They Travel at Night boldly navigates the vast musical landscape with their latest EP, ‘Entropy‘. Comprising the dynamic duo of Lou and Chuck, the release is a testament to their refusal to be confined by genre constraints. With influences ranging from The Beatles to Mr. Bungle, and The White Stripes to Black Star, ‘Entropy‘ is a sonic journey that transcends expectations.

The EP showcases a harmonious blend of instrumentals and vocals, skilfully passing the spotlight between the two. They Travel at Night’s primary goal is to craft musical moments that linger in the listener’s memory — unexpected noises, dynamic buildups, blissful transitions, and moments of discomfort that lead to resolution. Like life’s unnoticed details, their music invites you to slow down and appreciate the nuances.

Lou and Chuck’s collaboration, rooted in a shared musical history dating back to the early 2000s in Detroit, brings forth a wealth of experience. Despite a hiatus since college, their chemistry is evident in the symbiotic nature of their music. The EP embodies a supportive and experimental environment, where trying anything is encouraged, fostering newfound creativity.

Entropy‘ by They Travel at Night is not just an EP; it’s an invitation to experience music that defies boundaries, creating a soundtrack that elevates the mundane into something cool and unforgettable.

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