Shines, the Grimsby-based band comprising Richard Dutton, Rob Cross, Marc Poole, and Chris Day, have burst onto the music scene with their debut single, ‘Home’. Following two sold-out shows in late 2023, Shines are poised to make a significant impact this year.

With a pedigree of individual success, Shines represents a synergy of talent and vision. Their journey began with the sharing of demos on Soundcloud and the release of live performances on YouTube. Now, they unveil ‘Home’, a captivating composition born from guitarist Rob Cross’s layered instrumentation and vocalist Richard Dutton’s poignant lyricism.

‘Home’ navigates the complexities of relationship breakdowns, weaving a narrative of love, loss, and longing. Dutton’s emotive delivery captures the essence of the song, drawing listeners into its melancholic embrace. The track’s genesis speaks to Shines’ creative freedom, eschewing conventional norms to deliver a piece that resonates with authenticity and depth.

Looking ahead, Shines promise an exciting lineup of singles and videos leading up to a highly anticipated album release in the summer. Their commitment to live performances and festival appearances ensures that fans will have ample opportunities to experience their electrifying energy firsthand.

In ‘Home’, Shines offer a tantalising glimpse into their sonic universe, leaving audiences eager for more. With their distinctive sound and unwavering passion, Shines are undoubtedly a band to watch in 2024 and beyond.

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