ACTVE CAPTVE’s latest single, ‘Safe N Sound’, is a genre-defying sonic adventure that cements the band’s reputation as musical trailblazers. Serving as the penultimate track from their debut EP, ‘Saudaze‘, the song seamlessly fuses disco, modern dance, and hard rock, creating a sound that’s akin to Dua Lipa meeting System of a Down with a touch of Muse’s brilliance.

Justin, the band’s frontman, pours his emotional journey into ‘Safe N Sound’, providing listeners with a window into his introspective contemplation about the loss of a significant relationship. The unique blend of disco grooves, infectious modern dance beats, and the raw power of hard rock enhances the emotional depth of the single, delivering a cathartic and immersive experience.

Known for their fearlessness in experimenting with musical elements, ACTVE CAPTVE showcases their versatility in ‘Safe N Sound’. The single is a testament to the band’s ability to weave disparate genres into a cohesive musical tapestry. The track takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions, from infectious dance floor vibes to the adrenaline-pumping energy of hard rock riffs. Its dynamic shifts and unexpected turns make it a must-listen for those seeking a fresh and unpredictable sound.

‘Safe N Sound’ invites fans and newcomers to join ACTVE CAPTVE on a sonic adventure within the broader context of the ‘Saudaze‘ EP. With introspective lyrics, innovative sound, and a signature style that defies conventions, the debut EP promises to captivate audiences and establish ACTVE CAPTVE as a groundbreaking force in modern music.


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