The Wears’ latest single, ‘The Old Way’, is a compelling testament to their burgeoning talent and distinct musical style. As the second release from their forthcoming debut EP, this track serves as a bold statement, solidifying their sound that seamlessly blends influences from various genres.

From the outset, it’s clear that The Wears have crafted something special. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical styles, ‘The Old Way’ features samba-inspired drums and percussion alongside 1975-esque leads and funky rhythm parts. This eclectic fusion creates a captivating auditory experience that is both distinctive and exhilarating.

Lead vocalist Ted shines once again, delivering a compelling vocal performance that is destined to become a crowd favourite. His infectious melodies and anthemic lyrics lend themselves perfectly to singalongs, evoking the energy of a stadium performance or a massive festival crowd. The comparison to The Killers meets Foals feels apt, capturing the electrifying essence of The Wears’ sound.

Since their formation in 2019, The Wears have quickly made a name for themselves within the music scene, thanks to their unique blend of hard-hitting riffs and melodic vocals. Drawing influence from the likes of early Arctic Monkeys and Soundgarden, the band has already conquered iconic venues and supported notable acts on tour.

What sets The Wears apart is not just their musical prowess, but also their DIY approach to creating music. From writing and recording to mixing and mastering, the band handles every aspect of their craft with skill and dedication. It’s no wonder their music has garnered tens of thousands of streams worldwide, cementing their status as one of the most exciting emerging talents in the industry.

In ‘The Old Way’, The Wears have delivered another standout track that further cements their place as ones to watch in the coming year. With their biggest headline show on the horizon and a growing fanbase eagerly awaiting their debut EP, all eyes are on The Wears as they continue to make their mark on the music scene.

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