pain of ‘mandatory intimacy’ and unwillingly enduring the unwanted touch of a man. 21-year-old singer songwriter gained a … Continued

Another upcomer who’s making their name in the north eastern corner of the country is Tom A Smith. And I have to say, for such a young man, this lads songwriting is way beyond his years.  Tom, within this track, seems to have developed a really relatable way of writing about his youthful experiences and … Continued

‘Illusions’, a track which seems, in many ways, drenched in all forms of pain. This track almost feels defining of the Lo-Fi indie sound. The lads in Nature TV have absolutely nailed down a sound which really feels very much unique to them.  In recent times, Nature TV have seen support from national tastemakers such … Continued

Harmonic beauty in the latest single from North East band Komparrison. ‘He Doesn’t Get It’ features vocal parts which I would not have expected over the almost grungey music.  The stand out of this track is without doubt, as I previously mentioned, the vocal layering and the understanding of the music to have made the … Continued

There’s something quite remarkable about the fact that the lads in Pentire have managed to write and release a song such as ‘Kick Me When I’m Weak’ on an EP and still it isn’t even the best song on the whole record.  Pentire have really been making waves on the UK circuit recently having just … Continued

Nostalgia defined, ‘I Just Wanna Know’ is a real throwback to times gone by and a reminder of the classic Indie sound we all know and love.  The Splints, hailing from Australia, are returning with what is surprisingly only their second single. I say surprisingly because this is a band that sound like they have … Continued

South coast musical mindbenders The Manatees are back with their latest offering ‘How Was I To Know’, released on April 14th via Fierce Panda Records as part of their latest EP ‘Dream In Colour’.  This track, as stated by the lads, is absolutely rife with a plethora of different musical influences spanning multiple genres. All of … Continued

Falling To Pieces, the first piece of music released by The Pigeon Detectives since the announcement of their highly anticipated Sixth studio album. It’s definitely anthemic to say the very least.  I’m really not sure where to start with this track, the sheer quality of songwriting on display has absolutely blown my mind and left … Continued

A song very much written for the people by a band from an extremely relatable background. ‘This Town’ by The White Roses is an in your face, guitar driven banger.  The immediate standout of this track is the vocal performance from singer Ellie. There’s a real beauty and innocence about the way such harsh and … Continued

From one of my favourite rising bands in the industry – Only The Poets. Jump is a sensationally catchy track.  I remember reviewing the last single from these guys when ‘Even Hell’ was released and being completely blown away. Since then they have now released their latest body of work ‘Jump’. As I have come to … Continued

Mr Invisible, a track which lyrically any listener may immediately fall at the feet of. A real story teller of a track.  Unfortunately, as much as the lyrics really do tell a story, what let’s this track down is the musical aspect. It just seems quite messy and very muddled up with all the parts … Continued

From the very outset of Star Cross’d, the latest single from Fast Money Music, there’s a feel of a ready made banger of a pop song.  Everything is so perfectly in place in this track which has clearly been created by musicians who are right at the peak of their talents. After successful collaborations with … Continued

Glorious, easy listening post-punk music, Youth Sector have certainly come back with a bang with their latest release ‘Benign Fire in a Small Room’.  The track is absolutely laden with great guitar tones, melody’s and some really impressive motifs that get caught in your head. Though I’m not normally a huge fan of post-punk myself, … Continued

Low Hummer, a band who are masters at telling the stories of the way we all live, this song ‘Connected’ is lyrically, extremely relevant and one that I’m sure many people would relate to. A track which is seemingly about our use of phones and the modern world all wrapped up in good old post-punk … Continued

With only their second single, fast-upcoming band Keyside have hit the world with what feels like a real story-teller of a track. These lads are at the forefront of an ever growing Merseyside music scene and it’s really clear to see why they’re so well liked.  ‘Paris to Marseille’ is, at the very least, incredibly … Continued

Guitars. Beautiful, insanely performed guitar music. That was my instant impression of ‘Again’ by The Cavs. It’s a piece of music which really feels like it’s trying to decide what genre it wants to be. Don’t get me wrong it’s an incredible track but there’s just elements that feel really confused within it. Such as … Continued

Leeds really is becoming a real hotspot for upcoming music lately and Artio are yet another in the string of great bands coming through. This time a bit of a heavier band with this release ‘Product Of My Own Design’ being a track which is ready made to head bang to.  Sometimes you can just … Continued

After hearing and reviewing the last track from Southern group Pynch, my expectations were high for this track. I did immediately lose those expectations however when I heard the sound that starts this new track. It’s almost like a new band with the same vocalist in. Diversity within music is a brilliant quality. The fact that … Continued

