Altre di B’s latest single, ‘Merighi’, serves as an enticing preview of their upcoming EP set to release in 2024. The track delves into the psyche of an insecure man, narrating his introspective journey as he rehearses speeches and songs in front of the mirror. The poignant lyrics convey a sense of self-discovery, contemplating the idea of returning to one’s roots to find authenticity.

Altre di B, originally known for their unconventional entry into the music scene with a DIY CD featuring Serie B football team Panini stickers, has evolved into a dynamic force in indie rock. Despite their Italian roots, the band seamlessly delivers their music in English, showcasing a fusion of post-punk, jangle, and twee pop influences. The energetic and jubilant rock style has taken them across Italy, Europe, and North America, participating in renowned festivals.

The band’s rich history, from their debut album to collaborations with figures like Dino Zoff, sets the stage for ‘Merighi’ and builds anticipation for their upcoming EP. The track captures the essence of Altre di B’s artistic evolution, blending introspection with their signature energetic sound. As they continue to shape their musical narrative, the anticipation for their 2024 album only intensifies.

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