Big Romance’s latest offering, ‘Sickner’, is a gritty testament to the disillusionment of contemporary society. Following the success of their previous single, ‘Messed Up’, the Newcastle outfit continues to captivate with their signature blend of high-energy grunge pop.

‘Sickner’ seamlessly merges deadpan spoken word with blistering punk instrumentation, creating a sonic landscape that mirrors the relentless frustrations of modern life. The track doesn’t hold back in its critique, throwing shade on the mundane grievances of everyday existence.

Recorded at the esteemed Polestar Studios in Newcastle and helmed by in-house engineer Alex Blamire, the production of ‘Sickner’ benefits from a polished yet raw sound. Paul Gregory, known for his work with Mercury Award-nominated band Lanterns on the Lake, further elevates the single with his masterful production.

With ‘Sickner’, Big Romance proves once again their prowess in delivering anthems that resonate with audiences on a visceral level. It’s a cynical lament for the contemporary age, wrapped in a whirlwind of dynamic instrumentation and unapologetic lyricism.

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