Eyesore & The Jinx’s latest single, ‘Float Like a Jellyfish (Sting Like a Subtweet)’, serves as a tantalising preview of their forthcoming debut album, ‘Jitterbug‘. Recorded at Yellowbird Studio and produced by Daniel Fox, this track encapsulates the band’s signature fidgety-post-punk energy with a lyrical exploration of the complexities of social media.

Josh Miller, the band’s vocalist and bassist, introduces the single as a commentary on the influence of social media on society, blending witty observations with a touch of humour. The song’s title itself, a clever play on the famous Muhammad Ali quote, hints at the sharp wit and irony threaded throughout the track.

‘Float Like a Jellyfish (Sting Like a Subtweet)’ has already gained popularity as a staple in the band’s live performances, showcasing their ability to captivate audiences with their dynamic sound and thought-provoking lyrics. Miller’s mention of his Bianca Del Rio impersonation adds an extra layer of intrigue, hinting at the band’s penchant for unexpected twists and turns.

Eyesore & The Jinx have been steadily building momentum with their previous releases, garnering global acclaim and recognition from music blogs, radio stations, and streaming platforms. Their dedication to crafting compelling music is evident in their journey from the pandemic-induced challenges of releasing their debut EP to their current position on the brink of releasing their highly anticipated album.

As they gear up for the release of ‘Jitterbug‘, Eyesore & The Jinx continue to solidify their presence in the music scene, with ‘Float Like a Jellyfish (Sting Like a Subtweet)’ serving as a tantalising taste of what’s to come. With their sharp lyricism, infectious energy, and penchant for innovation, this Liverpool trio is poised to make a significant impact with their debut album and beyond.

Photo by Gary Lambert

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