North Wales native Megan Wyn is back with her first single of the new year, ‘Are You Bored Yet?’. Beginning her career posting cover versions of Blossoms tunes on the internet, ‘Are You Bored Yet?’ is her third original single, boasting a sparkling guitar riff, offset by a punchy drumbeat. The track’s chorus – the song’s title – is sure to enter and stick within the ears.

Alongside the track’s catchy hook, there is a reminiscence to contemporary and past indie outfits. Taking influence from groups such as Wolf Alice and Circa Waves, Wyn’s lyrical direct-address achieves an unavoidable intimacy between singer and listener. The shimmering keyboard and drum-effects on this track also create an unmistakably cinematic atmosphere, through which Wyn is able to sing on subjects of nostalgia and visions of the future.

With three singles now under her belt, and a growing rapport of musical influences in her sound, Megan Wyn is continuing to develop the unique ability to involve the listener in her colourful and vivid musical landscape.

Written by Will Monham
Photo by Sam Crowston

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