Artio’s latest single, ‘Babyface’, serves as a compelling preview to their forthcoming debut album of the same name, set to release on March 1st, 2024, via Slam Dunk Records. The Leeds-based Gen-Z alt-rockers, led by frontperson Rae Brazill, use this track as an empowering declaration of personal transformation and self-acceptance.

Rooted in the trans experience but universally relatable, ‘Babyface’ delves into themes of growth, change, and the determination to break free from past selves. Rae Brazill, using they/them pronouns, shares that the single is a poignant love letter to trans individuals who are tired of others not recognising their true selves. It’s a raw and introspective proclamation that the person they were is no more, and there’s no turning back.

Artio’s unique blend of electronica-infused alt-rock, drawing inspiration from the likes of Enter Shikari, PVRIS, and WARGASM, showcases their commitment to a DIY ethos. Self-producing their material, directing their own music videos, and creating custom stage outfits, the quartet has crafted a sound deeply rooted in queer rage and the trans experience.

Having already garnered attention from Kerrang, Upset Magazine, Rock Sound, and BBC Radio 1, Artio are poised for further success with their debut album. The ‘Babyface’ single has already made waves, with a music video that complements the track’s emotional depth.

As the band prepares to join As December Falls on tour and participate in Independent Venue Week and Slam Dunk Festival 2024, Artio’s trajectory in the alt-rock scene seems destined for greater heights. With their bold, unapologetic approach to storytelling and their commitment to authenticity, Artio is a band to watch as they continue to captivate audiences with their genre-defying sound and thought-provoking narratives.

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