Bess Atwell’s latest single ‘Release Myself’ serves as a tantalising glimpse into her upcoming full-length album, ‘Light Sleeper‘. Following the success of her previous LP, ‘Already, Always‘, which garnered widespread acclaim and secured her position as one of the most impactful artists of 2021, Atwell continues to captivate audiences with her warm and effervescent sound.

Produced by Aaron Dessner of The National, known for his work with artists such as Taylor Swift and Ben Howard, ‘Light Sleeper‘ promises to be a compelling continuation of Atwell’s musical journey. With tracks like ‘Sylvester’ and ‘The Weeping’ already setting the stage, Atwell showcases her growth not only as a songwriter but also as one of the UK’s revered artists.

‘Release Myself’ stands out as a raw and honest exploration of Atwell’s struggle with panic disorder. Yet, far from being self-pitying or cliché, the song exudes empowerment and resilience. Its infectious energy, coupled with Atwell’s heartfelt vocals, creates an immersive experience that resonates deeply with listeners.

Accompanied by a captivating video shot by Dylan Friese Greene, ‘Release Myself’ embodies a vibrant, ’90s-inspired aesthetic, reminiscent of indie pop’s expressive heyday. Atwell’s unwavering authenticity shines through, inviting audiences to embrace vulnerability and self-expression.

As Atwell prepares for a series of intimate live shows and support slots with The National, anticipation for ‘Light Sleeper‘ continues to mount. With its themes of self-exploration and bravery in the face of fear, Atwell’s latest offering promises to be a poignant and unforgettable musical journey.

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