Benjamin Ingrosso’s latest offering, ‘Kite’, is a sonic masterpiece that propels listeners into a realm of euphoria and freedom. The Swedish sensation, celebrated for his infectious tunes and undeniable talent, invites us to soar to new heights with this chart-topping anthem.

Crafted by Ingrosso himself alongside acclaimed songwriters Anya, Jon Shave, Salem Al-Fakir, and Vincent Pontare, ‘Kite’ is a celebration of life’s thrilling journey, vibrant parties, and the pursuit of love. The production, handled by Jon Shave and Vargas & Lagola, fuses the enchanting melodies of classic Swedish pop and soul from the 70s with modern influences from the late 90s, resulting in a timeless gem that transcends genre boundaries.

Ingrosso’s creative journey in ‘Kite’ is a testament to his musical evolution, drawing inspiration from his childhood home’s enchanting melodies. The fusion of old and new elements, both musically and visually, sets ‘Kite’ apart, giving it a unique and timeless quality.

As the lead single from Ingrosso’s highly anticipated upcoming album, ‘Kite’ serves as a tantalising preview of what’s to come. The artist’s commitment to timelessness and authenticity shines through, making it clear that this is an exciting chapter in his musical journey.

Fans can also catch the magic of ‘Kite’ live as Benjamin Ingrosso embarks on his “Better Days Tour 2024”, spanning the UK and Europe. With over 850 million streams, Gold and Platinum certified singles, and a slew of prestigious awards, Ingrosso’s status as one of Sweden’s musical gems is unquestionable. ‘Kite’ emerges as a thrilling anthem that encapsulates the musical excellence synonymous with the birthplace of some of the biggest music artists – Sweden.

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