PLAY DEAD’s latest single, ‘Thameslink’, serves as a sonic assault on the mundane and frustrating aspects of daily life in London. Comprising Joe Blair (vocals, guitar), Ollie Clarke (bass, backing vocals), and Elias Brewin (drums, percussion), this London garage punk trio rekindles the rebellious energy that first captivated audiences with their cyclist-punching anthem, ‘Shaun’.

‘Thameslink’ reverts to the trio’s roots in a raw and unfiltered exploration of commuter-belt misery and the disenchantment of a generation priced out of their futures. Released via Blitzcat Records on January 16th, the track’s “less is more” garage punk motif bursts forth, channeling the immediacy, wit, and raucousness reminiscent of Amyl and the Sniffers, The Chats, and early Arctic Monkeys within a brisk three-minute stretch.

Lead vocalist Joe Blair’s frustration with everyday life in the city is palpable, as he reveals, ‘Thameslink’ was “essentially nailed on after I paid about £7 for a pint at my local pub. So I guess it’s a bit of a diss-track on London – being fed up with the trains, the price of beer, and the day-to-day habits of the miserable commuter…” PLAY DEAD’s return to the scene with ‘Thameslink’ marks the beginning of an exciting year, promising a busy tour and release schedule in 2024.


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