Cumbria-based The Silver Bars are hitting the world with some real nostalgia in their new track ‘Lipstick Colour’. This one does really feel like a classic that I’ve heard before and reminds me of so much great indie music from years gone by.  I’m not quite sure what it is about this track but there’s just … Continued

Funky, twangy and catchy. This is some pop song and some band. Little Planets, the latest signing to Modern Sky who were born out of the city of Leeds, demonstrate some incredible mix between funk and pop in their latest track and I’m loving it! It’s hard to know where to start when a track … Continued

Brad Mack, a man who has got a brilliant nack for writing a catchy indie rock track. ‘What’ve You Got To Lose’ has this feel as if it’s like 2004 Arctic Monkeys but brought forward 20 years and given a real indie pop twist.  The drum performance in this track is absolutely my highlight. Every … Continued

Another unbelievable track from these lads hailing from the small town of Ross-on-Wye. ‘Give Me A Reason’ is, to say the very least, anthemic.  A track that seems to be fused somewhere between indie rock and indie pop it’s so easy to listen to. The latest offering from Pentire is filled to the brim with … Continued

Just over two minutes of funky, toe-tapping goodness would be my short summary of ‘Cool Whip’ by Belot.  The whole vibe of this track feels like it’s been laced with the influence of Doja Cat but made more cool, it really does feel like a summer-ready banger. Nothing too complex musically, it’s just a track … Continued

This song does, in many ways, feel like a train ride through the singers thoughts. It’s sort of rambling along with some element of a rush like the chaotic nature of catching a rush hour train as the band describe it.  ‘Train’ is a heavily guitar based piece of music, so much so I’d normally … Continued

This post-something piece of musical beauty that is ‘Where Are You Now’ by The Heavy North really is something of a masterclass in musicianship.  The instruments just quite pleasantly sort of soar along through the track. Not with any form of melancholy, just the opposite. It’s almost as if the song is meant to be … Continued

‘Calling Time’, the latest release from Manchester band Arkayla is an instantly likeable, shining example of some great modern indie guitar music. With quite astonishing guitar tones and beautiful vocal melodies throughout the song this one is perfect for any indie lover. Arkayla have recently seen success from BBC Music Introducing for this track as … Continued

The Fades latest offering is quite possibly the happiest sounding song within the punk genres that I’ve ever heard. The London based band have recently had an abundance of success touring the UK as well as the likes of Italy and more recently the USA!  It would seem that the critical acclaim from national tastemakers … Continued

Modern day rebellion defined. ‘No Future’, the latest single from The Meffs makes no mistake about getting straight in your face and getting its angsty point across.  After building some recent success at venues such as Londons iconic Roundhouse, the upcoming punk sensations were invited to take to the studio with the renowned Frank Turner. … Continued

You’d be quite quickly and easily fooled into thinking you’ve been transported back into 90s American grunge with Trunky Juno’s latest track.  The Durham based hard-hitter is one artist making some hugely different sounds at the moment. ‘Everything You Say And Do’ is a track which the artist himself describes as ‘alternative indie with pop … Continued

Two Year Vacation have released what might be the most light hearted and feel good tracks I’ve heard this year. Even at 6 in the morning on a train, this absolute belter had me bopping my head!  ‘High Hopes, Low Expectations’, is only the third release this year from the funky fresh band birthed from … Continued

Described as ‘not so well behaved indie pop’ I was immediately not sure what to expect when I opened up the Spotify of the fast rising Harri Georgio. If I did have any expectation it was very quickly changed when I heard his latest offering ‘Weekend’.  ‘Weekend’ is one of those tracks that stands out … Continued

An instant slap in the face from a track full of pure angst. The Empire Police, a powerful upcoming quartet from the north west of England, have released their latest musical work ‘Northern Bones’. This track has some real contrast, immediately, between the instrumental lines and the vocal performance which is within the track. The … Continued

Lancashire based indie dream-pop upcomers lanterns are supplying even more brilliant vibes with their latest track Glue.  A band who were one of the standouts of all the bands that I saw live last year, have proved to be just as great on record. The trio, earmarked by BBC Introducing Lancashire as ‘ones to watch’ … Continued

A song which seems somewhat harrowing in lyrical content but says all that it needs to say.  ‘London’ by Pynch is a song which discusses the housing crisis and current economic state of the UK’s capital. In a time where it can be hard to discuss such issues, these guys have somehow managed to perfectly … Continued

Walls of guitars, bouncy rhythms and insane production. What more could any listener ask for in a piece of music. ‘Exit Sign’ supplies all of this in just one track.  Tushar is giving almost a math rock sort of influence with this absolute bop. A summer ready banger which feels like some almighty combination of … Continued

