In a whirlwind journey through 2023, The Maddocks made their mark with an impressive debut single, radio play on Radio X, and a triumphant Manchester headline show. Now, the Manchester-based quartet is ushering in 2024 with their debut EP, ‘What’s On The Menu?‘, a delightful musical spread that showcases their growth and creativity.

The EP, a self-released venture, kicks off with an extended version of their recent single ‘Ronnie O’Sullivan’, setting the tone for what unfolds as a captivating auditory journey. Containing two previously unreleased tracks, the record is a testament to The Maddocks’ versatility, drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of musical styles and lyrical themes.

The band’s songwriting prowess shines through in the diverse lyrical inspirations that range from snooker champions to the monarchy, intertwining with personal stories and reflections. The EP’s composition reflects the band’s collaborative spirit, with influences from their shared experiences and the camaraderie that comes from being best friends.

In a recent statement, the band expressed their excitement about the EP, saying, “We’ve been working towards this EP pretty much since the formation of the band. The track titles come from phrases we’ve said or overheard while out and about, reflecting the slightly chaotic and fun energy in the songs.” The EP’s artwork, featuring the band in a kebab house, offers a glimpse into the late-night camaraderie that permeates the record. Designed with a touch of humour, the artwork complements the theme of the EP, capturing the essence of The Maddocks’ creative process.

True to their DIY ethos, The Maddocks wrote, recorded, and mastered all four tracks at their Fallowfield rehearsal room. This hands-on approach allows the band to maintain a distinct sound that resonates with authenticity. With its blend of catchy tunes, diverse influences, and infectious energy, ‘What’s On The Menu?‘ establishes The Maddocks as a band to watch in 2024. Their debut EP is a promising start to what looks to be another exciting chapter in the band’s burgeoning career.

To celebrate the EP’s release, The Maddocks will headline a show at Manchester’s Deaf Institute on February 24th, 2024, supported by Stan Buckroyd and Tay Temple. Tickets are available here.

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