Ski Lift’s latest offering, ‘Double Yellow’, penned by Welsh songwriter Benji Tranter, is a shimmering gem in the realm of power-pop. Collaborating with friends Elizabeth Walsh on bass and vocals, and Adam Fletcher on drums, the trio infuses a fresh twist into nostalgic three-chord rock and roll. Born during the 2021 lockdown and inspired by Tranter’s daily wanderings in Croydon, ‘Double Yellow’ presents a delightful slice of lilting indie-pop that builds into an emotion-rich ode to slowing down.

Tranter’s lyrical reflections on his local surroundings, explored during lockdown walks, are beautifully embodied in the gentle, heartfelt vocals of Walsh, creating lush harmonies. The scuzzy hooks, infused with sparkling energy, radiate a comforting warmth. ‘Double Yellow’ serves as a perfect antidote to January’s apathy, urging listeners to appreciate the often overlooked beauty in their surroundings.

Since solidifying their lineup in 2021, Ski Lift has made notable strides, sharing stages with acclaimed acts and gaining airplay support from prominent platforms. ‘Double Yellow’ unveils Ski Lift’s more reflective side, showcasing Tranter’s unique songwriting talent, turning everyday situations into heartfelt and instantly catchy indie-pop anthems. The track is a testament to Ski Lift’s ability to craft a refreshing yet familiar soundtrack to the highs and lows of day-to-day life.

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