The Shed Project’s latest single, ‘I’ve Got the Blues’, extracted from their sophomore album ‘Our Fear Is Their Power‘, is a soul-stirring testament to the band’s evolving depth and emotional resonance. Produced by Danny Hayes at the renowned Ivy Studios, the track offers a poignant glimpse into the artistic evolution of a once obscure band, now flourishing as one of the North West’s most captivating live acts.

With a burgeoning social media following and a string of sold-out shows across iconic venues like Water Rats in London, The Jacaranda in Liverpool, and Audio in Glasgow, The Shed Project has firmly established its presence on the music scene. Their debut performance at the Phoenix Club in Bolton, drawing a record crowd of 400, underscores their meteoric rise.

‘I’ve Got the Blues’ serves as a melodic and heartfelt homage, penned by vocalist Roy Fletcher, to Wesley Swede Sharples and Micheal Rex Hennigan, two cherished souls taken prematurely. Infused with lush strings, a Steinway grand piano, and the ethereal harmonies of guest vocalist KD, the track resonates with raw emotion and sincerity. Karen, the additional vocalist, shares her profound connection to the project, having known the band’s founders, John and Roy, since childhood. She describes her involvement as both a pleasure and an honour, eagerly anticipating the audience’s reception of the song’s magical essence.

For Roy, the song transcends mere musical expression; it embodies a journey of healing and remembrance. Reflecting on the profound loss of his dear friends, he acknowledges the therapeutic nature of the songwriting process, channeling his grief into artistry.

‘I’ve Got the Blues’ stands as a testament to The Shed Project’s unwavering talent and emotional depth. With each note, they weave a narrative of love, loss, and resilience, captivating listeners with their soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyricism.

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