Liverpudlian icons, The Farm, have dropped their latest track, ‘Let the Music (Take Control). An anticipated follow-up of their 2023 release of Feel the love, Let the Musicis a funky, disco infused earworm that you won’t want to get out of your head.

An eclectic mix of guitar, drums, keys and electronic sounds plucked straight from the 70’s, ‘Let the Musicis an effortless jam curated by lead guitarist Keith Mullin and songwriter Peter Hooton. An absolute floor filler, this latest track has essences of both disco and rock that work together in perfect harmony – bringing forth a tune that is just missing a light up dance floor lost in a sea of platform boots.

The Farm began back in the early 80’s and topped UK charts with their album ‘Spartacus’ in the 90’s. Their infamous tune, All together now lives rent-free on the radio to this day, and the addition of ‘Let the music’ with its layered vocals and catchy melody is yet another notch in a long belt of hits.

Let the music (Take control) is nothing less than an ode to how music can affect us. It reminds us how music has the ability to alter moods, to persuade and get people chanting, moving and grooving in solidarity. This feeling of unification and letting the music take over is amplified as the track reaches an outstretched hand and leads you straight to the dancefloor with a perfect amalgamation of otherwise conflicting musical genres.

This tale of how music can flow through us is also reflected in the tune’s origin. Keith and Peter disclose how they were both inspired seeing how Nile Rogers captivated his audience through music, movement and song whilst watching him perform in Liverpool.

In one interview, Peter stated;
“I got the idea from when politicians started using meaningless phrases like ‘take back control’ and I thought it should be ‘let the music take control’ as music is international and, way more than politicians, can inspire, unite and change attitudes.”
Quote taken from Youtube interview

Not only does music bring us together, but as we get lost in a rhythmic trance it helps us leave our mundane worries at the curb for a little while. And this latest track from The Farm is what you should be listening to when doing so. After fans thought they couldn’t top the success of their Radio 2 playlisted single ‘Feel the Love’, ‘Let the Music (Take Control)’ makes for a show stopping follow up that is bound to continue their decades of success.

Written by Charlotte Niblett

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