TRACKY’s debut single, ‘WILD LIFE’, is a nostalgic yet refreshing journey into the realm of electronic-indie-pop. Hailing from Liverpool, TRACKY infuses his music with a distinct blend of 1990s influences, creating what he calls “ghettoblaster pop”. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Jamie T, Daft Punk, and Reverend and the Makers, TRACKY crafts a sound that is both familiar and innovative.

‘WILD LIFE’ encapsulates the spirit of living for the weekends, indulging in the euphoria of escapism after a mundane week. With catchy melodies and infectious beats, the track effortlessly transports listeners to a realm of carefree revelry.

What sets ‘WILD LIFE’ apart is its DIY ethos. Produced entirely in TRACKY’s bedroom studio, using a vintage Casio keyboard salvaged from a Liverpool carboot sale, the single exudes authenticity and raw energy. The accompanying music video, comprised of footage unearthed from old VHS tapes found at TRACKY’s parents’ house, further adds to the track’s nostalgic charm.

Overall, ‘WILD LIFE’ is a testament to TRACKY’s talent and ingenuity as an artist. With its infectious hooks and unapologetic celebration of youthfulness, this debut single marks TRACKY as an artist to watch in the electronic-indie-pop scene.


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