about-faces’ latest single, ‘Cinematic and Chrome’, is a testament to their mastery in merging captivating melodies with profound lyrical storytelling. Lead vocalist Sennen Ludman, accompanied by the ethereal backing vocals of Danielle Capstick, crafts a dynamic soundscape that effortlessly balances raw emotion and musical finesse. The band’s signature sound has garnered them a devoted fan base and critical acclaim, and ‘Cinematic and Chrome’ further solidifies their position as indie and soft rock sensations.

Ludman’s impassioned delivery shines as he explores the complexities of love in the modern world. The song depicts a hypothetical narrative of two lovers navigating the intricacies of their relationship, set against Ludman’s vision of utopia — something theatrical, shiny, authentic, and impressive. The result is a love song that not only captivates with its sonic allure but also invites listeners to delve into the layers of its meaning. about-faces has proven their ability to deliver enchanting journeys through their music, and this single to captivates, inspires, and evokes a spectrum of emotions.

about-faces’ track record of success, including features on BBC Leeds, a standout performance at the ‘By The Sea’ Festival selected by BBC Introducing, and recognition as Danielle Perry’s self-released artist of the month, speaks volumes about their impact. ‘Cinematic and Chrome’ is poised to join their previous accomplishments, finding a home on popular Spotify playlists and leaving an indelible mark on the indie and soft rock landscape.

With Ludman leading the vocals and guitar, supported by Joseph Schofield on drums, Danielle Capstick on keyboard and vocals, Nigel Ngwenya on bass, and Cormac Connolly on lead guitar, about-faces continues to showcase their musical prowess and leave an enduring imprint on the hearts of their audience.

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