The Feeling’s latest single, ‘The Right Wrong’, serves as an enticing preview for their upcoming album, ‘San Vito‘, set to release on April 12, 2024. Frontman Dan Gillespie Sells, an Ivor Novello award-winning artist, sheds light on the song’s inspiration, emphasising the theme of freedom from societal judgments. The track’s infectious pop melody, coupled with Sells’ earnest vocals, creates a lively and liberating atmosphere. ‘The Right Wrong’ playfully encourages listeners to forge their own rules, making it a delightful anthem for those seeking self-expression.

The band’s seventh studio album, ‘San Vito‘, was crafted in the charming surroundings of Southern Italy, specifically in the town of San Vito Dei Normanni. The title pays homage to this locale, where the band immersed themselves in the local culture, food, and music, drawing inspiration from the patron saint of dancers and entertainment.┬áReflecting on their creative process, the band expresses the joy and excitement that permeated the recording sessions in Italy. The sun, food, and culture seeped into the soundscape, resulting in an album that encapsulates The Feeling’s essence with a distinctive regional influence.

As the band celebrates nearly two decades in the industry, ‘San Vito‘ promises to be a testament to their enduring camaraderie and musical evolution. With themes encompassing relationships, LGBTQ+ issues, and sexual freedom, the album seems poised to be a resonant expression of The Feeling in 2024. Fans can anticipate a captivating musical journey with ‘San Vito‘ with ‘The Right Wrong’ being the precursor as to what to expect.

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