Baby Said’s latest single, ‘You Killed It’, is a defiant anthem that builds upon the raw energy and unapologetic attitude that defined their debut hit, ‘FIGHT’. With blistering guitar riffs and anthemic vocals, Baby Said delivers a powerful message while staying true to their signature sound.

Inspired by real-life encounters, ‘You Killed It’ fearlessly confronts the pervasive issues of harassment and inappropriate behaviour. The track serves as a bold sonic manifesto, embodying Rock ‘n’ Roll rebellion while championing resilience and empowerment. Drawing from personal experiences, Baby Said ignites a fervent call to action with each chord and lyric, resonating with power and authenticity.

Crafted during their immersive experience in Wales with acclaimed producer Gethin Pearson, ‘You Killed It’ showcases the remarkable talents of the Italian/Punjabi sisters Veronica and Jess Pal, aged 19 and 17 respectively. From Veronica’s early beginnings with the acoustic guitar to Jess’s journey from keyboards to bass guitar, their musical evolution culminates in this electrifying single.

The duo’s rise to prominence, from busking on the streets to performing at renowned venues, reflects their unwavering determination to pursue their musical aspirations. Partnering with Big Hug Management in 2023 marked a significant milestone in their career, paving the way for the emergence of Baby Said as heralds of a new era in music.

‘You Killed It’ not only showcases Baby Said’s musical prowess but also reaffirms their commitment to inspiring self-belief and resilience in the face of adversity. With this latest offering, Baby Said solidifies their position as rising stars poised to captivate the global soundscape.

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