Keyside’s latest single, ‘Turn Back the Time’, delves into the brooding depths of their music, marking their presence in Liverpool’s vibrant music scene. The track showcases the band’s irresistible blend of honey-sweet guitars and evocative, cryptic lyrics. With a quintessential Mersey sound and authentic Liverpudlian identity, Keyside emerges as a burst of youthful energy.

Lead singer Dan Parker’s deeply personal lyrics take centre stage in ‘Turn Back the Time’, capturing the bittersweet essence of lost youth with raw emotion. The haunting guitars, accompanied by Oisin McAvoy’s cavernous drums, create a cinematic richness that envelops the listener. The song’s reflective nature is heightened by Parker’s poignant repetition of searching rhetorical questions, echoing the sentiment that time, once gone, cannot be reclaimed.

Drawing from influences like The La’s and The Smiths, Keyside infuses their Northwest lineage with contemporary references, resulting in a sound that feels both nostalgic and fresh. ‘Turn Back the Time’ stands as a mature and atmospheric addition to their repertoire, cementing Keyside’s position as frontrunners in Liverpool’s musical renaissance.

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