Daytime TV’s latest offering, ‘Fear’, from their upcoming EP ‘Island.‘, is a bold testament to the band’s commitment to breaking boundaries and defying norms within the alternative rock scene. With their debut album already earning them widespread acclaim, the band’s collaboration with producer Ross Hamilton on this EP seems poised to elevate their sound to even greater heights.

‘Fear’ delves into the depths of catastrophic thinking and self-doubt, themes that resonate deeply in today’s tumultuous world. Vocalist and guitarist Will Irvine’s introspective lyrics lay bare the struggles of creative paralysis, where fear becomes a barrier to progress. Yet, through the cathartic process of songwriting, Daytime TV finds liberation, confronting their fears head-on and breaking free from the constraints that hinder artistic expression.

Musically, ‘Fear’ is a powerhouse, blending nostalgic 80s tones with futuristic elements, creating a sonic landscape that feels both familiar and innovative. The track’s colossal soundscapes and infectious melodies showcase the band’s ability to craft anthemic alt-rock with undeniable appeal.

With ‘Fear’, Daytime TV proves once again that they are not content with being just another rock band. Their willingness to push boundaries and experiment with genre-crossing sounds sets them apart, promising listeners an exhilarating journey of escapism and defiance.

As a preview of what’s to come on their EP ‘Island.‘, ‘Fear’ serves as a tantalising glimpse into Daytime TV’s evolution as artists, leaving audiences eager for more.

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