Alt-rock five-piece Casino Havana have recently dropped their latest EP, ‘Absent Minded’. Packed with recently released singles and a couple of new tracks, ‘Absent Minded’ brings forth anthems of angst and anti-establishmentarianism, with just a sprinkle of sexual tension.

Hailing from Leeds – Travis, Jim, Joe, Joel and Ethan come together to form Casino Havana. With heavy drums, layered guitars and vocals enriched with a Yorkshire twang, they throw a rough and ready sound our way with essences of punk and modern alt-rock.

Using powerful lyrics and motifs of anti-capitilism, anti-’big brother’ and all the fiery stages of a relationship, their tracks are certainly loud enough to cut through the noise of societal ignorance. This latest collection of tunes continues this vibe of sticking it to the man; guiding those, who are also angry at the running order of the world, to sing along in solidarity.

In regards to the EP’s creation, the band said:
“We’ve had a lot of fun over the last 6 months fine-tuning and recording these songs. It’s a mixture of 90’s rock with a modern twist, conveying present-day problems and emotions within our lyrics”.

‘Absent Minded’ has everything for anyone looking to unleash a little bit of teenage angst as they draw the shades on their 9 to 5. From plucking up the courage to finally chat up the gal you like with ‘Now or Never’, to screaming in the faces of the governmental overlords with ‘CCTV’ and ‘Capital Machine’ – each track is weaved together with poetical lyrics, punchy drums and classic rock influences.

Lines like “You’re picking up the scraps to pay your income tax” and “There’s a man in a tower watching everything you do” are enough to make us take a step back, assess our lives, and stick two fingers up to living by the book. And all of a sudden, this exploding emotion brought about by the first few tracks becomes nothing but a distant ringing as the last song brings us back down to appreciate the little things around us that truly matter.

Their demo of ‘Aching Bonesis a sweet ode to unbreakable bonds and unconditional love, laid upon one acoustic guitar and wispy vocals. Reminiscent of a childhood lullaby, ‘Aching Bones is the perfect way to wind down, to then be ready and raring to go as the first track starts up again.

With this latest collection of stellar tracks, the future is looking bold and bright for Casino Havana. Currently touring around Leeds, including a show with Red Shakes at Santiago, tickets are available here. In the mean time, shake your fist at the man and stream ‘Absent Minded’.

Written by Charlotte Niblett

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