PLAY DEAD’s latest release, ‘Pretty Little Thing’, serves as a rebellious anthem against self-image obsession and influencer culture. Released via Blitzcat Records on February 27th, this Britpop-infused track marks the announcement of their forthcoming EP, ‘Fly On The Wall‘, as well as the kickoff of their EU tour on March 15th.

Following the defiant stance against gentrification in ‘Thameslink’, ‘Pretty Little Thing’ takes a different route, offering a more carefree and playful vibe reminiscent of the lively sounds of 90s bands like The Bluetones and Supergrass. The infectious chorus riff anchors the track, inviting listeners to embrace its catchy energy.

Lead singer Joe Blair’s commentary adds depth to the song’s theme, highlighting the detrimental effects of influencer culture on individuals. His observation about seeing a former Love Island contestant promoting a mundane product like a car air freshener underscores the song’s critique of the superficiality and emptiness often associated with the pursuit of online fame.

Overall, ‘Pretty Little Thing’ showcases PLAY DEAD’s ability to blend catchy melodies with socially relevant lyrics, making it a standout addition to their repertoire and a must-listen for fans of Britpop-inspired garage punk.


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