Movie Night’s latest offering, ‘The Best’, encapsulates the emotional tightrope between bidding farewell to love forever or surrendering to the familiarity of a well-worn but tattered romance. The trio, comprising Mike Squillante on guitar/vocals, Nick Squillante on keys, and Steve Ranellone on drums, has undergone a rebranding, marking a new chapter in their musical journey.

The song’s journey unfolds with a vulnerable AM radio verse, gradually evolving into a hi-fi emo anthem that resonates with the universal ache of heartbreak. The lyrics navigate the delicate balance between what is morally right and what is emotionally easy, offering a poignant narrative that strikes a chord with listeners. The raw honesty of the walls-down plea makes ‘The Best’ a standout in Movie Night’s repertoire.

Having collaborated with Grammy-nominated producer William Wiik Larsen and garnered a substantial TikTok following, Movie Night has cemented their place in the music scene. The band’s live performances, from intimate venues to arenas opening for notable acts like Yung Gravy and American Authors, have solidified the song’s popularity. As Movie Night gears up for their next round of singles, ‘The Best’ stands as a compelling testament to their musical evolution and emotional resonance.

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