Corella’s latest offering, ‘Drifting’, serves as an electrifying glimpse into their forthcoming debut album, ‘Once Upon A Weekend’. With their signature explosive indie-rock sound, Corella solidifies their position as a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

The track, produced and mixed by Ady Hall and Lee McCarthy at Sugar House, embodies the essence of carefree youth while delving into the complexities of adulthood. ‘Drifting’ captures the nostalgic sentiment of roaming the neighbourhood with friends, embracing a life of spontaneity and adventure. Yet, beneath the surface lies a poignant reflection on the passage of time and the longing for simpler days.

Accompanied by a visually captivating video directed by Jay Brasier-Creagh, ‘Drifting’ portrays the bittersweet journey of reminiscing on youthful memories amidst the backdrop of aging and the inevitable march of time. The juxtaposition of carefree childhood scenes with the stark reality of a care home prompts viewers to contemplate the nature of nostalgia and the fleeting nature of life’s moments.

Corella’s ability to evoke such introspective themes within a pulsating guitar-driven anthem is a testament to their songwriting prowess. With each chord progression and soaring chorus, they invite listeners to embark on a sonic journey filled with raw emotion and unbridled energy.

As the band prepares to embark on a UK headline tour and numerous festival appearances, anticipation for ‘Once Upon A Weekend’ continues to mount. Corella’s music serves as a unifying force, resonating with audiences across generations and backgrounds. In a world filled with division, Corella reminds us of the transformative power of music to bring people together, one anthemic track at a time.

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