Ari Joshua’s latest release, ‘Country Stroll’, is a testament to his musical versatility and innovative spirit. This track beautifully encapsulates his love for twang, jazz fluency, and a playful approach to composition. From the subtle snare rolls that frame the opening to the surprising passages and clever chordal movements, the listener is taken on an imaginative sonic journey.

The elemental country blues form of ‘Country Stroll’ serves as a canvas for Joshua’s exploration of boundaries in various genres. The rollicking nature of the composition reflects his celebration of the beauty of the natural world and the simple joys of life. The collaboration with John Medeski and Billy Martin adds layers of brilliance to the track. Medeski’s improvisation with silky organ sounds is masterful, while Martin’s drum solo is rich with imagination and ingenious rhythmic contortions.

The production quality of the song is noteworthy, with Chris Bittner’s engineering at Applehead Recording, Ed Brooks’ mastering at Resonant Mastering, and Ari Raskin’s mixing at Deepwater Studios contributing to the shine of ‘Country Stroll’. The artwork by Paul Delaney complements the musical experience, creating a cohesive visual and auditory presentation.

Ari Joshua’s enthusiasm for the project is palpable, stating, “I’m incredibly excited to share ‘Country Stroll’ with the world”. His passion for collaboration is evident, and the creative synergy with Medeski and Martin truly shines through in this release.

As an award-winning guitarist, composer, and producer, Ari Joshua continues to push boundaries with his ninth album. ‘Country Stroll’ stands as a testament to his ability to seamlessly blend blues, jazz, and Americana influences into a captivating musical journey.

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