Liverpool’s indie sensation, The Cheap Thrills, gear up to unleash their highly anticipated EP, ‘Mind Metro‘, on February 21st, with the release of their latest single, ‘Last Orders’. Serving as a prelude to the forthcoming musical journey, this late-night indie anthem encapsulates the unpredictable escapades of those who find themselves heading home alone after a night of revelry.

Featuring a pulsating rhythm and an expansive singalong chorus, the track spills out into the streets with a blend of airy synths and intricate guitar licks reminiscent of indie heavyweights like Two Door Cinema Club and Foals. Frontman Lewis Pike’s narrative, exploring the highs and lows of a night out, adds depth to the composition, proclaiming that love isn’t found on a Friday night. ‘Last Orders’ sets an exhilarating tone, setting the stage for what promises to be a remarkable EP from The Cheap Thrills.

The ‘Mind Metro‘ EP promises a diverse sonic journey, opening with the high-energy single ‘Reborn’, hailed as an instant anthem by Radio X’s John Kennedy. The EP showcases The Cheap Thrills’ versatility, with the heartfelt acoustic-led ‘Escape’ garnering acclaim on 6Music and Radio X. Closing the EP is an unreleased track title ‘Calypso Blue’. The Cheap Thrills demonstrate their musical dexterity and emotional range. As a whole, ‘Mind Metro‘ is poised to solidify The Cheap Thrills’ standing in the indie scene, offering a compelling blend of infectious energy and heartfelt introspection.

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