Bea Stewart’s latest single, ‘Talking To Your Sunflowers’, heralds the forthcoming EP, ‘Sorry I’m So Sensitive‘, and serves as a poignant continuation of her musical journey. Produced by Oskar Winberg, known for his work with Cian Ducrot and Ward Thomas, the track premiered on BBC Radio One’s Future Pop show, showcasing Bea’s evolving artistry. The Northern Irish singer-songwriter, in only her second EP, has already garnered acclaim from BBC Radio 1, Wonderland, Amazing Radio, Notion, and Earmilk, displaying her innate talent for connecting through emotive storytelling.

The single, a sublime fusion of folk and pop, highlights Bea’s tender vocals enriched with her Belfast accent. ‘Talking To Your Sunflowers’ is a heartfelt message to her father, capturing the complexities of leaving home. The accompanying video, directed by Marieke Maclon, adds visual depth to the narrative. Bea reflects on her journey away from home, acknowledging the challenges faced by both herself and her father. The song encapsulates the struggle of transitioning into adulthood while maintaining a connection to one’s roots.

Bea Stewart’s ability to weave personal narratives into compelling melodies is evident in this latest release. As she explores themes of self-discovery and compassion, ‘Talking To Your Sunflowers’ emerges as a soulful and relatable piece of art, setting the stage for what promises to be a captivating EP. With a UK tour on the horizon, Bea Stewart continues to captivate audiences with her genuine and moving musical expression.

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