Astral Bakers’ latest single, ‘Beautiful Everything’, sets the stage for an eagerly anticipated debut album, ‘The Whole Story‘, scheduled for release on February 9th via Sage Music. Comprising seasoned musicians, including Sage (Ambroise Willaume of Revolver fame), Theodora, Nico Lockhart, and Zoé Hochberg, the band’s collective experience shines through in this vibrant track.

Recorded live in the studio, ‘Beautiful Everything’ exudes a harmonious blend of influences, drawing parallels to Sonic Youth’s accessible charm while retaining the emotive warmth reminiscent of Elliott Smith and Big Thief. The song’s upbeat tempo and infectious energy make it an engaging nod to a more accessible side of alternative music, providing a refreshing sonic experience.

Astral Bakers showcase their musical prowess with seamless instrumentals and evocative vocals, striking a delicate balance between dreamy atmospheres and an invigorating sense of vitality. The track captures the essence of a live performance, immersing listeners in its captivating soundscapes. With this compelling preview, Astral Bakers not only sparks anticipation for their debut album but also establishes themselves as a noteworthy force in the indie music scene. ‘Beautiful Everything’ is, indeed, a tantalising glimpse into the promising universe of Astral Bakers.

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