Sea Girls’ latest single, ‘I Want You To Know Me’, serves as the perfect sequel to their previous hit, ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’. Frontman Henry Camamile’s revelation that the song is a continuation of his dialogue with a friend, now infused with newfound ambition, sets the stage for a compelling narrative.

Co-written and produced by Dan Bryer and mixed by Matty Green, the track exudes a polished sound that aligns seamlessly with Sea Girls’ evolution. It’s a precursor to their upcoming third album, ‘Midnight Butterflies‘, slated for release on June 14th via Alt. Records. The album promises a culmination of the band’s growth, showcasing a confident and rejuvenated Sea Girls at their peak.

‘I Want You To Know Me’ encapsulates the essence of Sea Girls’ creative resurgence, offering a glimpse into the sonic joy and pop perfection that ‘Midnight Butterflies‘ is poised to deliver. With a stellar lineup of industry heavyweights contributing to the album, including Kid Harpoon and Benjy Gibson, Sea Girls’ latest work promises to be a true artistic statement.

As the band navigates the contemporary musical landscape with optimism and euphoria, ‘I Want You To Know Me’ stands as a testament to Sea Girls’ unwavering commitment to crafting positive pop music for the 21st century. With their third album on the horizon, Sea Girls are set for their biggest year yet, solidifying their place as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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