Big Romance’s latest offering, ‘Messed Up’, marks a departure from their polished sound, venturing into a realm of raw, unbridled energy. Hailing from Newcastle, the band trades refinement for imperfection, embracing a more raucous approach to songwriting that sets them on a new sonic trajectory.

Recorded at the revamped Polestar Studios with in-house engineer Alex Blamire and produced by Paul Gregory of Mercury Award-nominated Lanterns on the Lake, the single showcases Big Romance’s willingness to experiment. They navigate dissonance and discourse with a less polished, more abrasive palette, injecting a refreshing dose of unpredictability into their indie rock ethos.

With an unapologetic attitude, ‘Messed Up’ becomes the harbinger of Big Romance’s sophomore EP, set to release in Spring 2024. The track retains the band’s signature punchy indie rock essence while daringly stepping into territories that touch upon both pop and grunge influences. Big Romance’s evolution is palpable, promising an EP that not only disrupts expectations but also solidifies their place as trailblazers in the indie music scene.

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