The Mezz’s latest offering, ‘Harbour The Feeling’, unfolds as the next chapter in the indie-pop saga that has become synonymous with their name. Following the success of their debut EP ‘Avoid the Panic‘, the Oxford-based band solidifies their status as a beacon of resilience and unity in the tumultuous world of music.

Their second EP is due for release on March 8th with ‘Harbour The Feeling’ being the second single released from this EP. The narrative backdrop of drummer Charlie’s battle with bowel cancer adds depth to the band’s journey, transforming adversity into tenacity. This resilience echoes throughout the the two singles released from this EP, and “Harbour The Feeling” serves as a poignant sequel to the introspective ‘Bridges.’ Frontman Ben’s revelation about the track being a journey from societal expectations to self-discovery creates an emotional resonance that defines The Mezz’s sound.

‘Bridges’ garnered acclaim for its raw honesty, showcasing Ben’s poignant vocals and the band’s adept fusion of indie-pop with a rock edge. Now, ‘Harbour The Feeling’ continues this legacy with a powerful commentary on shedding societal burdens and embracing authenticity. Ben’s description of the song as a pursuit of true selfhood captures the essence of a pivotal moment in personal growth.

The Mezz’s music transcends the conventional boundaries of indie-pop; it serves as a manifesto for courage, exploration, and embracing life’s spectrum. Their ability to connect with listeners through relatable themes and bold songwriting approaches has earned them praise from critics and a devoted fanbase.

As 2024 unfolds, The Mezz stands not just as a band but as a symbol of enduring human spirit and the healing power of music. Their songs light the way through life’s tumult, offering a beacon of hope and unadulterated truth. ‘Harbour The Feeling’ is a declaration of self-realisation and empowerment, marking The Mezz’s continued ascent as they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of their musical journey.

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