Learn To Surf’s latest single, ‘Passing By’, encapsulates the essence of old friends reuniting to craft something truly special. Comprising James Baldwin on drums, Jim Coburn on bass, Joe Reeves on guitar, vocals, and keys, and Jack Titcombe on guitar, vocals, and keys, this quartet’s synergy is palpable. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, Wilco, Flaming Lips, and Spoon, their music amalgamates dream-pop, alt-rock, and ambient vibes into a captivating sonic journey.

Recorded partly at Press Play Studios and partly at Joe Reeves Recording, ‘Passing By’ was expertly produced by Joe himself. The ethos behind this single reflects a commitment to enjoying the creative process while taking the music seriously. Each member’s input shines through, resulting in a rich, immersive indie-rock aesthetic.

What sets Learn To Surf apart is their collaborative songwriting approach, as highlighted in ‘Passing By’. This track, born out of spontaneous ideas shared by all four members, resonates with introspective themes of embracing difficult moments rather than resisting them.

Despite facing time constraints due to individual commitments, the band’s efficiency in the studio is commendable. With only 10 days of actual work invested in this project, Learn To Surf has delivered a gem that leaves listeners eager for more. As Joe Reeves aptly puts it, “‘Passing By’ was written with all four us together just throwing out ideas so it means something different to each us but for me it’s about leaning into a difficult moment and letting it pass by rather than fighting it.”

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