ORNAMENT AND CRIME’s latest release, ‘ONES‘, is a captivating exploration of electronic synth-craft and organic instrumentation. Helmed by the talented duo of Alex Kemp, known for his work with Poolside, and Bill Delia, the drummer of Grizfolk, the album pulsates with a myriad of emotions and eccentricities.

From the outset, it’s evident that ORNAMENT AND CRIME have crafted a sonic landscape that seamlessly merges dance beats with indie rock song structures. Alex Kemp notes the convergence of these elements, highlighting how the addition of a dance beat infuses instant gratification into the music. Indeed, ‘ONES‘ delivers a heady concoction of hazy bliss for the dancefloor, adorned with disco glitter and synthpop shimmer.

The album’s collaborative nature shines through as dynamic female vocalists take centre stage, charming and captivating listeners with their ethereal melodies. Tracks like ‘You’re A Mess’ featuring Virginia Palms and ‘On & ON’ featuring Cadeaux showcase the duo’s ability to create immersive soundscapes that invite listeners into their universe.

What sets ORNAMENT AND CRIME apart is their uncontainable musical chemistry, cultivated through years of collaboration and experimentation. ‘ONES‘ serves as a testament to their creative synergy, with each track exuding a distinct energy and vibe while maintaining a cohesive sonic identity.

The journey of ‘ONES‘ began in a Venice, CA studio, where Alex and Bill worked tirelessly to craft a collection of songs that would resonate with audiences. The result is a finely crafted album that showcases their evolution as artists while staying true to their signature sound.

Standout tracks like ‘No Other Lover’ and the remix of Grizfolk’s ‘The Ripple’ demonstrate ORNAMENT AND CRIME’s ability to push boundaries and defy genre conventions. With over half a million total streams and critical acclaim from outlets like Buzzbands.la and The Deli, it’s clear that their unique blend of electronic and organic elements has struck a chord with listeners worldwide.

In essence, ‘ONES‘ is more than just an album – it’s a testament to the power of collaboration, experimentation, and artistic expression. ORNAMENT AND CRIME have crafted a sonic journey that invites listeners to lose themselves in its mesmerising melodies and infectious rhythms, proving once again that great music knows no bounds.


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