Sam B-K’s ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ delves into the shadows of the nightlife, exposing the darker facets of socialising, peer pressure, lad culture, and the often overlooked realm of men’s mental health. The accompanying music video enriches the song’s theme, providing a visceral experience that resonates with the emotional core of the narrative.

Drawing inspiration from personal struggles, Sam takes a courageous step in unraveling the complexities of his own experiences, shining a light on the less glamorous side of the social scene. The track becomes a poignant piece of contemporary art, offering listeners a mirror to reflect on their own encounters with the challenges depicted in the song.

The profound influence of Sam’s journey, marked by a 2019 nervous breakdown, is evident in his desire to transform personal pain into art. In a powerful nod to the late Chester Bennington, the song crescendos with an 18-second-long scream reminiscent of Linkin Park’s iconic ‘Given Up’, adding a raw and authentic layer to the emotional intensity of ‘Jekyll & Hyde’. Sam B-K invites his audience to explore the shadows, providing a musical canvas for cathartic expression and empathy for those navigating similar emotional landscapes.

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