Jewelia’s latest single, ‘Invisible Wall’, sets the stage for her upcoming album ‘Little Wins‘ slated for release on April 19th via Pretty Decent Music. The track is a mesmerising blend of sonic influences, fusing elements from ’80s synth-pop, ’90s nostalgia, and early 2000s indie-pop. Jewelia skilfully navigates these references, creating a future/retro hybrid that sparkles with quirky alt-pop energy, reminiscent of artists like Caroline Polachek, Goldfrapp, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The song not only showcases Jewelia’s musical prowess but also highlights her dynamic vocal range, seamlessly transitioning between spoken word poetry and powerful, hyper-expressive delivery. ‘Invisible Wall’, written in 2017 and unearthed for the new album, serves as an apt metaphor for societal constraints and self-limiting thought patterns. The accompanying video game analogy reflects the pre-guided life pathways imposed by society, a theme that resonates throughout the album.

With its infectious energy, thought-provoking themes, and eclectic pop stylings, ‘Invisible Wall’ paves the way for what promises to be a standout release in ‘Little Wins‘. Jewelia’s ability to weave a narrative through her music, combined with her unique sound, positions her as an artist to watch in 2024.

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