The Terrys have returned with their highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Skate Pop‘, marking a triumphant evolution in their sound. Their latest single, ‘Tokyo’, serves as an enticing encapsulation of the album’s vibrant energy. With edgy guitar riffs and anthemic synths, ‘Tokyo’ seamlessly blends indie pop with brit-pop influences, offering listeners a catchy floor filler that’s impossible to resist.

Skate Pop‘ isn’t just an album; it’s a testament to The Terrys’ boundless creativity. From festival-ready bangers like ‘No Bad Days’ to introspective tracks such as ‘Daisy’s Drop’, the album captures the full spectrum of emotions that define the band’s journey. Vocalist Jacob ‘Finchy’ Finch shares insights into the album’s thematic depth, reflecting on the complexities of early-twenties life with honesty and vulnerability.

Musically diverse and thematically rich, ‘Skate Pop‘ showcases The Terrys’ ability to transcend genres and connect with listeners on a personal level. Producer Chris Collins’s expert guidance, coupled with the band’s uninhibited approach, has resulted in a record that’s both cohesive and captivating. The album’s success is further underscored by The Terrys’ recent achievements, including their impressive rankings in triple j’s Hottest 100 and sold-out shows across Australia, UK, EU, and NZ.

As The Terrys gear up for their sophomore UK & Europe Tour, ‘Skate Pop‘ promises to be a defining chapter in the band’s journey. With its infectious melodies and introspective lyrics, this album invites listeners to join The Terrys on a musical adventure filled with positivity, authenticity, and unbridled creativity. Don’t miss out on experiencing the vibrant world of ‘Skate Pop‘ – it’s a journey worth taking.

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