L.A.B’s latest release, ‘Ocean Demon’, serves as a compelling prelude to their highly anticipated album, ‘L.A.B VI‘. After a two-year hiatus dedicated to meticulous crafting, the New Zealand-based band delivers what stands as their most potent work to date. Their musical trajectory, marked by an eclectic fusion of reggae, blues, funk, rock, and electronic elements, continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

The funk-flavoured single, ‘Ocean Demon’, resonates with raw energy and introspective lyricism. Frontman Joel Shadbolt describes it as an exploration of transformation and confronting inner demons, emerging stronger in the process. The live rendition at Massey Studios pulsates with the signature blend of driving rhythms, bluesy vocals, and reggae nuances that define L.A.B’s sound.

Recorded at Wellington’s Surgery Studios with longtime collaborator Lee Prebble, ‘L.A.B VI‘ showcases the band’s evolution. Whittled down from an impressive 30 tracks, the 11 songs encapsulate the multifaceted essence of their sound, blending reggae/roots, soul, funk, and rock. The album features previously released singles like ‘Take It Away’, ‘Casanova’, ‘Oh No (Pt. 2),’ and the aforementioned ‘Ocean Demon’.

The band’s extensive touring schedule, including sold-out shows across continents, reflects their commitment to honing their craft. L.A.B’s journey, marked by consecutive album releases over the past five years, has solidified their presence on the global music scene. With a rich history of accolades, including Best Group and Best Album at the New Zealand Music Awards, L.A.B’s latest album is poised to become another chart-topping success. As they continue to redefine their sound and connect with audiences worldwide, ‘Ocean Demon’ exemplifies L.A.B’s unwavering commitment to musical innovation and lyrical depth.

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