BANNERS, the award-winning Liverpudlian pop singer, has once again captivated audiences with his latest single, ‘Perfectly Broken (Duet Version)’, featuring the soulful voice of America’s Got Talent breakout star Lily Meola. The track is part of BANNERS’ upcoming album, ‘All Back to Mine‘, set for release on April 19th via Nettwerk.

‘Perfectly Broken (Duet Version)’ stands out as a mesmerising ode to embracing imperfections and challenging societal expectations. The collaboration with Lily Meola adds a new dimension to the song, creating a harmonious blend of voices that elevates the emotional resonance of the lyrics. BANNERS expresses his admiration for Meola’s contribution, noting that her vocals bring a beautiful, raw emotion that enriches the song’s meaning.

The duet takes on a cinematic quality, fitting for a song that encourages listeners to appreciate the beauty in their flaws. BANNERS’ effervescent melodies and relatable lyrics about the human condition are once again on display, showcasing his talent for crafting feel-good anthems. Meola, known for her breakout single ‘Daydream’, complements BANNERS’ style with her timeless, soaring vocals.

In an industry filled with catchy tunes, ‘Perfectly Broken (Duet Version)’ stands out as a poignant and emotionally resonant piece. Lily Meola describes the song as feeling like it belongs in a movie, highlighting its cinematic quality and the exceptional vocal chemistry between the two artists.

BANNERS’ upcoming album, ‘All Back to Mine‘, promises to be a celebration of his return to Liverpool after seven years in Canada, and this duet with Lily Meola adds a noteworthy chapter to his musical journey. With its rich romanticism and infectious optimism, the album is anticipated to deliver the same quality that has made BANNERS a standout in the indie-pop scene.


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