The ever-present The Pigeon Detectives are back with their latest tune ‘Lovers Come and Lovers Go’ and it’s an absolute belter!  It all starts with a really trashy sounding guitar tone which initially sounds somewhat offensive on the ears. However, when the rest of the track all kicks in it sort of just blends with … Continued

From their very name I had an idea that their may be a hint of Psychedelia in Eyesore & The Jinx’s music. I didn’t however expect to be slapped in the face by a song that sounds so graciously experimental.  The Merseyside based band are carrying on with a successful string of releases via their … Continued

Noah And The Loners, a band back with only their second single and definitely one to be proud of in many ways. However, also one to be learned from and improved upon.  This song gives absolutely everything that you’d expect after reading the title. Pure angst in the performance and lyrical content of this track … Continued

The latest offering from Derby based bedroom pop producer and artist Sfven does it’s job perfectly in creating an image of a scenario through the means of music.  Sfven himself says that ‘Fingers Through My Hair’ is a song which tries to capture the nostalgia of the honeymoon phase of a relationship. Something very relatable … Continued

Welsh up and comers Beano Naboo and The Real Keepers have just put out their latest tune and crowd favourite ‘Trouble On The Telephone’. A song which feels really drenched in pain and almost country inspired in a lot of places.  Within the track itself, it’s really easy to see why this song is a … Continued

Sad Boys Club have released their latest nostalgic floor filler ‘Delicious’. This track is something which feels like a nod to the 2000s while still being up to date and very new. This single is the latest in a string of songs coming out on the bands upcoming album ‘Lullabies From The Lightning Tree’, which … Continued

Youth Sector, a Brighton based musical breath of fresh air. Describing themselves as being within the Art-Rock genre, you’d expect this band to be very Avant-Garde within their musical creation and that expectation is absolutely met with this latest song ‘A Definitive Guide To Easy Living’.  The track feels something like Funk music meets pop, … Continued

Soulhole, a rhythmically tight, groovy band are releasing their latest banger ‘Pretty Mumma’ and it’s a song for every lover of indie pop in the world. This is a song I’d love to hear in a live scenario, purely because as a recorded track I do have a couple of problems with it. The track, … Continued

The Faux Faux have produced possibly the most unconventional of guitar driven tracks that I have heard of late with their new tune ‘Cold Hearted Woman’. A tune which repeats its hook line over and over to reinforce the really quite blunt message it wants to convey.  The Faux Faux is the new solo project … Continued

Divine musical arrangement in what is one of the finest recent releases I’ve heard from any band. Only The Poets, the lads from Reading, have dropped their latest single ‘Even Hell’ via EMI Records and it’s one that is sure to get stuck in the minds of many.  This latest track from the southern lads … Continued

Nothing For Breakfast are another band coming from the brilliant scene which has been building for bands out in Italy recently. Their latest release ‘Time Machine’ is one with huge electronic underpinnings and in many ways does feel like being placed in a time machine back to the old music of 70s and 80s with … Continued

Gold Spectacles latest offering ‘Anywhere Else’, is a song which is nothing short of a song with the potential to be a huge tune and a very catchy one at that.  However, I feel this track just falls short in a couple of areas. ‘Anywhere Else’, by its very design as a track is a … Continued

Music that feels like it’s made to be pumped out of a cars speakers on a really hot summer day. Three piece The Family Rain have written – and nailed yet another in your face rock and roll guitar track. With a majorly bouncy and catchy guitar riff and the  song having been produced by … Continued

Claws, the latest release from San Francisco born, UK based, artist Fast Money Music is a high energy, guitar driven banger. Immediately, this track feels very familiar. It almost seems just like any British indie track, just so comfortable to listen to. It’s almost like Royal Blood jumped into the 80s, a rather tantalising display … Continued

This latest track from Manchester based band M60 feels like an instant crowd pleaser and floor filler. M60 are a band who do seem to write music for their fans as well as themselves, with tunes that are sure to get crowds a bit rowdy and singing their hearts out in packed out rooms.  With … Continued

‘Maybe’ from Stanleys is a nice mellow indie track, driven by pretty, jangly guitar lines and a sound which is reminiscent of times gone by while still staying unique and true to the sound of a band who are crafting their own sound. One of the most beautiful parts of this track is the glory … Continued

Guitar Driven indie glory is being brought to the table with Satyr Play’s latest single ‘Like A Ghost’. The whole of this track is constantly building and dropping and just constantly staying interesting throughout. I can’t imagine my ears ever getting tired of this.  The obvious part of this track which I want to comment … Continued

Glamorous, beautiful, shimmering indie pop. ‘Spinning’, the latest single from Ross-on-Wye born Pentire, is quite jaw dropping to listen to. A really uplifting track with some quite sad yet relatable lyrics behind it.  It’s absolutely no surprise to see that these lads have already received major support from national tastemakers on the likes of Radio … Continued