Desire Lines’ latest single, ‘Can’t Crawl’, is a powerhouse addition to their growing discography, solidifying their presence in the Manchester music scene. The trio, consisting of Titch (guitar and vocals), Pete (drums), and Loz (bass), seamlessly blend rock, punk, and indie influences to craft a sound that’s both tight and dynamic. 

Following their well-received 5-track EP in August 2023, ‘Can’t Crawl’ propels Desire Lines into even heavier sonic territories. The track, while still embracing the band’s signature melodies and dynamic shifts, is an unapologetic power chord banger that demands attention. Lyrically, the song explores the intricacies of workplace relationships, delving into the frustrations of grafting alongside hardworking colleagues contrasted with the infuriating existence of those who lazily coast through each day.

Recorded and mixed by Andy at Through the Roof studios in Hyde, the production values on ‘Can’t Crawl’ capture the intensity of Desire Lines’ live performances. As the band gears up for a bustling year of live shows in 2024, this single undoubtedly cements their status as a rising force in the alternative rock scene. With its infectious energy and relatable themes, ‘Can’t Crawl’ stands as a testament to Desire Lines’ musical prowess and their ability to connect with the everyday struggles of working-class life.

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