Common Tongue’s latest release, ‘Speak’, resonates with a raw energy that cuts through the noise of modern-day communication. Led by Matt Thompsett on guitar and vocals, and supported by Matt Winterman on drums, the duo’s chemistry is palpable, a connection forged in their hometown of Chatham, reignited years later in Southsea amid the waning days of Covid lockdowns.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of influences including Cleopatrik, Royal Blood, Muse, and QOTSA, Common Tongue’s sound is both dynamic and distinct. Their single, ‘Speak’, recorded at Southsea Sound under the guidance of Tim Greaves, is a testament to their creative prowess. ‘Speak’ isn’t just a song; it’s a reflection of frustration, a visceral response to the overwhelming deluge of social media content and the impersonal nature of online interaction. It’s a rallying cry against being talked at instead of being listened to, a sentiment that strikes a chord in today’s digital age.

Though still emerging, Common Tongue has already left their mark on the live circuit, having performed at notable venues such as Neu Waves in Portsmouth and secured radio appearances on Future Hits Radio.┬áIn ‘Speak’, Common Tongue delivers more than just music; they offer a poignant commentary on the state of communication in the 21st century, wrapped in a blistering rock anthem that demands to be heard.

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